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82 “The Hand“ 2
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Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel
Author :godfreyngsze
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82 “The Hand“ 2

As soon as I arrived at Iron Fist's and Colleen's location, I saw Iron Fist surrounded as he defend himself from the wave of assaults coming his way. Iron Fist looked deeply exhausted as he exerted the last ounce of strength he had to swing his staff at the ninjas and send them flying across the room.

Colleen in the other hand is also occupied by a group of ninjas that attack her relentless. Several of their members could be seen bleeding on the ground as Colleen hurriedly deliver continuous flurry of attack in order to quickly go to Iron Fist aid.

Not wasting any time, I split a dozen of the ninjas into half with my sword as I made my way towards Iron Fist. Quickly reaching Iron Fist's side, I said "You want him, you gotta go through me!" posing in front of Iron Fist and sheathed my sword.

A creepy low voice coming from the shadows said "Once I am done with you, you will beg for me to spare your life!".

Another ninja rushed towards me as trying to catch me off guard but I decapitated him with a swing of my sword. I taunted the voice replying "You are welcome to try!".

Colleen quickly made her toward us as she approach Iron Fist concernedly asked "Are you okay?" as she held his arm as Iron Fist panted in exhaustion and she quickly turn to face the ninjas.

Iron Fist struggled to remain on his feet, breathed heavily as he replied "I am fine".

The voice ruthlessly said "Kill them!" sending all the ninjas leaping in our direction.

"Damn" I cursed to myself, feeling slightly intimidated as we are confronted by a huge wave of ninjas.

I quickly fired several web netting towards the crowd of ninjas to help restrict their movement before delivering a powerful side kick towards one of the ninja's chest. The impact send the ninja flying backward like a cannon ball and he smashed into the large group of ninjas like they are bowling pins.

Few of the ninjas manage to make their way toward Colleen who is defending Iron Fist who is too tired to move. Just as I was going to assist them, Spiderman quipped "Fellowship of the Ring is here!" as he fired webbing towards the ninja and throw him towards a group of ninjas.

Black Cat, Daredevil, Jewel and Powerman also arrived as they fight their way from outside of the encirclement and through the crowd of ninjas towards us. As Jewel flew above us our head, she complained "What you got yourself into?" before flying towards one of the ninjas and punching the ninja away like a golf ball.

"Return Elektra to me!" Daredevil shouted angrily as he aggressively beat down the two ninjas that got in his way with his batons. Not waiting for any reply, Daredevil continue beating the shit out of the ninjas that got close to him.

Powerman stood with his back facing Colleen and Iron Fist said "Sweet Christmas!" as he grab one of the ninjas that attacked him and swung him around like a club.

Black Cat exclaimed in surprised "Wow! What a huge party!" as she punched and kicked the ninjas that got close to her without restraining her strength.

Spiderman swing around in the abandon building with his webbing said " Black Cat! You might kill them!..... and who the hell are this guys?" as he dodged and fight his way through the ninjas.

My spider sense tingled slightly as it warn me of several dangerous threats circling around us and is waiting for an opportunity to strike. I said "They are called 'The Hand'. We meet several of their members before. Be careful, there is several dangerous opponents targeting us now!" before killing several ninjas with my sword.

Spiderman shouted in shocked "No!!!!! We are not supposed to kill people!" but as the dead bodies turn into ash, Spiderman stood still in confusion said "Errr.... What?!".

One of the ninjas took advantage of Spiderman's lapse of judgment and tried to stab Spiderman from behind but Daredevil send him crashing to the ground by striking the ninja's head with his baton. Daredevil grunted "Get your head out of your ass! We can't rescue everyone! Being a hero is not always black and white! Of course, we try not to kill but it depends on situation and whether you have the power to protect their lives or not".

Daredevil aggressively shoved Spiderman's chest said "Get your shit together!!!" before quickly turning around to face his next opponent.

Colleen's sword clashed with her opponents before she quickly dispatching them. Trying to reassure Spiderman, Colleen grunted "Don't kill because you want too but kill only if there is no other way! It depend on the situation! Fight for what you believe in!" as she dodged several throwing stars.

Catching his breath, Iron Fist's hand glowed brightly said in a zen-like voice "Don't fight for the sake of killing but for the sake of protecting innocent lives!" before rushing towards Colleen's side with his glowing fist. His attack created a huge blast as it send several ninjas that attacked Colleen flying away across the room.

After hearing Iron Fist's words, Spiderman clenched his fist in determination and jumped back into action. While Spiderman is fighting through the crowd, he started chanting 'The Defenders' Oath'.

"Oh Crap!" I moaned in dismay when I heard Spiderman started chanting the oath, I leap toward the ninjas and start delivering a series of kicks that send them flying across the room.

One after another of 'The Defenders' started chanting along with Spiderman while fighting against the onslaught of ninjas. Sighing to myself in dismay, I reluctantly tag along as we fight harder and faster while chanting the oath.

In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape our sight.

Let those who worship evil's might

Beware our power--The Defender's Might!!!!!'

After completing our chant, the voice in the shadow said in a mocking voice "Such a childish behaviour!" before laughing and at the same time started clapping his hands slowly.

"Why are you targeting Iron Fist?" Powerman asked while using his body to defend us from the ninjas' throwing stars.

"Your dick must be tiny like the scary cat you are!" Jewel cursed out causing Black Cat to snort out slightly as she laughed while defending herself.

"Focus!.... And be prepared for anything!" I warned her and the others as both Daredevil and I searched for the source of the voice.

Suddenly a large man slowly appeared from the shadows and gestured with his right hand, the ninjas suddenly stopped attacking us and retreated slightly. I frown slightly in confusion as I tried to recognize the person that we are facing.

In a mocking and teasing voice, the large man said "Target? No! No! No! We are just testing all of you... Attacking Iron Fist is just a distraction we need to bring all of you together" before laughing to himself loudly.

As all of us gathered ourselves, the man continued "All of you have been disrupting our expansion plan in New York. Our partners believe that we should exterminate all of you but the clan believes that we can come to an agreement and find something that benefits everyone".

"That guy gives me the creep!" Black Cat complained and at the same time shuddered slightly.

Spiderman quipped "Buddy, you need to work on your sales pitch! You suck!" while showing a thumbs down with his right hand.

The man ignored them as he turned his head toward me and with a creepy tempting voice said "Even though we work in the shadows, 'The Hand' seek to dominance and to eliminate anyone that go against us! Join us and 'The Hand' will provide anything you wish for! Including Immortality!".

"You sound similar to Hydra" I said dismissively.

"INSOLENCE!!!! How dare you compare us to Hydra! We are just partners with them for now but once we achieve our goal, they will grovel at our feet too!" The man raised his voice in anger.

Smirking slightly, I replied "You guys are megalomaniac! but I think Hydra has the same plan to double cross you too".

Spiderman muttered softly to himself "Wow, these guys are crazy with a capital C!". Black Cat nodded her head in agreement.

The man snorted his nose in annoyance but before he could reply, he is interrupted by Daredevil. Daredevil in a deep voice asked "Where is Elektra?".

"Elektra is no more!" The man replied smiling creepily. Jewel whispered to Powerman "This guy is freaking annoying, can I punch him already!" which Powerman gestured her to wait for awhile more.

"LIES! I can hear her" Daredevil snapped back angrily.

"She goes by the name Black Sky now..... If you join us, I will let you see her again" The man said temptingly before continuing impatiently "But let's get straight to the point, I will only say this once..... Join us and we will fulfill all your wishes, or deny us and we will kill you and all your friends and family.....".

After a short moment of silence between all of us as we wait for Daredevil reply, Jewel grumbled "If you told me a week ago that I would be here with all of you fighting some ninjas to save New York.... I will say that you guys are high on drugs!"

"I am glad you are all here" Colleen said as she stood by Iron Fist's side.

"Either way we will respect your choice, Daredevil" Iron Fist said calmly.

"You guys sound so cheezy!" Black Cat complained

"Awwww.... this is so touching" Spiderman said emotionally.

"I am not hugging you" Powerman replied in disgust as he took a step away from Spiderman

"What is it gonna be Daredevil?" I asked as I place my hand on his shoulder.

Daredevil grumbled "With or without your help, I will bring Elektra back with me!" before shouting in determination "DEFENDERS!!!!!! FIGHT!!!!!"

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