12 To the Mall
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Author :ImYoona
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12 To the Mall

That night, as Li Fuji lied on his bed, he couldn't help but think about what had transpired today. It was like her was Hercules and was all of a sudden given the weight of the world to carry on his shoulders. He couldn't digest all that happened today.

He has heard of making a wish on a shooting star, but everyone knows that it was just something to do for fun. Nothing really comes true, like making a wish when you blow out your birthday cake. But he never imagined that he would really get a second chance.

Now that he thinks about it, he was nothing more than a human computer. You don't work and keep dying on me? I will just restore you or just buy a new one. Though to Li Fuji, he feels like he wasted his opportunity.

If he was going to get a second chance at life no matter what, he should have at least made something of himself and then get reborn. You never know when you'd get killed by a car or some crazy jealous maniac.

Though he wasn't going to dwell over this, there wasn't anymore time. A few years is all he had to train, become the best gamer, and save his mom. Of course there was the issue of the trial and stuff, and to get his little lover, but that alone just comes to show how there really wasn't much time.

'*Sigh, I really hope that I can pull all this off. I've never really played games for the purpose of becoming a ranked gamer or to save the world or anything. But, this isn't something I can turn back from. For my mom, me, and my new big family, I have to do what needs to be done!'

With that, he closed his eyes. Knowing that tomorrow would be another full day, he needed to get some rest to tackled what was waiting for him.

The next morning, everyone gathered for breakfast before heading off to their own matters. In Li Fuji's case, he was currently sitting on yet another limo with his second aunt and his cousin Li Yin. It seemed that the Li Clan liked limos quite a lot. Everyone in the family seemed to have one. There was a whole fleet of them just now to pick everyone up. It was quite the sight.

"Fuji'er, before we head home, we're going to stop by Rising Sun Mall to get you some new necessities. I know you weren't able to take anything with you. So we will go to get your some clothes and things, and I heard you were going to get into becoming a gamer so we will also stop to get a VR pod for you." His second aunt said.

"Thank you second aunt. I almost forgot that I didn't have anything with me. Sorry for the troubles."

"No, no. We are family now so don't feel like you are burdening us. I'm going to treat you like my son, so you can just see me as your second mom. Okay?"

Not knowing what to say, Li Fuji went silent for awhile until his cousin slightly elbowed him to tell him to say okay. He then realized that he had yet to reply and said, "Okay. Thank you auntie."

The car soon pulled up to a gorgeous looking building. The front of it was fulled with such lush plants and flowers, it was like one was entering an arboretum. It was simply stunning. Seeing that her cousin was standing their with his mouth open, she nudged him and asked, "Brother Fuji, have you never been to the Rising Sun Mall before?"

Shaking his head furiously as he was still drowned in the beauty of what was before him, he replied, "Nuh uh, I never really liked to go out. Especially the mall, I never felt the need to. If I ever needed anything, Uncle Wang would take care of it for me. So, this is definitely my first time here or rather, my first mall trip ever."

"Hehe, I will try to make a good first time experience for you then. We'll head off to buy some daily necessities then go to buy your clothes. After that, we'll stop by the VR store to check out the VR pod for you." Li Wei excitedly said.

After purchasing quite a bit of daily necessities, the three then headed to H store to buy some clothes for Li Fuji. This was probably the highlight of their day. As Li Fuji had such a nice figure, picking out clothes for him would be really fun.

Walking in, Li Yin spoke to one of the saleswomen, "Miss, could I get one set of each style that is in for teenage men currently?"

With that, the sales clerk began to work like today was her last. Seeing that today might be her big bonus day, she made sure to satisfy here guests'. As she finished gathering the clothes, she carefully handed them over to Li Yin.

Who then handed the first set of clothes to try on to Li Fuji. As he stepped into the changing room to change into his new outfit, all were waiting outside to see how he would look with new clothes. He normally just wore a white tee with some jeans and a hoodie.

The store clerk went to get clothes from casual to semi-formal to even formal, this store had almost everything you could possibly need to buy when it came to men's clothes. Of course, that was also why it was popular aside from its brand name.

Knowing that there really was no point in arguing when a woman picked out your clothes, Li Fuji just went with what he was given and as he stepped out, he could see that mouths were open agape. He thought to himself, 'Do I really look that bad? I know I'm not good looking, but there's no need for such a reaction, right?'

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