21 Destined
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Author :ImYoona
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21 Destined

"Before the dawn of the world, there was just the light. As time passed, the light was then joined by living things. First came the trees and plants, then the small critters and animals. More time passed by and the world you know of, began to slowly have life breathed into it.

Many eons later, we, the 12 were formed. Made of the cosmos, we were tasked to be the protectors of this plane and this world. Though as big as this planet is, it is but a speck in the vast cosmos. With our creation, new life forms began to spring up.

These life forms, were you, Human beings. At the first age of humans began to dawn this world, it could be said that the world was brought to color. The dull and boring world was dyed with emotion. But the light did not last for long without darkness.

With the arrival of humans, though there was color and joy. There was also darkness and greed. But that was just a part of human nature, thus, we let nature take its course. With the rise of villainous acts, came the heroes to help the weak. There was a balance in yin and yang.

But as you know, this is only one of many worlds. Though, it is the most rich of worlds. Though as shameful as it is, we were never 12. But rather 13. With the arrival of human greed, lust, and war, one of our brethren deemed that humans should be erased from this Earth so that purity can rein once again.

Yet, that was not how things worked. We were made and tasked to protect, not to be the judge and executor. Humans were given life by the world, and thus belong to the world. As long as they did not threaten the destruction of this world, we were to simply observe.

Alas, our brethren succumbed to the darkness in the process of pursuing the sense of true light. Blinded by unwarranted ideas, our brethren created rifts in this world. Believing that once this world and everything on it was destroyed, the world would return to the way it was.

But he forgets that other worlders lust after rich resources, and this planet provided that very need. To those in the vast cosmos, many were in dire need of more resources and this planet could be used to cultivate food and minerals.

So, to let them in, was to let wolves destroy what he intended to restore. Knowing that our brethren was blinded and because of such he could not lucidly think, we had to take action. To seal the 12 rifts we created 12 gates.

And the rest of the story, you should know. With 12 gates, there are `12 contractors. Humans that are able to connect to us and use our astral stars to bless warriors in there battles inside the gates. To create the 12 gates, we had to become a part of the gates themselves.

Thus, you have what you call Stellar today. Though we are a part of the gates, we are not purely one with it. Though we no longer have a physical body, our astral form still exists.

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In this world, those who are able to fight against the otherworlders from inside the gates are known to you as gamers. Though without the blessing and guidance of a clan and contractor, it would all be for naught.

A contractor's blessing isn't just a mere good luck or break a leg. The contractor is able to enhance and even safe guard a gamer's life. Depending on the contractor's compatibility to us, the stronger the blessing they are able to bestow.

The blessing grants an increase in stats and when the gamer's life is in danger, the blessing is able to safely relocate the gamer to one of the safe havens inside the gate. But with my contractor, your mother, gone. The blessings and stability of the Gate of Aries is slowly waning.

Contractors play a role in helping keep the balance of the gate and to help ensure that it continues to safeguard its rift. That is just but one of the many responsibilities that they hold. Though I can still faintly sense your mother, we do not know where she is currently at. As there seems to be some kind of disturbance blocking our probing.

But there isn't much time left as a new contractor must take rise to help stabilize the Gate of Aries. Never has two contractors of the same gate coexisted, but sometimes, things just don't always follow the norm.

The trials for my gate will open soon, and we have high hopes for you child. You must prevail! When we sealed the rifts our brethren created, we also sealed him away as well. But unlike us, he has more control over his powers and can use them a bit more freely than we can.

Thus, he has formed a clan of his own and sent a wisp of his conscious into one of your people. We do not know if that person will infiltrate the trails, but you must be careful and succeed. If our brethren is able to have his proxy become a contractor to my gate, all would collapse.

This is not an easy task and I know it is a lot to take in, but this is what you were born to do. I assume that you have also ran into some problems and experienced a sort of "rebirth"? That is all due to the will of the stars.

You my child, have a destiny far greater than you could ever imagine."

After that long monologue, the twelve paused and calmly awaited for what Li Fuji would say, hoping that he would be able to take everything just now okay. Of course, they knew he was still a child when compared to them, but all heroes had to face difficulties, and Li Fuji was no different.

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