Supreme Martial System
2 I`m rich? and I“m Eeeeenngg...
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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2 I`m rich? and I“m Eeeeenngg...

Zhihao was shocked as he thought inside his head. 'Wow! wow! wow! wow! so there really is a rebirth after death, I should've believed it in my previous world.' he was like a newborn baby with only the past memories from his previous world. luckily the previous owner of his body handed him the memories of this world although its all of the innocent one's memory, it is very useful to the current him. but as soon as he reviewed this memory he was shocked! 'CULTIVATION! STRENGTH! the world where power is the rule and authority is second!' while he was shocked by this, a voice awakened his daze.

"Young master?"

A voice came outside, as it called Zhihao, It was Yi Yan waiting for him to answer but due to waiting after a long while, she called out again.

Zhihao finally coming back to reality spoke: "AH! yes, Yi Yan come in."

as soon as he finished those words, Yi Yan came in.

Yi Yan: "Young master, the bath is ready its already noon and your fiance will be arriving in about 2 hours, so we should prepare you for welcoming here"

Zhihao became shocked yet again (He is dumb seriously) he searched through the memories of the previous owner and found out that not only is he reborn, he also has a great family, a loving parent, and also a gorgeous fiance.

Zhihao: "Ahh!, Yes yes, let's prepare, let's go, uhh, let's... just bring me to the bathroom."

Yi Yan: 'Young master is a bit out, is it because of finally meeting his fiance?' then immediately answered: "Yes young master"

Zhihao walked out of the bed and went together with Yi Yan to the hall, he was pondering what kind of manner does he need to greet the elders, he can check all the previous activity of the previous owner but, as an uneducated person in his past life, he didn't know how to synchronize his manners to the previous body's owner.

as soon as he came to the bath

Zhihao: "WHAAA! What are you doing!?, I know I'm rich now but why are you behaving like a cougar ready to devour me! stop undressing me!"

Yi Yan became shocked, Yi Yan thought: 'wasn't this always the way I helped young master to take a bath, why is he being silly now?' Then she replied: "Young master, isn't this how I usually help you when you are taking bath?"

Zhihao became shocked again as he checked the previous owner's memory, 'YES! it was always like that, now that he realized it, he became very nervous. he was wondering if he'll be caught just by the time he got reincarnated'

Zhihao: "ahh yeah. I'm just joking with you because it might be the last time you`ll help me. when I get married I think it will be my wife helping me next time. hee hee, he?"

Yi Yan: "Young master, as you already know, personal maids are already the personal belongings of their masters. why would I leave you and let your wife do my own duties, and as you already know, your fiancee is of noble birth and would likely be your wife and not your maid." after speaking up to this point, Yi Yan continued helping Zhihao up.

Zhihao spoke: "Ahh.. yes yes, ok I get it now, uhmn, thank you Yi Yan, but I can take it from here now, I think today I would like to bath alone."

Yi yan pondered for a bit before saying "Yes young master" after replying, she immediately went out.

Zhihao thought immediately: 'Ahhh, it's hard to act as someone that I don't even know'

Zhihao continued to the tub and sunk himself to think about everything, as he was dazed he kept thinking that 'this life isn't that bad, no, its too great, a great reversal for my life, in the past I have a parent, but didn't care about me and abandoned me, but now, I got a family, a loving one at that, and rich from the start of my life, and now I even got a fiance, this life, I would treasure it, as long as I live and my memories intact.

after half an hour he left the tub and prepared to get out, but as soon as he touched the ground, the door opened and Yi Yan was there staring at him, "Young master, here is the towel to get you dry, let me help you, and here is your towel to wrap your body with."

Zhihao was shocked as he contained the shock and check the previous owner's memory, and yes, it's always been like this.

Zhihao immediately calmed himself as he replied: "yes, continue"

Yi Yan answered: "Yes, Young master" as she helped Zhihao dry up and get dressed.

after a few minutes went by, Zhihao was well dressed and ready to go. Zhihao walked forward then went to the grand hall to meet his father Zhong Ru Feng, as he glanced at his newly found father he almost went to tears, but he kept himself from tearing up.

Entering the great hall Zhihao walked closer to his father as he Greeted: "This son, Zhihao greets father."

Ru Feng smiled as he saw how prepared his son is to welcome his fiance, Ru Feng made a happy expression and waved at Zhihao to come closer. Zhihao immediately went forward and sat next to his father.

Ru Feng: "how's your cultivation going Hao'er?" (Removing Zhi, and just calling Hao, then adding 'ER' at the end is a way to show affection)

Zhihao pondered for a while checking his memories (Previous one's) and said: "Father I have only reached the Final Foundation 3rd stage and would like to try to break through to Foundation Establishment in a while."

Ru Feng smiled slightly as he heard his genius son said it, and he lightly spoke: "That's great to hear, ahh now I feel really relaxed as to leave the family matters in you and your fiance's hands."

when he finished saying his words, an attendant outside the door spoke: "Patriarch, the honored guests have arrived."

Ru Feng smiled as he became overly excited then laughed as he ordered: "Hahahaha! let them in, let them in. don't let them wait too much outside."

when he finished saying his words, an attendant outside the door spoke: "Patriarch, the honored guests have arrived."

Ru Feng smiled then laughed: "Hahahaha! let them in, let them in."

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