22 Deep Sleep
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Author :ImYoona
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22 Deep Sleep

'Though I expected such kinds of problems to exist after finding out about my family, I did not expect things to be so extreme. Nevertheless, this is just another obstacle to make me stronger!'

"I can't say that I'm not shaken by the fact that you were able to enter my mind and somehow get into my dream. Or even shook by what I have just been said, though I also can't say that it was something beyond what I had imagined. Though I was extremely flabbergasted when you mentioned my "rebirth", I did not expect such a thing was due to the will of the cosmos."

"Child, though we call it the cosmos. One would be more inclined to know it as laws. The very thing that gives us life and controls all that is and isn't." Aries clarified.

"No matter if it is the cosmos or laws or even a demon dragon, I will not be pushed down. Since I have been given an opportunity to start again, I will live a life that will be recorded in the annals of time. I don't know how far I'll go, but I will not sit back and be some pitiful person anymore."
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Hearing Li Fuji's conviction, the twelve turned to each other and nodded. This time, the one who spoke was Taurus, "Haha, very well. You are more than meets the eye young man. I will tell you now, that this road that you have decided to embark on is not an easy one. And it will bring you more surprises than you can ever imagine. But you must never lose hope and have faith in yourself. Your destiny is far greater than you could ever imagine. We have placed on hopes in you, do not fail us young man..."

As Taurus finished, the twelve's figures began to glow, twelve wisps of lights shot at Li Fuji and along with that, the twelve were gone. As if they were never there.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, everyone was having a bit of a shock of their own. One could even say that they were having a melt down.

Unbeknownst to Li Fuji, he had already been asleep for hours. It was way past breakfast time and lunch time had also passed. When his aunt called him down for breakfast and he didn't come down, she thought that he may have been caught up in trying out his new VR pod, so she came up to call him down.

When she came in, she saw that he was asleep. So, she tried to wake him up so that he could come down and eat. Yet, no matter what she did, he wouldn't wake up. Seeing that there might be something wrong with her nephew. She immediately called the old man and informed him of the matter. Everyone who was available was notified, while Li Fuji was taken to the hospital.

Not too long after, those who were not busy all rushed to the hospital to check on Li Fuji. There were also endless amounts of famous doctors from all around rushing into Phoenix Rising Hospital to check on Li Fuji. Such a scene was shocking to the staff who worked there. They were all wondering who that person was to attract so many figures.

Inside a VIP ward, dozens of renown doctors were discussing and talking to one another. After some time, they stopped as one of them stepped out and spoke, "Old master Li, young master Fuji's condition is strange. But we can assure you that nothing is wrong. All vitals and body functions are fine. It just seems that he is in a deep sleep. We will monitor him and make sure that everything continues to be in proper order. But his life is no in any kind of danger."

The doctor, though a renown one, dared not to misspeak. In front of one of 12 clan leaders, he was nothing more than a replaceable ant. Moreover, the person who they were called to treat was the sole male heir to the Li Clan. Any mishaps and they would all probably have to leave their lives behind.

But the old man was not unreasonable. Seeing that everything was fine, he calmly replied, "Very well, thank you doctors."

Hearing that, they took their leave and headed off to the conference rooms prepared for them. They could not leave until Li Fuji was awake. Till then, they were on call to make sure that he was in perfect condition.

"Butler Wang, did you sense anything unusual today?" The old man asked.

"No sir, there were no signs of an invasion or the sort. I had my men on constant guard and scan of the house. No one got in or out without us knowing." Butler Wang replied.

"Ai, Fuji'er. You need to wake up, you've only been with us for not more than two days. *Sigh* I would rather give up my lif..."

As grandma Chen Song was talking about giving up her life for Li Fuji, his eyebrows began to twitch. Not too long after, he slowly opened his eyes. But everyone was too busy thinking what went wrong. Except for Li Yin, who seemed to have been staring at her cousin. Thinking that he looked quite peaceful and even more dashing asleep.

When she saw him open his eyes, she let out a loud shout. Hearing that, her mother scolded, "Why are you yelling! Can you not see that your elder cousin is sick?!"

"No, mom...It's elder cousin, he's awake!"

Upon listening to what Li Yin said, everyone turned towards Li Fuji's bed and saw that he truly was awake. They were all emotional, this kid really knew how to get one going.

"Someone go grab the doctors, have them come take a look at Fuji'er. Go, quickly!" The old man shouted.

Snapping out of their moment of bliss, Butler Wang immediately dashed out of the room to grab the doctors.

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