Supreme Martial System
5 Auction starts!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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5 Auction starts!

By the time both Zhihao and Ning'er entered the screen covered room the sound of the auctioneer was heard as an amiable voice was heard coming from him, the old man looked like someone in his late 60's,

The old man entered the stage as he spoke: "I know that everyone's been waiting for hours already, now then, without further delays, we will now start the auction!"

The old man is the Auctioneer of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion, his name is Lu Dong, but everyone calls him Auctioneer Lu. Auctioneer Lu then continued.

Auctioneer Lu: "The first item would be from a guest from another county, its a very good item, I would've preferred it to be placed last, but sadly the guest said it should be auctioned first, the first item is this pill bottle with Qi Cultivation pill, as everyone had heard, this pill can already be called a treasure in this small county of ours, this bottle has 8pieces of pill left, as such the first bidding price would be 10gold with 1gold per increment. now let us begin"

The people couldn't afford it and looked at the private lounges, and with a boom, the room was suddenly filled with shout.

Room # 1: 15gold!

Room # 2: 16gold!

Room # 1: 20gold!

Room # 6: 25gold! ....


When Ning'er heard it, she stared at Zhihao in a puppy eye mode and said: " Husband, when will you bid? your wife is in need of such a good pill, my father didn't give me money because I am here with you, and as a husband, you have the responsibility of giving me living comfort! cultivation pills is a plus! so husband .. now why won't you start bidding? .. bla bla bla bla... "

in a short min Ning'er already spoke about two thousand words, Zhihao Laughed and started to bid,


The people in both public and private lounge got scared witless, the bid was only at 52gold but it suddenly increased by 100%! this is definitely a young master that they can't afford to offend, as such, they already gave up the thought of bidding, they cant bid anyways.

Auctioneer Lu was shocked but immediately calmed down, his salary for a whole month was only worth 95 silvers, and this Young master splurged 100gold instantly, with that he sighed and spoke.

"Anyone else? going once? going twice?" Waiting for a few seconds, Auctioneer Lu smiled as he continued.


When Shen Rong heard that, he got dazed he only got 200gold left as his monthly allowance, and he just received it, he knew if he fought a bidding war with that guy, it would definitely be a big mess, especially if he won, he gritted his teeth and readied to bid for the other things.

When Ning'er received the pill she got so happy, since their county is far from region lords, and imperial cities they hardly get things like that, most of the times, they can only cultivate properly and absorb the spiritual energy from the earth. without any decent alchemist in their counties, they cant acquire cultivation pills, only great lands such as region lords, and imperial cities have at least a grade 9 alchemist and grade 9 weapon craftsman.

Since Ning'er already received her items Ning'er decided to give Zhihao a reward, he patted his head and looked like a big sister as she spoke: "Thanks, husband."

Then Zhihao glanced at her as he sighed and asked: "Why are you patting my head, you should kiss me as a wife, what? now that i gave you the thing you want I'm suddenly the little brother? hahaha"

Ning'er laughed and scolded : "Although we're both 14years old you should focus more in cultivation, oh and by the way stop with the thinking that you could get everything with money and charms, you need to put effort into everything even wooing me as your wife, we've just met today so I'm expecting some serious wooing especially since I would be your other half to be, now continue with the auction and think things through again. Hmmp!" she giggled again and sat next to Zhihao, now a little closer

Zhihao sighed and made an expression of Serendipity, thinking that his past life, He couldn't even afford a food three times a day, but now he is rich, and also had a wife,

Zhihao thought 'I`m having a good wife, at least she's not some gold digger' then he said "yes my Lady"

Zhihao felt that this woman is good wife material, at least to his knowledge, she didn't hide anything and spoke everything aloud in front of him. Zhihao smiled as he said in his mind: 'i`ll treat her to the best of my ability' they became closer like that of a friend.

Auctioneer Lu spoked: "the second item is just a minor item that we found particularly loitering within the forest, we don't have any uses for it as it has never been verified and with just a single glance you can see that it is a garbage hahaha,"

A random guy suddenly said: "Auctioneer Lu why even bother to auction it then, hahaha its just gonna be a waste of our time with that hurry up"

Auctioneer Lu sighed as he replied: "Alright, alright now this is the item we called it Rotten Wood with a tiny bit of Spiritual Energy inside it, though it's really tiny we all thought that it can at least help a normal person to become a cultivator."

Suddenly in Zhihao's mind, there was a notification again. and it was different from before as it buzzed two times! one more than from before.

*Ding! Ding!*

=Host has discovered a Magic rated treasure 'Sealed State' Dark willow sacred branch, once it has been unsealed the grade will increase into epic rarity. This type of treasure can help a cultivator to improve his cultivation 5 times with half the effort, this type of item can be concocted into a pill to improve its effect into 6 times the cultivation yield with half the effort.

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