16 Settled
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Author :ImYoona
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16 Settled

Seeing the nervous looks on the three people's faces, Li Fuji said, "You can leave now. I don't expect for you pay for what your son did, but I also want to remind you to act with prudence. Your son would not have acted with extreme arrogance and view the world as his footstool if he were raised with morals. That's all, I hope we do not cross paths again."

As he pardoned them, the three endlessly thanked him and bowed as they quickly left the room. With the matter having been settled, there was no need to stay at the hotel any longer. The four of them left and headed back home.

"Fuji'er, are you okay?"

"Yes, second aunt. I'm fine, I just didn't expect for him to have targeted me because of such a reason. Even though I know of the reason now, it still makes no sense to me. How does his reasoning make any sense. But all in all, I should be the one to say sorry to you and cousin Yin. I'm truly sorry she had to hear such degenerate things."

"Fuji'er, you have to understand that not everyone in this world utilizes what is in their head. As harsh as that is, that is reality. Some people don't really think, and even when they do, it's as if they got their upbringing from a rock.

They don't have any common sense and their very actions are just something that can be said to be the byproduct of trash. Thus, you can just see it as trash doing what trash does, stink up the place. Though I do wish to talk more about this Mei Hua, but only when you're ready.

As for your cousin, she is fine. Such a thing will not cause her to feel depressed or anything. It was just simply disgusting, but nothing more than fart passing by. So you don't have to say sorry or feel bad, you can't control fart."

Hearing his aunt say that, it made Li Fuji feel really warm inside. But he knew if he were to say something about Mei Hua, his family would surely do something. Even though he hasn't really known this new family of his for long. He knew that they were people who truly cared for and loved him.

After the two chatted a bit, Li Fuji headed up to Li Yin's room to check up on her, just to make sure that she was okay. While he did that, Wei Fang (2nd aunt) made a call, "Hello, yes. No, he's fine, he's adjusting well to his new home. I'm calling because something came up at the hotel today."

On the other side of the phone was the old man, "That's good. I was afraid that he would have some trouble adjusting. So, what happened that you had to call?"

"Well, though their were some little problems. Fuji'er was able to handle it well. I helped him tie the knots but he was able to be level headed throughout most of it. Except for when a certain person was brought up."

"Oh? Who is this person, to cause Fuji'er to lose his cool." Everyone knew that Li Fuji could keep a cool head, as even after the attempt on his life, he just brushed it off. As if nothing happened.

"It's a girl named Mei Hua. Has older brother-in-law mention anything about a love interest of Fuji'er's to you?"

"A girl? Hmm... I see. No he hasn't, I doubt that dolt even knows his son likes someone. But I guess it now falls onto me to make sure he doesn't get cheated."

"No father, let me handle this. You're going to go overboard and ruin it for the little ones. Plus, from what I know so far, he hasn't even really interacted or spoken to the girl."

"I never get to do anything these days. Fine, you have the family's support. Do what you must and dig up some information on the girl and her family. I don't wish to see any ties to "that place" if there is...You know what, I'm thinking too much. Just do a sweep of that girl's background."

"I know what to do father, also, Fuji'er has gotten his VR pod today. I'll need your approval to get a few batches of S grade nutrient liquid for Fuji'er."

"Very well, a small matter. I will make the call, wait 30 minutes and call for confirmation. If anything, they should arrive tomorrow. Well, if there's nothing else, I will go now."

"Great, I will see to it then. We will see you this weekend."

After informing the old man about Li Fuji's love interest, Wei Fang (2nd aunt) made a phone call to have one of the family's intelligence agents do a background check on Mei Hua and her family. She then waited before calling for the nutrient liquid for Li Fuji.

Meanwhile, Li Fuji was upstairs in Li Yin's room. It was a first for him, he had never been in a girl's room in his life. Even back when his sister still lived together with him, they shared a room together as they were still young.

A girl's room was truly different, it had some ethereal feeling to it and for some reason, it smelled like fruit. It was really nice. Though the room was like some super hyped pink room with stuffed animals all over. It was actually quite simple and only had one teddy bear, which was on the bed.

"Sorry about today little sister Yin. I didn't expect for that guy to sprout such things."

"It's okay big brother Fuji, you couldn't have known. Also, I just thought of him like fleeting wind after a bit. Lets not talk about this guy anymore, can we talk about your girlfriend? I thought you didn't have one?"

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