Supreme Martial System
3 Ling Ning“er
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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3 Ling Ning“er

Right after Ru Feng finished speaking, a thunderous voice was heard outside the grand hall,

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Old bones how long will we keep waiting outside, this old buddy of yours is still standing here."

The Ling clan is the great clan of the White sky county, a few hundred miles away from Black wind county where the Zhong Family is established.

Zhong Ru Feng and Ling Wentian were old classmates and at the same time both fell in love with the woman of Ruo clan, Zhong Ru Feng married Ruo Mei, while Ling Wentian married Ruo Lin.

Ru Feng spoke while smiling: "Old dog, you should behave yourself in the presence of our younger generation, at least show some slight dignity as the patriarch of the Ling clan." After speaking Ru Feng immediately stood up as he walked forward to Ling Wentian.

Ling Wentian: "ahahaha what's there to hide in front of my future son-in-law, I don't need to be cautious around him! where is he?, I want to meet him, where is my genius son-in-law"

Zhihao immediately knew that this guy is his future father-in-law as if it is being written all over the conversation already then he spoke.

"Zhihao greets Patriarch Ling"

Ling Wentian immediately smiled as he replied: "hahaha, just call me father from now on as it will be the new title that will be born because of you! hahaha!"

Ru Feng immediate interrupted: "Hmpp! Zhihao call him father-in-law, Immediately after arriving you are already trying to steal my son away from me. you know the word shameless all too well old dog. now, where is my daughter-in-law."

as soon as Ru Feng Finished speaking, an elegant silhouette entered the room, Zhihao became dazed, as this beautiful woman with blue hair, Jade white like skin and mesmerizing eyes appeared in front of him. while having the grace of a well-mannered princess and as a bonus, also has a pretty good figure. This woman would definitely be the fiance that he is engaged to.

when Ning'er entered, she stole a glance at Zhihao, then smiled a little, then looked at Ru Feng then said.

"Ning'er greets Zhong Patriarch."

the greetings of this woman made Zhihao very excited as he can very well tell that this woman is very graceful, and is also providing grace even with her greeting. well, he fell in love at first sight.

Ru Feng smiled as he spoke: "Well well, a good daughter indeed, Ning'er you should call me father from now on, for that's the new title you`ll be giving me when you get married to Hao'er."

Wentian frown his brows as he spoke: "old bones, seems like you are stealing my daughter from the start, as shameless as usual no? how dare you utter words like that in front of me!? see if I don't fight it out with you today! HMMP!"

Ru Feng also frowned his brows as he replied: "You started it old dog! how come you can be shameless and I not? you should go learn back from how an 8 yr old boy should show his manners."

Wentian: "HAHAHA. well didn't realize that you just copied me" Pausing for a bit, Wentian looked at Zhihao as he continued.

"Zhihao this child is gonna be your wife, you should hurry up and give me a grandson or two, hahahahaha!"

When Ning'er heard it she immediately pinched her father's side, causing a little pain as she quietly said.

"father, you should behave properly in front of others. especially my father-in-law."

Wentian smiled as he laughed awkwardly then spoke: "hahaha, I'm sorry daughter, I'm so sorry but can you please let go of my side, it hurts you know, you are already at the Foundation Establishment realm, and it got even more power to it."

Ru Feng laughed heartily seeing the sight in front of him as he spoke: "HAHAHAHA, well said Ning'er that's a very good example, teach that old guy a lesson!"

Right after that, two beautiful figures entered the grand hall with their great figure swaying left and right, both Ru Feng and Wentian became silent and sweat covered their backs rapidly, as one of the two figures spoke softly.

Ruo Mei frowned and looked at Ru Feng then spoke: "Dear husband, I think you are having too much fun, we can discuss this tonight after we settle this afternoon meeting."

After saying these she smiled so softly that any man would fall for her instantly if it was their first time meeting Ruo Mei.

Ruo Lin smiled like an angel as she said: "Dear husband, the same goes for you."

Both figures entered and said something that any men would fell in love with, but on the other hand, Ru Feng and Wentian felt afraid while they are sitting silently and nodded towards their wife's word. they felt a slight fluctuation of Qi aimed at them together at the same time. right now both Ruo Mei and Ruo Lin were at the 8th stage of Transcendent Mortal realm while Ru Feng is in the 5th stage of Earth transformation realm and Wentian is at the 4th stage of Earth transformation realm. but still, what kind of man would hit their woman? only a beast would do.

So whenever their wife gets angry, they would sweat a lot out of fear as they would be a punching bag for a whole night!.

Then Ruo Mei spoke to Zhihao: "Hao'er bring Ning'er to a stroll in the town. we adults would like to discuss some matters ourselves."

Ruo Mei handed down an Interspatial ring to Zhihao so that if they ever had anything they wished to buy there would be no need to worry for lacking any funds, and what Ruo Mei gave Zhihao was his allowance which she had saved for Zhihao to use in the future, and she guessed that that future is today.

After receiving the ring, Zhihao replied: "Yes mother. this child of yours shall go now"

Ning'er also bid her Mother: "Mother, we'll be going now."

Both Ruo Mei and Ruo Lin nodded then smiled at the both of them as they waved them goodbye.
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    《Supreme Martial System》