19 The Dream
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Author :ImYoona
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19 The Dream

The next day, as the family woke up, Li Fuji ran outside to wait for the delivery of his VR pod. Not too long after he was waiting outside, a delivery man slowly approached the gates. Seeing the man in his delivery gear, he hurriedly rushed out to pick up his VR pod.

Seeing Li Fuji rushing out, the delivery man pulled out his fingerprint scanner and said, "Haha, please put your right thumb here for delivery confirmation."

With that being taken cared of, the delivery man went back to his truck and slowly wheeled out five crates. Two were normal wooden crates, which were probably the VR pods. The other three were made of a starsteel. After dropping off the crates in front of the gate, he left.

When all were delivered, Li Fuji asked the guards to help him bring his things in. With all the crates having been finally brought into the house, Li Fuji opened each of them up one by one. The VR pods were amazingly beautiful, truly expected of something called limited edition.

Though he didn't know how he would bring the VR pods to his room. How was he going to lug them to his room? Should perhaps ask the guards to come back to help him? While he was deep in thought, his aunt came down at that time.

"Good morning Fuji'er, it seems everything arrived on time. Let me see...these crates should open once I ...*after a series of taps, the starsteel crates opened up*. Hmm, okay. It's all here. I will have the guards bring these up to you in a bit.

As for the VR pods, you just need to tap that blue button there and they will turn into bracelets. Allowing you to easily bring them to your room or anywhere. VR pods are quite easily movable nowadays, so much easier than before. They have come a long way. You can just use one for now and just store the other for now. *wink wink*."

Hearing that, Li Fuji slightly blushed as he made his move. Reforming the VR pods into bracelets, he headed into his room. Putting one away in his drawer, he then once again tapped the little blue on the other as the VR pod once again appeared. This time, next to his bed.

Seeing that everything was now taken cared of, he could finally start. Li Fuji let out a sigh of relief and took a quick nap since it would be some time before breakfast anyways.


Hmm...'Where is this? I thought I was about to finally get to eat In&Out again, where's my double double!!!! If I...'

As he was ranting, Li Fuji saw some figures standing before him. He just thought that it was just another part of his dream, so he just ignored it and went on about his burger again. But as he was doing his own little thing, the twelve figures began to encircle him.

Thinking that it was still just probably a part of his weird dream, Li Fuji continued doing his own thing. Then one of the twelve began to talk, "We have been waiting child."


"Do not fear, we are harmless."

'Yeah expect me to believe that from some shady looking people? Especially when I just lost my burger?!! It was probably one of you who ate my beautiful burger! Hmph! It's my dream, I'll just make them disappear...hmm? How come they're still here?'

"Child, we are not of your imagination. Though we are ethereal, we are life forms that are not of your dream world. So you trying to imagine us away will do nothing."

"Who are you and what do you want with me?" Hearing that, Li Fuji put up his guard. After learning about the truth of this world, he knew that many things could happen. So the chances of an enemy who wanted to kill him; infiltrating his dreams to do so, is not out of the question.

"My child, you do not need to fret. We are the twelve keepers of the realm. You know me by the name of Aries."

'Aries? Aries! Why would one of the Gods of fire appear in my dream? More so, all twelve of them seem to be here.'

Though that little introduction helped Li Fuji to calm down a little bit, he was still on guard a bit, as he didn't know what the twelve wanted. "Is there something that you need from me?" He cautiously asked.

"Haha, this one is quite the jokester isn't he Aries?" Another one of the twelve laughed.

"Now now, do not frighten the young one." Once more, another voice spoke.

"Child, to explain what it is we hope of you, there is a story that needs to be told. Are you willing to listen to what we have to say?" Aries once again spoke.

Li Fuji knew even if he said no, he wouldn't be able to wake up anyways...If they could appear in his dreams so freely, they should be able to keep him here as well. Plus he was quite interested in what they twelve had to say, "Of course. Please, do tell."

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