18 Decision
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Author :ImYoona
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18 Decision

There was an awkward silence for a while, but Wei Fang (2nd aunt) snapped out of it and said, "No, your elder cousin will need it for his training. He only has two weeks, and the amount of nutrient liquid we were able to get allows for some leeway just in case something occurs."

Though one could kind of estimate that a person normally needs around two bags of nutrient liquids per day, with S grade nutrient liquid, that amount gets reduced to maybe half a bag or one bag per day. But there were some special circumstances where one's body may need more to sustain itself.

Because they don't know the innate talents or if Li Fuji has a special body or not, the requested order was a bit larger just in case there were unforeseen factors. This will allow for some mobility, in the case where he needs more per day than one would expect.

"Fuji'er, since you have decided to become a gamer now. Whether it be for your family or for yourself, you must understand that for our clan, this is not a small matter. You are the only heir to the clan, and as such, you must shoulder the burdens of the clan.

So, you need to be prepared to train and become more than you can imagine. You may not soar or be able to fly in the sky, but there are things that you have not seen before that is there. The existence of contractors is a perfect example.

I also know you saw your Uncle Wang as well, so you should know that there are things that go beyond what humans deem as impossible and possible. Thus. to prepare you for entry into that world, you will go through training.

As you are the eldest and the child of your mother, you are entitled to take on the trial of Aries. But such a thing is not as easy as killing some monsters in a game, nor is there such a thing called backing out or starting over.

There is only once chance and if you cannot pass the trial, you will not get a chance again. To prepare you. we have written up a detailed training regime for you. The S grade nutrient liquid is to be used to supplement your training. With it, you will be able to cultivate and nourish your body faster, helping you with the fatigue from training.

So, starting after the tomorrow, you will have martial arts training in the morning and mystics training in the afternoon. After that, you will game in the evening. You will be able to refresh yourself and then continue that cycle the next day. And this will go on for two weeks, until the day of your test of aptitude.

After your test, a new training regime will be drawn up later after we known more specifically what to focus on. At that time, it will be even more crazy preparation before the trial opens. It will not be easy, so, this is your only chance to back out." His second aunt spoke after careful consideration. She wanted to give him an opportunity to live a normal life if he wished.

Though she wasn't his mother, she too found him lovable the moment she saw him. And with his innocent and pure attitude, maybe the normal life may be the better choice for him. But no matter what he chose, she and the family would be behind him the entire way.

To Li Fuji, this was somewhat in his range of expectations. But when he heard and saw how serious and solemn his usually cheerful aunt was, he knew that there must be many difficulties and hardships behind this path.

But for him, he knew that there was only one way for him. Ever since he got what he asked for, he promised himself to do everything he could to create destiny with his own hands. To save, to protect, and to love. For that and more, he was willing to walk down this path of hardship. There was no such thing a failing anymore, as he must succeed.

"No auntie, I won't back down. Ever since the attempt on my life, I promised myself that I would grab destiny by its tail and take hold of my own life. I will save mom, protect those I love, both new and old. *in a softer voice...* As well as to get the girl of my dreams.... *normal voice* I will face any hardships!" Li Fuji declared at that moment his conviction.

Seeing how serious he was, everyone was flabbergasted. He seemed to be such the quiet type, even Butler Wang has never heard the young master speak in such a loud voice. But they all snickered as they heard his low whisper. Li Yin even laughed and teased him after he finished.

"Haha, elder brother, we all know it's for Mei Hua, there's no need to be shy. You're such a romanticist."

Li Fuji's face began to turn red as he heard his cousin mention Mei Hua. But they all just soon laughed it off and began to eat their dinner. Afterwards, they all headed to their respective rooms and headed to bed soon after.

'I must succeed. This is the first step in saving mom, I cannot fail. This time, I will be strong enough to save mom and protect my family. Then...maybe even win Mei Hua's heart...*sigh* That would be the life...' With that, Li Fuji also fell asleep.

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