Solo Leveling Character
22 Good news
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Solo Leveling Character
Author :kenechi
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22 Good news

'The epidermis seems to be pretty hard … Can you do damage with a dagger? "

The dagger was shorter than the steel sword used before.

It was necessary to concentrate more force in order to hurt deeply.

Jinwoo grabbed the dagger in reverse.

This one seemed to be easier to damage.


Finally, the spider stood in front of him.

Then he lifted the two front legs and set him up as a guide.

'What are you trying to do?'

I doubt that.

Jinwoo's eyes were brilliant.


If you did not turn your body instinctively, your spider leg would have pierced your chest.

The joint of the spider leg that pierced the backside folded and climbed up again.


Stone flour fell off the end of the bridge.

Jinwoo glanced back.

There was a small hole in the stone floor.

'If it hits, it will not be enough.'

Jinwoo's eyes were sharp.

It was time to concentrate.



The leg of the spider that had just been stuck like a bullet started to show some degree.

Left. I avoided bowing the left leg of the spider.

Right. I twisted my body to the side and drove the right leg of the spider forward one step forward.

Right. Again, I walked two more steps away from the legs of the spider that was aiming for my head.

Left. Right. Right. Left. Right. Right. Right. Left. Left. bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

The spider 's legs stood out loudly to the bottom with enough ears.

Jinwoo narrowed the distance by avoiding the attack of the pouring spider one by one.

Yujin could not believe his eyes.

"What are you, a human being?"

It was an attack that seemed to be bloody enough to see the back of the head even though it was seen from afar.

However, I do not know what to do.

I was so proud of the calm movement without waste.

"That's E-class Hunter?"

No, I will not.

If it was not Sung Jin-woo who was standing there, he would have already torn like a rag.

I had never been able to avoid it once or twice.

However, Jinwoo has not been able to make mistakes yet.

Class D Hunter, what is impossible for himself E class?

If so, one conclusion.

'…Unregistered registrants! '

Yu Jin-ho's face became dark.

Some of the talented hunters were able to control horse power freely.

You can lower your rating if you like.

Hunters who hid a portion of magic and received a rating lower than what they should receive.

They were called 'registrants of fraud.'

And most of the registrants who did it were very malevolent.

'A killer who has a hobby to slaughter lower Hunters in a low-rank dungeon …'

What happened in the dungeon was the best place to commit a crime because nobody else knew except the parties.

Yujin swallowed the saliva gently.

Suddenly, Jinwoo became more scared than spider.

'I have to tell you why I come to this …'

It was Yoo Jin-ho who wanted to cry.

“ä_! “ä_! “ä_!

Meanwhile, the attack of the spider has been pouring without rest.

Jinwoo avoided all attacks and was confident of victory.

Little by little, I saw that the spider's head had already entered the gap.

The pattern of the spider was monotonous and was easily accessible.

'One eye is eye.'

The basic aim of weakness is the basic of raid.

I decided to start with the eyes that are the weakest.

'Now, just put a sword in your eyes!'

It was when Jinwoo was so determined.

I felt that the attack of the spider was slowed down at the moment.

“ä_! “ä_!

Is it because of quick adaptation of the eyes?

bang! bang!

No, it is not.

Even if the eyes lie, the ear can not deceive.

The loud noise from the bottom of the floor slowed down from one moment to another.

One hearing was Jinwoo who was confident that he was excellent.

Suddenly, an unfortunate foreboding passed through the brain.

Looking closer, the muscles around the mouth of the spider were shaking finely.

'Why are you trying to open your mouth at this timing?'

Jin-woo, who was about to jump to the head of a spider at a height of three meters, felt something unbelievable.

Jinwoo quickly turned direction, not the stomach, but rather sideways.


Shoot me!

A spout of liquid spewed out of the mouth of the spider.

Jinwoo, who was on the floor, balanced and looked back.

The land that had just stood up was burning black with smoke.

Cheiii profit – the bottom of the rocks melted away.

Jinwu swallowed his saliva.

'If you jumped up …'

It was not just rocks that melted.

The spider came quickly as if he felt Jinwoo's agitation.

Thank you.

Jinwu lifted his head.

The spider was right in front of me.


Jinu jumped in place and avoided the spider leg.


The attack was resumed.

"Damn it!"

Several times he came close to the head of the spider, but had to back off to avoid the digestive fluids.

When the attack pattern of the spider was increased to two, it became very difficult to deal with.

Approaching the bridge, the digestive juices poured.

Because of the digestive juice, I have been attacked by my legs.


I attacked my leg with a dagger in my mind.

But the legs covered with thick skin did not have any blemishes.

Jin-woo bit his lower lip.

"No way."

While the spider used only two front legs to attack, he was wearing his whole body to avoid attack.

I almost got tired first.


[Fatigue: 57] No wonder, fatigue was rising sharply.

When the fatigue is 70, the speed slows down. If it exceeds 90, it is difficult to move because of breathing.

Time was tight.

'If you can access it faster …'


Speed was a problem.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

'Wait, what if it's speed?'

Something swept past the brain of Jinwoo, who was barely avoiding the pouring bridges.

'It was there!'

The only skill available.

I had forgotten it because I had not used it yet.


['Skill: Sprint' is used.]

[Movement speed is increased by 30%. Mana per minute is reduced by 1 during casting.]

With the message, Jin-woo's body accelerated like a booster.

Avoiding spider legs is also easier.

“ä_! “ä_! “ä_!

bang! bang! bang!

The lightning-like spider quickly crossed the bridge and arrived at the spider in an instant.

The embarrassed spider hastily sprayed the digestive juice.

Shoot me!

But as the speed got faster, Jin-woo also had room for action.

Jin-woo jumped lightly to the spider's head.


The dagger was drawn with a diagonal line in the spider's eye.

['Effect: Paralysis' is activated.]

[The effect is canceled due to the high resistance of the target.]

['Effect: Bleeding' is triggered.]

[Target's health is 1% per second.]


Special effects of the dagger 'Kazaka' s monster 'bleeding successfully entered.


The spider staggered and staggered.

Jinwoo did not miss the gap.

As soon as I landed on the floor, I jumped again and ran over the spider 's body and climbed over my head.

The spider struggled and swung his legs, but he was not the one to be blinded.

bang! bang! bang!

There was a hole in the pale earth.

Jinwoo climbing over the spider's head took a spider's eye in a series of daggers.

Hook! Hook! Hook!


Hook! Hook!

"Shut up!"

The spider glowed around, but he did not fall, but he held his head to the end and threw the spider's head.


The spider started to stagger. The damage was eating. Jinu's hands got faster and faster.

The body of the big spider finally tilted.


But Jin-woo did not stop his hand.

Until the spider 's breath breaks.

Hook! Hook! Hook!

"Creeper, Cree."

A message popped up with the spider 's speech.

[We have killed the master of the dungeon.]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


The spider 's blood was turned over and Jinwoo gleamed both hands.

There are three levels of bosses.

"Status window."

Name: Sungjin Level: 21 Occupation: None Title: Wolf Slayer HP: 2600 MP: 391 Fatigue: 0 [Stats] Power: 53 Stamina: 30 Dexterity: 38 Intelligence: 30 Sensation: 32 ] Passive Skills: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1 Active skill: Sprint Lv.1 18 level at a stroke of level 21 has risen.

But that was not the end.

Apart from the level up message, another message appeared.


[Level:> 20, 'Store: Purchase' is available.]

'Can you finally use gold?'

It was good news.

But there was no leisure time to go to the shops.

– Courrell.

The cave shook a little.

[The owner of the dungeon has been killed, so the entrance of the dungeon will disappear after 1 hour.]

[Remaining time: 59 minutes 58 seconds.]

I have to get out before the gate closes.

It is enough to go shopping.

Jinwoo went down to the floor and found a sparkling light at the middle of the spider's head.


Unlike the case of monsters, however, the item discovery message did not pop up or was automatically acquired.


Jinwoo, who was worried for a moment, immediately realized the reason.

'Oh, there was a marine stone.'

I'll take care of it no matter how busy you are.

Jinwoo pulled out the marble stone that was hiding inside the spider's head. It 's a C – grade sparkstone from Boss' s head, so 10 million won will be enough.

It did not run out of spoils of a wonderful victory.

Jinwoo jumped over the spider head.

chuck. I landed lightly and turned around, but this time I saw a sparkling light from the spider ship.

There are several of them!

Jinwoo was puzzled.

I've heard that one of them sometimes gives you two or three marble stones, but those lights are too many to be called marble.

'What is it?'

I tore my stomach with a dagger and tore my stomach, but it was melting, but the debris of the worms was poured out.

The light was shining in the worms.


Jinwoo went through the bugs one by one.

All of them also contained marlite.

Some of them were digestible and small, but there were many things that were very good.

I joined together and I was over 10.


I came to pay monthly rent and to take the rent.


I turned around and Yoo Jin-ho stood.

"Here you go."

Yoo Jin-ho has packed Jin-woo's stones in his equipment bag.

I took out the thermos in the corner of the equipment bag and poured the contents inside the lid.

"Brother, are you thirsty? Have some of this. Water. "

It was cold enough to have water on the outside of the lid.

'Why do not you do what he did not do?'


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