ShogunCat KSjee
27 Ex Imperial Guard Officer Arrives
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ShogunCat KSjee
Author :fiqian_steve
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27 Ex Imperial Guard Officer Arrives


The next day was as beautiful previous on the Super Yacht Megumi.

Kurasawaji, and his friends were tanning up nicely from all the watersports, and enjoying the thrills of Jet Skiing..

They were sitting on the upper deck mid-morning having a fruity brunch prepared by Chef Yoshi

when they saw the limousine roll up. A stocky tall man emerged from within. The chauffer said a few words to him and accompanied him up the gangway assisting with his bags.

Kurasawaji wondered who it was, and went to welcome the newcomer onboard.

As approached him - the Shogun System alert appeared:


Shogun System

Identify Warrior,

Name: Unknown


Ex Imperial Guard Officer

Weapons Small Arms: 43/100

Small Knife Fighting 42/100

Taiho Jutsu: 43/100

Judo: 37/100 (Senpai)


Whooh, thought Kurasawaji when he read the alert..

He bowed to the man and said, " I'm Kurasawaji, welcome onboard the Megumi!"

The man bowed and said,

"My name is Daisuke.*[1] What a beautiful boat. I've been sent to help here by the Custodian."

"Ah, yes!" replied Kurasawaji, suddenly realising that they were expecting someone new."

But an Imperial Guard Officer as a boathand? From the Royal Imperial Palace to our Yacht..

he thought to himself.. hmmn he thought, I'm going to learn some excellent martial arts of this guy..

Kurasawaji, then took Daisuke and found him a spare cabin..


[1] Daisuke - Japanese Male name meaning Great Helper. @@

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