17 S Grade Nutrient Liquid
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Author :ImYoona
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17 S Grade Nutrient Liquid

Thinking he would just come to make sure his cousin was okay, Li Fuji came unguarded. He wouldn't have thought that she would ask him about Mei Hua. Though he wasn't dating her, he truly wished that she was his girlfriend. But how should he answer her question? Should he tell her that they've never even really spoken to one another before? Or that he was just another one of those creeps that just watched and gawked from afar.

"Look at you, I've only mentioned about her for a little bit and you're already speechless. Looks like she's got you wrapped around her finger cousin. I didn't think that you were already taken. You are quite the sly one. You acting all uncomfortable and stuff around your cousins."

Knowing that he shouldn't lie to his little cousin, especially when they've only just met, Li Fuji spoke up and said, "Uhmm, I...To be honest little sister Yin, I really don't have a girlfriend. Mei Hua is only a classmate of mine, but I really do like her. It's just, I don't know how to approach her or even strike a conversation with her. What if she's not interested in me or what if she does talk to me but she doesn't like me in that kind of way.

So, I've just been silently admiring her from afar. Also, since I've already told you this, I guess I also have to say that I wanted to get into gaming because of her too. Though she is only one of the main reasons why...*Sigh* You probably think I'm really useless and disgusting, huh?" After saying all that, Li Fuji lowered his head and looked dejected.

As Li Fuji finished, Li Yin began to roll around on her bed and laugh uncontrollably. After a short while, she stopped and wiped the bits of tears from the side of her eyes. Looking up, she saw that her cousin was still looking so dejected. Seeing that, she almost began to laugh again.

But she thought that her elder cousin was just too cute! He was so innocent and fluffy. Seeing him looking so dejected, she said, "You don't need to feel so down elder brother Fuji, I laughed because you are just too cute! If only the boys at my school were as thoughtful as you, I would have already found a boyfriend.

Also if I were to be completely honest, us sisters thought that you were the type to have a harem under your wings since you're so good looking. But it seems that you're so thoughtful and innocent. You really are the perfect man!

Though now that I know why you want to start getting into gaming, I am more fired up than before. This is all the more to make sure that you are one of the best. It will be hard, but I know you can do it. Us sisters (his other cousins) will help you all the way! We will game ourselves a sister-in-law."

Hearing his cousin say such things, Li Fuji felt very emotional. One must remember that Li Fuji never really had any family with him growing up, so he never had the familial support that one would usually have. Yet he still was able to grow and become such an understanding young man.

He truly felt the warmth of a family and truly felt blessed. Maybe this Fang Ling's mistake was truly a blessing in disguise. If it weren't for him, would he have been able to meet all these caring people? Would he have been able to see that so many people cared and loved him? Would he have learned about his mother's disappearance or who he really was? But to him most importantly, was his chance to see that he needed to seize the day and rise up.

He wasn't going to be one of those losers who sat in the corner waiting for some random chance lady fortune would smile on him, he would grab that chance himself. Saving his mom, protecting his family, and getting the love of his dreams.

Back downstairs, Li Fuji's aunt finally made the call after waiting for a while. With the help of the old man, it was a smooth process to get the S grade nutrient liquid for her nephew. She knew that with the nutrient liquid, it would help his training.

The liquid should also arrive with his new VR pods tomorrow. He would also be told of his full training plan as well, and what the training was. For now, it was time for dinner.

Hearing the gathering call of his second aunt, everyone came down for dinner. As they were in the midst of eating, his aunt said, "Fuji'er, tomorrow, your VR pod will arrive. Your grandfather was able to get you some S grade nutrient liquid. It will help in conjunction with your training for the test."

Hearing that her grandfather was able to get her cousin some S grade nutrient liquid, Li Yin was shocked. Nutrient liquid was made available to all people, regardless of status or money. But what differed, were the grades.

One might be able to buy nutrient liquid, but that didn't mean one could get one's hands on S grade ones. Nutrient liquids ranges from F grade to SSS grade. For upper class folks, they could only purchase up to A grade freely. For S grade, one had to have certain security clearance and government approval. As for SS and SSS grade liquid, that was something that maybe only contractors or rankers could buy.

"Wow! You're so lucky elder brother Fuji. Grandpa actually was able to get you S grade nutrient liquid!"

"S grade? Nutrient liquid? What's that? I can share with you if you want little sister Yin."

Hearing that, Li Yin's eyes lit up, but she looked at her mom for approval. Since she knew that S grade nutrient liquid was not something cheap or common. But her mom seemed to be thinking about something at the moment.

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