11 Plans Pt.2
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Author :ImYoona
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11 Plans Pt.2

With that having been spoken of, they finally moved on to what seemed to have been the true purpose of this whole conversation. "Wei'er, when are you going to bring Xia'er home? Or will you let her stay at that place a bit longer to train?" The old man asked.

"I was planning on bringing her back once Fuji'er's matter is taken cared of. I also plan on training Fuji'er as well. As he is now brought into this world and the Zhu Clan has announced for a contractor's trial, he must participate. As the son of my wife, he is the one with the most rights to take part in this trial."

"*Sigh*, I was planning on retiring early. Thinking that since you had brought Fuji'er here, I could hand over my helm to him. Seems like I was too excited, perhaps in a few years we will also need to hold a trial for the new contractor of the Taurus gate as well. You all know, I am not that young any more." Li Jiao (3rd aunt) sadly stated.

"We will talk about that matter at a later time Jiao'er. You have done well these past few years, and no matter what, you are younger than this old bag of bones. But Wei'er, are you sure you wish to truly train him? We must hold a test to see his abilities and his talent. After that, we will speak of his trials later." The old man spoke in reply.

"I assume that we will all want to be there for his test, but let me remind everyone that Fuji'er is still a bit awkward around us. So, I suggest we give him two weeks to get used to everyone and to interact with us more before administering his test.

I doubt you have found a place for your son to stay at yet. So he can just temporarily stay with my family. Plus, we can come here on the weekends so he can mingle with his mom and dad too. You will probably be busy with "that" as the chairman and your field marshall work, so it won't be too bad for Fuji'er to stay with us.

Plus, it seems like Yin'er is quite interested in this male cousin of hers. Thus. it will be an interesting couple of days. Not to mention, he can get used to more people around his age, instead of staying home alone. That Uncle Wang of his can also stay with us as well, there are plenty of guests rooms." At that moment, Li Fuji's second aunt spoke up, suggesting that he should stay with them.

Well, it wasn't anything strange as no one else had a son and she had wished she had a chance to take care of a son. In addition, Li Fuji just seemed so innocent and cute, and with his handsome face, anyone there would have loved to care for him as his mother.

"No fair! Sister-in-law, you jumped the gun. Did we not promise that we would ask Fuji'er for his opinion? How could you jump the gun like this." Saying this, Li Jiao pouted, it was quite rare a sight. But that explains Li Lian's attitude and way of speaking. It seems that the apple truly did not fall far from the tree.

"Haha, look at you all, fighting over the poor child. Okay, since it does seem that Yin'er is a bit close to Fuji'er, he can stay at your place Feng'er. Is that okay with you Wei'er?" The old man asked.

"Well, I will be busy, so that's fine. But I do request for second brother and fourth brother's help with "that". With their help, I should be able to speed things up a bit and return home in time for Fuji'er's test by then."

"Very well. Haha, you took both the "Fengs". But you two shall assist your elder brother on "that", then return for the test. Besides that, this meeting is now over. Ladies, please go prepare the snacks for the kids as they return. We will all gather for a little bite before bed." The old woman spoke.

As everyone went off to do their little things before gathering for late snack time, the ladies began bickering with one another about taking care of Li Fuji. Especially the quite Li Qing (4th aunt). She seemed so quite, yet was the most threatening when the meeting was adjourned. It seems she took after the old woman the most. One must not judge a book by its cover.

Not too long after, the family once again gather together, but this time they were in the great dining hall. Little plates of pancakes and sweets were laid on the table. As everyone sat down, tea was being served to the adults while the kids asked for some juice/soda.

When everyone was situated, the old man announced, "After some discussion, Fuji'er, your test will be held in two weeks. During this time, you can get to know your new family some more and also it will give you a chance to understand a bit more of who we are.

During this time, because you dad and some of your uncles will be on a business trip, you will be staying with your second aunt and Yin'er. You don't have to worry about anything, just treat it as you were at your own home. You dad and uncles will be back in time to witness you test. Your Uncle Wang will also be staying with you so you don't have to be anxious."

"That's right Fuji'er, just treat it like your own home. I've always wanted to have a son, so just go ahead and treat it like you would your own house." His second aunt said.

Looking to his dad for some advice, the man just simply smiled and nodded. With that Li Fuji said, "Since the adults have decided so, Fuji'er will comply. I hope second uncle, aunt, and sister Yin doesn't mind my intrusion."

"Haha, not at all Fuji'er, you will make our home more lively. I will not be present, but make yourself at home." His second uncle said.

As they chattered about, the girls were making plans and talking about how Li Yin should guide Li Fuji in playing Chaos Legacy. As well as to find out about his love life. In the meantime, Li Wei was thinking how this would be a good chance for his son.

He hasn't been with others since his mom went missing, so this would be a good chance for him to slowly get used to being around others. And to help him become more comfortable with his new family.

As they were chatting Li Wei remembered something important, "Wei Fang, I will have to bother you to send him to the Phoenix Ash Hotel tomorrow. He has his matter to take care of. The doctors should have fixed that kid up by now. If not...hmph!"

As Li Wei brought up Li Fuji's matter again, the room once more became very cold and oppressed. But the adults knew to control themselves this time since the kids were present. But the girls knew that something was the matter, yet they knew better than to ask when it wasn't the right time yet. So they gave Li Yin the look to find out more and then update them.

"Hmm, Fang'er, if that kid can't talk, you can order our men to make sure he won't need to worry about what to wear tomorrow. The same for his family." The old woman said.

"Of course mother, I know what I should do. The matter will end in one way or another." His second aunt replied.

With that, everyone headed off to their rooms for the night and went to bed.

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