14 New Home
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Author :ImYoona
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14 New Home

After a fair drive, the three arrived at their next stop. Li Fuji's new home. The house was quite big, but it looked very comfy and welcoming due to all the fauna and floras around. Alighting from the car, Li Fuji saw his Uncle Wang talking to a small group of men.

After seeing the men walk away, he walked over to see if his Uncle was okay. He hadn't seen him since yesterday's incident. Seeing the young master walk to him, Butler Wang smiled as he said, "Young master, it is good to see you again! I heard that you made a trip to the ancestral home. I hope that it went well?"

"It is good to see you too Uncle Wang, thank you very much for yesterday. Yes, it did go well yesterday. Everyone was very nice and I got to meet a lot of my family."

"It is my duty to make sure you are safe, I am actually very sorry that I was not fully aware of the situation. But it is very good to hear that you had a good time, young master."

Not too long after, the two women walked towards the young boy and older man. Seeing Li Fuji's second aunt and cousin approach, Butler Wang slightly bowed and said, "Greetings madam, young miss."

"There's no need for such things here Butler Wang. Since Fuji'er calls you his uncle. just treat this place as your own as well. I assume that you have already assigned the men to their jobs?" Li Fuji's second aunt asked.

"Yes, ma'am. They have been given their orders and will be out of sight unless something arises."

"Very well. You are as efficient as always Butler Wang. Let us head inside and get Fuji'er situated. We will head to Phoenix Ash Hotel after lunch. I will have some people prepare our room and some snacks when we get there."

As his second aunt and Butler Wang finished speaking, the four then headed into the house. It was nice that the house didn't have any tall gates or anything too excessive. Though there were security cameras, but that was to be expected.

Entering the house, everything was very green. Of course, not literally the color green. Just in the sense that there were plants and nice flora around. The decorations were very nice and simple. It seemed liked the Li Clan truly was a part of Yggdrasil. Almost everything had a touch of nature to it. Of course there were little Taurus totems in every room, but it didn't take up any more space than a water bottle.

After moving his things into his new room, Li Fuji took some time organize everything. 'Wow, this is not that different from my old house. Except for the size and maybe some decorations, everything seems the same. My room is also very big and comfy. I wished I could live like this with my family one day.'

With an hour's worth of reorganizing and taking a little dip, Li Fuji finally felt refreshed from all that shopping. Not too long after he laid down on his bed, he heard a knock on his door. "Come in, it's not locked."

Seeing his still damp hair and new clothes, Li Yin was brought back to the scene at the clothes store. He truly was like a sweet candy apple, some lucky girl would have him all to herself. But that wasn't what she was here for.

"It seems like you are adjusting pretty well to your new home cousin. I was worrying that you would be a little uncomfortable."

"I thought so too initially, but I don't know, it just doesn't feel too far away from what I am used to. Plus, I haven't really been "home" for a while." To Li Fuji, without his mom, dad, and sister, nowhere was truly home to him.

Seeing her cousin's melancholy expression. Li Yin decided to change the subject, "That's good. Umm, I actually came to talk about Chaos Legacy. Since your VR pod won't be arriving till tomorrow. This gives me some time to run the basics over with you a bit. I don't know if you've gamed before?"

"Oh, yes, that would be great. I don't really know too much about Chaos Legacy. Though I did look up some general information on it as I was on may way to the ancestral home yesterday. It seemed pretty interesting. If anything, like we kind if discussed, I will probably go with the fighter class. I also have gamed before, just nothing too major. Mainly just mobile games and some small time computer gaming."

"That's great, so you know a bit about the game already. In that case, I won't have to talk much. Chaos Legacy is like any game, all players no matter what class, will start at the starter's village. There, they will start on there gaming journey. Players will be able accept quests and level up. There aren't any dungeons at the starter's village. Mainly it's just quests, farming experience, or if you are lucky, you might encounter a Wild Boss.

Besides from your average monster bosses, there are low chance of encountering a Wild Boss. Wild Bosses mainly drop rare items for lifestyle side jobs such as blacksmith, pharmacy, and cooking. They also have a very low chance of dropping certain instance keys, treasure maps, and guild orders.

Once a player reached level 10, they are then able to transfer to one of four main cities. Phoenix City, Dragonford City, Blackwater City, or Wintervale City. But we have yet to get there ourselves, so once you catch up, we can level together and transfer to the same city. Maybe we can even start our own guild!

Though that should be it, everything else is pretty straight forward. Quests are pretty much your average do what is stated and you get rewarded. All the other small things, you will find our yourself in-game. Starting gear is your average beginner's stuff. Other than that, you should be set for tomorrow."

After explaining to Li Fuji the go abouts of the Chaos Legacy, the two then went off and did their own things before lunch. As lunch time soon closed in, Butler Wang called everyone down to eat. With their afternoon meal taken cared of, they got ready to leave for Phoenix Ash Hotel.

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