Supreme Martial System
6 WHAT THE H***!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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6 WHAT THE H***!

Quest notification :

Acquire the treasure and unseal it.

Being able to help the host is the number of duty of the system, thus informing and giving a quest to host is also to improve the host's abilities.

Quest Reward :

-Quest Points 50

-Experience points 1,000

-Newbie Package (Randomly gives the item to host)

Shop Function in the system will be opened.

Quest Shop: Sell items in exchange for Quest points

Quest Points will be opened once the shop is opened.

Quest Failure :

-Cultivation will return to the strength of a normal human.

Zhihao for a long time became dazed, 'isn't this like if I fail I would return back to normal? like how can I even cultivate? I don't even know how to start! WHAT THE H***!!' thinking like that Zhihao became flustered, but suddenly woken up by the noise coming from the Auctioneer.

Auctioneer Lu: "Ok, we should start the auction with this, so give it your best to help your normal fellow become a cultivator, or you can use it yourselves, the starting price is 20silvers!"

After a few seconds, Auctioneer Lu looked at the crowd anticipating even for a bit that someone would actually bid, but sadly no one offered, since its 20 silvers, its worth is more than some of them from their work for a month, almost everyone in the public lounge only has a basic salary of 8 to 10 silvers a month, why should they spend it to buy something that is weak and uncertain to help them or their friends to breakthrough and become a cultivator. a lot of people only came here to see the bidding wars of the rich people, just an entertainment for them once a month.

Then someone from the Private lounge spoke in a joking manner as he said.

Room # 1: "hahaha I`ll just bid I can help a concubine of mine to become a cultivator, maybe I can have a longer 'happy time' hahahahah 25silvers!"

Getting a good idea of what the guy in room #1 is having, they also smirked as someone replied.

Room #8: "That fellow Daoist surely gave me a good idea, since it's like this I`ll bid too 101 silvers! hahaha"

Room # 1: "for a concubine, you`ll spend 101 silver? hahaha, I`ll pass with that then, you can have it fellow Daoist."

Room # 2: "who said you are the only two that's interested in getting a "happy time" I'm in too hahaha 105 silver"

Then Zhihao became shocked, he thought inside 'these stupid people will waste a sacred treasure for their concubines! this is very upsetting!' then he suddenly bid: "10GOLD!"

Everyone looked at the VIP Lounge like looking at a person that spends a lot of money to buy something like a trash.

As everyone wondered, someone from the other VIP lounge also shouted: "15gold", it was Shen Rong, he snickered and glanced at the VIP lounge where Zhihao is staying, 'hahaha, its not like 15gold is a lot of money, well I still got a lot left after buying this, I`ll just throw it to a random maid in my clan, I guess its a kind of..' while Shen Rong was still thinking another shout came, it was from Zhihao!


The smile in Shen Rong face got smashed as he spoke: "Hahaha, right, right, it's a young master that only knows how to spend a lot of gold, hahaha trying to show off in front of your lady is good once in a while, but at least pick the things properly, hahaha spending 50gold coins for a trash like that, I concede defeat in thi....." yet again before Shen Rong finished speaking, another voice came into his ears..

Zhihao: "Stupid brat, if you cant handle bidding more than 50gold shut up! stay in that corner and stop talking stupid kid. if you even have money to buy something like a trash, then what kind of Young Master are you. hahaha. " Zhihao smirked as he finished telling Shen Rong off.

Shen Rong became enraged, but he has to concede defeat, it's only a trash why bother spending some gold, 'maybe this young Master Zhong is trying to lure me into bidding a lot then concedes defeat. HMMP! I'm not stupid enough to fall for something as childish as that.' Shen Rong thought.

After a few more seconds, Auctioneer Lu finally regained his calm, this piece of stupid rotten branch got lucky to get a bid of 50gold, it's really great when young masters are fighting to show off their wealth. Auctioneer Lu smiled as he thought.

'Just my lucky day.'

Auctioneer Lu finally breathe in, as he slowly said: "50GOLD! anyone else? going once! going twice!, DEAL!"

Auctioneer Lu handed the item to be delivered and checked out by the customer in the VIP lounge as soon as possible.

All types of commotion started in the public stand.

"Its' really great to be a Young Master, being able to show off, and waste money like its nothing"

"You tell me, it's not like all young Masters are like that, look at the other one, he's been stoned, not all young Masters are like that."

"It's great to be a Young Master, a son of a great clan "

"If I could marry my daughter to that kind of Young Master I'd be scot free of worry, I don't even need to work just giving me 50gold coins would be set for me my whole life!"

"Old man keep dreaming, with that kind of ugly daughter of yours, I`d wonder if she would even have a husband, hahaha"




All kinds of laughter were heard that time, as a way for themselves to pass time.

When the item was brought to Zhihao, he checked it and received another notification.

*Beep Beep Beep* three consecutive beeps was heard now,


Quest Completion 50%!

-to unseal this treasure, the host needs to give 10 drops of blood for it to regrow itself in complete form.

After hearing this Zhihao directly drew a dagger in the interspatial ring and preparing to slit his finger. but there was a voice that called him this time, its Ling Ning'er: "what are you doing? are you thinking of committing suicide after I said you had to put an effort in wooing me? are you that so much in-love with me already? is that what they call love at first sight? is that why you spent so much just to buy a piece of junk? no, don't do that, don't you know that I'm only already half yours, to begin with? why commit suicide? and you don't know this but the first time saw you, I was struck too but not too deeply!. but since I have a handsome future husband and a genius at that who would even reject, right? I just want to see you put some effort! some effort!"

After hearing Ning'er dramatic flare, Zhihao laughed out loud as he spoke.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, I seriously struck rich with this wife of mine, I'm not really thinking of suicide, its just I need to rejuvenate this fella, so I could use it to cultivate. and this, Missy, is not a junk, my dear wife, after I made a pill out of this we can cultivate 5 times or even 6 times faster with half the effort, so do you finally get it?"

Hearing what Zhihao had said, Ning'er immediately blushed, she glaringly looked at Zhihao and spoke: "If that's what you would do, you should've at least told me first! urg!! misleading people so much, you sure have a lot of free time! you should keep it for now maybe there are more things like that. such good fortune even my entire clan would definitely not be able to afford it, such a lucky fellow you are."

Zhihao finally had his turn to laugh softly as he spoke: "Aren't you my wife? I'm sharing this with you, so no need to feel envy towards it, whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine, no? it's like my body is yours to use while your body is mine to use too"

Ning'er finally can't fight since she already blurted out everything before, she really cant fight now like before.

Then Ning'er vowed and spoke to Zhihao: "I`ll get my revenge sooner or later"

Then after speaking, Ning'er placed her hands on her undeveloped chest as she pouted, and looked at the other way.

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