15 Why? Pt.2
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Author :ImYoona
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15 Why? Pt.2

Li Fuji has once again arrived at Phoenix Ash Hotel, as they arrived, they were ushered into their private box. In the meantime, Li Fuji's aunt asked some men to go see how Fang Ling's condition was. Meanwhile, their snacks and tea was served.

After a bit, a knock was heard on the door. In came a fairly aged doctor. Seeing that the four were sipping their tea, he bowed slightly and spoke, "I hope I am not disturbing your rest. But as I have an update on the boy's condition, I felt like it was prudent to make haste and inform madam about the status update."

"No worries Doctor Huang, you are not disturbing at all. May I ask if the boy is capable to speech now?" Second aunt asked.

"Responding to madam, the boy should be able to speak perfectly fine now. We had some trouble yesterday as he was first in a daze. But as he slowly snapped out of it, he threw an angry fit. Declaring that he was king and that something Ji was nothing more than some worthless corner hugging worm. Though, we had some measures taken and he no longer sprouted such things."

"Very good. Then I will have to ask Doctor Huang to please bring the boy and his family here."

As he got his orders from Li Fuji's second aunt, he took his leave to bring the four over. Li Fuji was very calm, as if this was nothing more than passing wind to him. In all truth if one were to say that Li Fuji was not mad, or wanted to get at Fang Ling, that would be crazy. But after what he went through, he felt that there was no need to get himself involved in some lowlife who was below him. There were more pressing things he'd rather focus on.

Shortly after, the family of four one again arrived before Li Fuji. As they entered, the four were quite cautious as they were afraid of getting on that man's nerves, yet he was no where to be seen. Though they did not let their guards down, as they knew that even without that man, there were plenty of his people here to deal with them.

Looking up, they saw two women, one young and one more old. Seemingly like a mother and daughter, along with another middle aged male by their side. Of course, Li Fuji was also still present. Though as Fang Ling looked up, one could see a trace of anger in his eyes and arrogance in his eyes as he saw Li Fuji.

But as he continued his scan and his eyes landed on Li Yin, he was instantly aroused. A great sense of lust and desire to make her his plaything grew deep within. He momentarily forgot where he was and proclaimed, "You there, I will allow you the chance to bear my child. If you do so, I will guarantee you that I can make you more satisfied that that piece of trash can. How long can he last? Trash like Li Fuji probably can't even make you moan, but I can fulfill your desires. I can also give you a rich and full life. How about it?"

As he arrogantly proclaimed such a thing, there were many different expressions going on. On one side, the Fang family, their faces went from nervous to ashen in a matter of seconds. They couldn't believe their son said such a thing. Did he not remember where he was, or even that he was already deep in mud?

Then on the Li Clan's side, Li Yin's face was bright red. Not from shame or shyness, but from anger and also disgust. She truly wished to have someone rip the tongue out of that degenerate's mouth. Of course, Li Fuji's second aunt was also not one to be provoked. She was trembling in anger.

She was raging inside, yet she knew she had to control herself. Her nephew was in charge of this matter, but once his side of the coin was polished, she would make sure to deal with that brat. To dare say such vulgar things to her daughter in front of her. He was tired of living.

The guards, even Butler Wang was shocked. They had never seen someone been so audacious in front of anyone from the Li Clan. Especially when they know who the Li Clan was. They were all wondering if this boy had been dropped everyday of his life before the age of three. That would be the only reason to explain his stupidity.

Li Fuji too was shocked, but more so he felt repulsed by Fang Ling. As such he didn't want to drag this matter on any longer, "Fang Ling, are you now able to think like and person and speak today? I am certain our doctors were able to cure you? Since you seemed to have been able to speak fine just now." He coldly said.

"Haha, I never expected trash like you to help me. I guess I have to thank you for helping me recover from my senses. It seems like yesterday was just a slight nightmare. I knew you couldn't be anything more than trash. So, how much did you pay to hire that actor yesterday?"

Glaring at him Li Fuji responded, "There is no need to talk to simpleton who cannot face reality. I hope you can answer my question, as I do not wish to resort to other means. Now, why did you order a hit on my life?"

"Haha, Truly a dog barking. I will answer as I don't know how you escaped, but you won't live for long. I will make sure to get you next time. Consider this answer as a replacement for your last meal. I called for a hit on you because you dare to look at my woman! Mei Hua is mine, how could I allow a piece of trash like you to look at her.

Hmph, don't think I couldn't tell that you have feelings for her. Of course, you're too much of a loser to go and do anything. Even then, out of everyone who likes her, you hold the most threat. Thus, the best way to handle this was to make sure you were out of the picture, forever."

As he was speaking his family were slumped, kneeling on the floor. Was he crazy, this brat was going to get his family killed. Fang Ling's father was the most shaken. Second chance? You want to give a direct family member of one of the four titans a second chance? You must be truly crazy. There were many regrets going through his head.

Hearing his explanation, Li Fuji then coldly laughed, "Haha. Good, very good. It seems like it was for that reason. I have never crossed paths with you nor offended you. And even if I liked Mei Hua, it is none of your business. Who are you to act like some kind of person who can decide who Mei Hua can or cannot love.

I was planning on letting this issue slide with just knowing why you wanted to take my life. But it seems like scum like you will hurt others if let go. Plus, even if I don't do anything for my matter, there is the matter of my cousin. I don't know if you are stupid or if your arrogance made your brain turn to mush.

It seems like you forget who you are talking to. So, I will give you a nice reminder. Uncle Wang, could you please?"

Though Li Fuji was not a killed, but everyone had their reverse scales. And one of Li Fuji's reverse scales, was Mei Hua. To treat her like some object he can just buy or control, blew Li Fuji's top.

Hearing his young master's orders, he dashed forward and broke both of Fang Ling's legs. His family dared not to speak a word or make a sound. In honesty, they had given up on him. With his attitude, he would bring danger to everyone in his family sooner or later.

Having his legs broken, Fang Ling howled in pain as he glared at Li Fuji. "You won't away with this! I will make you pay!"

Seeing his broken and sorry state, Li Fuji felt sick and as he got what he wanted to know, there was no need for Fang Ling to be here anymore.

Looking at her nephew Wei Fang (2nd aunt) knew it was hard for a boy like Fuji'er to have made such a call. So, seeing his hesitations and moments of unease, she ordered, "Men, take this deranged buffoon away from my sight! I do not wish to hear the name of Fang Ling again. Dispose of him neatly."

With that, the men in black took Fang Ling and his legs away to God knows where. As for the rest of the Fang family, they were now trembling in fear. They held onto the hope of not being implicated, as they knew nothing about this issue and were truly innocent.

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