Supreme Martial System
1 In a Different World
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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1 In a Different World

Somewhere in a Public toilet in China, there is a shadow lurking behind it, murmuring to himself.

"Finally, after saving all my money and spending it on finding my parents who abandoned me since birth, I finally received some useful information on them."

The Shadow walked out of his lurking as he looked at the sky with a fiery steel will as he looked at the Picture from the files that were given to him by the informant and spoke.

"Hmmp! thinking of abandoning me just so they can enjoy their time together, what kind of parents are they, now that they are already wealthy they couldn't even remember how they had a child before!"

He flipped through to another picture as he frowned and continued: "What's worst is that... they gave birth to two daughters, giving them all they wanted while I`m here stuck trying to work my way to survival, damn it!"

Zhong Zhihao is an orphan that was left by their parents since birth due to insufficient living expenses, or in short, Poverty.

But now when his Parents became rich, he created his own image of them, that they had forgotten about him.

Tears flowed from his eyes down to his cheeks as he shuddered with sadness and depression.

"Shouldn't they at least try to remember that they had a child before? Me? This is really saddening... how did my life become like this..."

His eyes became fierce as he spoke: "It's because of them!"

After spending almost all the money he earned every day for 20 years as a laborer, he finally got some information about his parents. I think you are wondering why this guy, our MC is so determined in knowing his parents and meeting them again.

He received the news that his Family is living well in one of their top quality resorts in the Philippines, he immediately prepared to go there by a one-way Airplane ticket. He wanted to ask them why did they leave him alone, why didn't they search for him, did they even remember him?

Due to Lack of nutrition, his body now is fully developed with almost no fat in it, only pure muscles, luckily, With his physique that developed for 20 years in constructions. he might manage his way to the Airport before he passed out.

The distance to the Airport in his current location is 21 km which would exhaust almost 99.99% of human beings that will have a try walking that way without having eaten anything the day before.

Zhihao readied himself and prepared all the things (which the only thing he has is two pieces of shirts, two underwear, and a single pants) he departed from the Men's public toilet. and headed in the direction of the Airport.

Four hours had passed.

Zhihao had walked through 17 km by now, he can already see the City Airport still some few miles away.

Zhihao smiled as he increased his phase walking in the bridge, then due to his exhaustion, He suddenly saw two kids playing in front of him, merely by an inch the kids didn't notice him and kept playing tag, with the exhausted body and mind, Zhihao tried to dodge, but sadly he was too late! he was too weak to move accurately and stumbled on the Bridge's gutter, Having an exhausted body, Unable to regain his balance, he was like a Drunk Man swayingly walking towards the edge of the bridge. He tried to get his hands on the guardrail, successfully, Zhihao breathed a sigh of relief, but then a sudden wind blew from his back, it felt like someone is pushing him from behind, he fell down the bridge straight to the river.

Zhihao only had one question in mind now 'WHY? WHY!? WHYYY!?!?!?!'

A very rapid water current received Zhihao's fall, with his weak state, even with his built up physique he wouldn't be able to handle something this extreme, Zhihao slammed to a lot of sharp rocks beneath the river bed as the current drove him further away, making his skin scratched further as he continuously hit the sharp ends.

Zhihao lost his will to live, knowing that he is currently facing death, but instead of fear, regret, desperation, or sadness, instead, he smiled as he accepted reality, thinking back to the hardship he had to suffer through all the times.

'So this is how I`ll die, why couldn't I have died in the first place, that would be easier, such a stupid way to die.'

Zhihao closed his eyes, gritting his teeth as he felt sharp pains striking him hard and accepted the fact that he is going to die, his consciousness faded out of his body, but then he felt a very warm hand caught him from his death, relieving him from any of the pain that he had felt.

After some time, Zhihao frowned as he realized that he isn't feeling the pain he had received earlier, he felt that there are no more pain coming from the wounds he received from the River's sharp rocks in his body, it felt extremely good, but there is this prickling sting coming from his stomach.


Zhihao grunted from that prickling pain that came from his stomach.

Zhihao then opened his eyes as he saw a very exquisite ceiling lying on a very soft floor, but he then realized something as he thought.

'Ah? soft? floor? no, this is definitely not a floor!'

Zhihao looked around as he saw a very old looking design of the house, one that came from the old era, his thoughts continued to wonder about.

'This is a bed, and that's not a ceiling it the top of the bed! how extravagant!'

Zhihao blinked a lot of times but when he remembered how he died he thought that this must be heaven, Zhihao then sat up.

"Hu! So I guess I'm still a good guy, at least I haven't harmed anyone while living my life behind the men's public toilet"

While thinking like that, he felt that it's quite strange as how he felt something is very strange in his current state.

Suddenly, while he is pondering a voice came from outside of the room.

"Young Master Zhihao, the morning bath has been prepared"

The voice came from his personal servant girl calling out to him. the girl's name is Yi Yan.

Zhong Zhihao became shocked as he thought.

'Young Master? when did I became a young master, did my parents found me floating in the river and saved me? Woah! URG!'

A sharp pain came from the back of his head as all the memories of the 'previous' Zhihao came into his mind.

Zhihao opened his eyes as he looked around and looked at his body.

His thoughts ran wild as he suddenly thought of a single thing to explain everything.


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