13 At the Mall
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Author :ImYoona
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13 At the Mall

One would probably have to say that Li Fuji is quite intelligent, except in certain areas. One of them being that he had no idea what handsome and good looks meant. If he were to saying he wasn't one of such, than all those people who were truly not good looking would probably have to be considered trash.

Thinking that he should probably change quickly, since he probably didn't suit the clothes, he hurriedly turned around and headed back into the changing room. But as soon as he began to walk back in, the three unconsciously yelled, "Stop!"

They had yet to get their fill of handsome. How could they allow such a fine specimen to just walk away. Hearing them yell, Li Fuji stopped and turned around, awaiting their harsh criticism. But he got something else instead.

At this time, Li Yin was the first to awake from her stupor and said to the sales clerk, "We will take everything once he finishes trying them on. We hope to let him try it on first, just so we can see how he looks in them, just in case it doesn't fit well."

The teenage girl shamelessly said such a thing but didn't even bat an eye. It seemed like the allure that Li Fuji brought was not something to joke about. But the sales clerk also didn't say anything as she just nodded furiously in agreement.

At this point, she didn't even care about the bonus anymore. She'd rather stare at this handsome boy instead. So, they gave him the rest of the already picked out outfits for him to continue to try on.

Outfit after outfit, was going on and off. But as Li Fuji was doing so, a small crowd had already gathered to watch the free eye candy show. They were just mainly girls and older women who needed some sweetness in their life. And that sweetness was fulfilled by Lu Fuji today.

As he was done trying on all the outfits that had been picked out for him, Li Fuji felt like he had just ran a marathon. It was the most exhausting thing he had ever done. Stepping out from the changing room with his own clothes on, he was shocked to see that there were so many people in the store.

He could have sworn that there wasn't that many people here before. Then again, he had never been to the mall before, so this was probably high tides for the store. When the people just came in. So, he just slowly walked to his aunt and cousin like nothing was out of the ordinary.

By the time he walked over, the two had already gotten over their stupor and was just astounded at how clothes could really change a person. They then all headed to the register to pay for all the clothes Li Fuji had tried on. With this, he wouldn't have to go clothes shopping for a long time. And thank goodness for that, as he did not want to go through that again.

Though seeing all that they had bought, Li Fuji wasn't sure if they could carry it all back to their car. So he asked, "Auntie, would you like me to bring a few bags back to the car first? It would be easier for us to travel."

Hearing what her nephew said, she laughed, "Haha, there's no need Fuji'er. They have servicemen here at the mall to help with things like this. You can just ask any sales clerk to call one to help bring out stuff to the car. Usually one would have to tag along to put stuff away, but since out driver is waiting, he knows what to do."

Li Fuji thought that this was very thoughtful of the mall owners. Doing such a nice thing for their customers, but then again, less bags means more spending so, in the end they still win.

After making sure all their purchases so far were accounted for, they then headed off to their last destination. The VR store. As they arrived, Li Fuji was astounded once again. But this time, at the amazing technology that was around him. It was unreal.

Seeing how amazed Li Fuji was, his cousin once again woke him from his daze with a slight nudge. Then brought him over to the counter, to where the sales clerk was.

Seeing the three approach, he asked, "How may I help you?"

"Could you allow us to see the current selection of VR pods available please." Li Yin replied.

"Certainly." It seems like another sales clerk was going to get another bonus today. He then pulled a chrome plated book out from under the counter. "In here, you will find our current selection of VR pods. They are the best in the country, you won't find any other place with better quality or style."

With that, Li Yin handed the book over to Li Fuji to peruse. He finally saw a VR pod that caught his eye. It was a limited edition VR pod, with only two ever having been made. Though it was not sold in singles, rather, it was a set. Thus, one would be getting two pods. Of course, it wasn't like paying for one and getting two. It was more like paying for 10 and getting 2.

Seeing that Li Fuji seemed interested in that certain VR pod, the sales clerk took this opportunity to explain, "It seems that you are interested in one of our limited edition VR pods. The name of this VR pod is the Ark of Gaia. It is the first and perhaps, the only of its kind. A duo pod. This pod allows its partner to sense and locate its counterpart in the virtual world instantly.

It doesn't matter what game you are playing. The function of these pods will allow for the knowledge of the location of its hosts. To many, it may not seem like much, but it is quite a feature for those who know how to utilize it well."

Li Fuji was shocked. He understood what this man meant. If one of the two were to stumble into a rare map or even a dungeon of sorts, he would be able to locate that person and vice versa. They would then be able to find a method to help one another. But Li Fuji had better plans for this. He was hoping to play with the girl of his dream.

Thus, without needing any other introduction, he immediately purchased the Ark of Gaia. The pod would be sent to his new home by tomorrow. They did guarantee the best product, and of course, best shipping as well.

With the last item on their list having been marked off, they finally headed home. And for Li Fuji, this was a new home and new everything for him.

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