Supreme Martial System
4 Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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4 Supreme Martial System

*Beep Beep*

As Zhihao accepted the Interspatial ring there was a sound that came inside his head. then a voice spoke


=Host has acquired a rare Treasure 'Gold Interspatial Ring'

Zhihao became flustered and thought of something. 'I shouldn't scream! I shouldn't scream! I shouldn't scream!'

After a while, Zhihao finally calmed down as he replied: "thank you mother, I should be going now, Father, father-in-law, and mother-in-law I`ll be going."

Wentian and Ru Feng felt a sharp gaze directed to them telling them to just nod and shut the fudges up! the both of them could only sigh as they spoke: "yes go on, go and take care of Little Ning/Ning'er while you both out"

Ruo Lin: "Ning'er don't cause trouble for your husband to be, behave like a well-mannered woman." Ning'er's mother followed up.

Ning'er sighed as she nodded and answered: "Yes Mother,"

Ning'er stood beside Zhihao as they both walked out of the grand hall.

Zhihao kept a gentlemanly expression as he goes out with a little-dazed expression. Ning'er took a peak and giggled.

Waking Zhihao from his dazed state, Zhihao gazed at Ning'er and thought: 'what a beautiful woman, though my current appearance is that of a drop-dead handsome guy, or what I can say as a 'boy toy' that can make a lot of women fall for me'

Then suddenly something strange happened as Zhihao looked at Ning'er.

Ning'er relaxed her expression from a noble lady into a carefree expression and spoke: "Hey! you! stop staring at this noble lady, haven't seen one before?"

But Zhihao kept staring at her in a daze, but that was not because he was astounded by Ning'er's beauty, but instead was because of what he is seeing in front of his eyes.


=Showing host's current status.

Host's current status :

Name: Zhong Zhihao

Age: 14 Years Old

Host's Level: 5 (95/840)

Cultivation Level: Final Foundation

Cultivation Technique: Nil

Cultivation Skills: Nil

Strength: 24

Agility: 34

Stamina: 39

Wisdom: 19

Intelligence: 26

Attribute Points: 25

Skill Points: 8

Specific for hosts: This system is given to people that died without fulfilling their dreams, only the people that haven't harmed or we're good is given the chance in acquiring the system.

Due to Hosts' lack of common-sense, the system made a decision that it should explain everything once asked.

The Supreme Martial system is a guide and also a great way to help the host establish your own as a powerful individual, and those around you in this world. the attributes and skill points are only exclusive for host and the only one that has this benefits in this whole world.

Services provided :

Pill concoction

Treasure Appraiser

Weapons crafting

Bonus benefits

Leveling/Cultivating Helper.

Zhihao became excited as he thought inside his head: 'isn't this some sort of cheat that can help me become stronger? that's so great! strength? wealth? power? hahaha, I Zhihao! will take everything!'

As Zhihao sunk into his own dreams and fantasy, a call woke him up from his daze. it was Ning'er's voice.

Ning'er: "HEY!! IM CALLING YOU! I know I`m beautiful and you don't need to say anything about it, but it's creepy when you look at me for more than 10mins without speaking."

Zhihao laughed and shook his head, isn't this a completely different turn? A 180-degree turn from her previous personality? then Zhihao replied.

"Ahh I was just too shock due to the sudden changes in your personality, don't worry." Pausing for a bit, Zhihao then continued.

"Should I tour you around town or head back?"

Ning'er was bewildered with his explanation so she just casually spoke: "just tour me around town, if we go back now, my mom will scold me a lot." she giggled due to Zhihao, He wasn't bothered that much with her showing her true personality.

Zhihao nodded as he answered: "Alright, let's go."

As the duo kept walking in the town, they heard some people talking.

"Hey, there is an auction happening today in the Heavenly Treasure pavilion, and there is a cultivation pill that will help anyone from Foundation Establishment to break into an elementary realm lower realm, that's just great but I think it will be too expensive for us normal people."

Another one replied: "Of course, if it isn't expensive why would they sell it in an auction, and it is the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion at that!"

When Ning'er heard that, she bowed gracefully as she spoke: "Husband, my dear future half, I`ll be counting on you for this one." she giggled as she winked at Zhihao, the both of them walked side by side afterward.

Zhihao scratched his head from what Ning'er had said. Zhihao sighed as he thought inside his head.

'Damn this wife father found for me is really a handful and extremely exhausting too, well at least there won't be any pretense at all if she'll show me what her true personality is like. at least I got a wife with multiple personalities' Zhihao sighed and walked together with Ning'er going to the direction of Heavenly Treasured Pavilion.

As soon as they entered he heard the Heavenly Treasured Pavilion, a notification popped up in his head.


=Host has entered an area with a defensive formation. this formation is weak and is only meant to deal with Nascent sprite realm and below.'

Zhihao pondered and then the thought of 'so it is an anti-theft formation, well it is good if it's like this.' appeared in his head and nodded.

Then a voice entered their ears as they went further in.

The Clerk smiled as she spoke: "Dear customers, which room would you like to be into? we got the public stand for the auction which costs 10 silvers, and a private lounge that costs 5 gold. we only have 10 spaces left for the private lounge, so Young Master which room would you like to have entry to?"

Zhihao searched through his memory, he then smiled as he got an idea. he found out that there are 5 spaces where VIP's can enter at a costly price.

Zhihao smiled at the clerk as he spoke: "I`d like the VIP Lounge with my wife, it would be too bothersome for people to notice my beautiful while we're in the auction."

Zhihao smiled as he handed 50 gold coins to the clerk, the clerk was dumbfounded, such a young youth can afford the VIP Lounge and whats more shocking, they actually knew there was one! the clerk gave a seductive smile as she received the money from Zhihao, not forgetting to touch his hands a little, knowing that she can live the rest of her life in wealth if she could even be the mistress the clerk didn't hesitate to approach in a professionally seductive manner.

Ning'er caught sight of it and checked Zhihao's reaction, but Zhihao didn't have any reaction nor felt anything. and so Ning'er just ignored it and let it pass by, thinking 'at least you are loyal'.

Suddenly the both of them received a sound transmission, it was from both of their Mothers.

Ruo Mei and Ruo Lin spoke to Zhihao and Ning'er separately: "We've decided that the wedding would be on the day after tomorrow, so be prepared, and as such, enjoy yourselves for today, no need to come back until late night, just don't get too much trouble with strangers."

Ning'er & Zhihao both replied to each of their Mother: "Yes mother/Mom"

After finishing the conversation with their Mothers, Zhihao told the Clerk to bring them to the room.

But suddenly a group of people came in as the one leading the group spoke to the Clerk.

"I`d like to book all the VIP Lounge in your pavilion for this auction, take money"

Just after speaking, the man threw a bag full of golds like garbage to the clerk and suddenly walked forward.

He then stopped as he looked at the Ning'er, he was bewildered and shocked, this woman is definitely someone that can topple cities and start a war for countries just to get her.

He then spoke: "Hey beautiful, you should come with me and leave that boy toy alone, this man can give you wealth and cultivation resources, until we both aged old and die. i`ll even take your boy toy as my servant if you like, this Young Master Shen Rong of the great Shen family in Nether Void County can take care of that, come with me to the VIP lounge. HAHAHAHAHAHA"

Ning'er frowned and spoke: "Young master Shen, I think you misunderstood something here, and you cant really buy all the VIP lounges since we've already paid for one. now if you`d please my husband and I need to go to our room, Miss, lead us please."

The Clerk suddenly thought that getting between them is gonna be bad, so she just silently stood there, nervously seeing things, if she offended one of them, her fate would definitely be one of the ruined. so she decided to speak.

"Young masters, Young miss, I would like to go but I'm too afraid of offending either one of you three, please, I beg for mercy, I need to call our manager to discuss this with you guys" The Clerk immediately returned the bag of golds to Shen Rong as she walked to the back of the room.

Ning'er frowned again as she went and said: "Young Master Shen, I am the Young Miss of the Ling Clan from White Sky County, and this is my husband Young Master Zhong from this Black wind county."

Shen Rong gave a hump, and said: "Oh so its both the Young Miss and Young Master of two great Clans, hahaha, well I`ll leave the both of you guys alone, but I`ll surely visit you both sooner or later... hahaha"

Shen Rong gave a snort and walked towards the VIP lounge not waiting for the clerk to return,

When the Clerk finally returned, she was together with the manager. the manager was a fat old man in his late 50's, he walked towards them and talked to them that he would do everything to fix the situation as he led the way to the VIP lounge.

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