10 Plans Pt.1
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Author :ImYoona
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10 Plans Pt.1

Heading off the the pavilion, Li Fuji felt a bit weird. He was not used to being around so many girls, heck, he hasn't even hung around one girl before. At least, not besides his sister. But it has been a long time since he's seen her as well.

Having walked for a bit, the lot of them soon arrived at a beautiful pavilion. Beautiful flowers were in bloom, even the rare Ice Lilies were seen in abundance all over. There was a little stream running underneath the pavilion itself, with huge amount of koi fishes in all sorts of colors and sizes swimming around. It truly was a sight to behold.

If one didn't know any better, they would've thought that they wandered into some fantasy land. It was like something that came out of a Disney movie. As the four of them arrived, they sat down around a round table, and were soon brought some tea and snacks.

Not knowing where to look, and feeling a bit embarrassed, Li Fuji avoided eye contact and kept looking at the beautiful Ice Lilies. After a few moments, Li Yin spoke up, " Ummm, elder cousin, what is your day normally like?"

As Li Yin spoke, Li Fuji was brought back to the girls around him. Hearing her call him elder cousin felt really weird, he was never called as such before. So he didn't quite know how to react. In addition to the fact that he didn't really know these female cousins of his, he never really interacted with other girls his age.

"Please, just call me Fuji like my friends do, elder cousin sounds a bit weird to me."

Hearing that, the girls giggled, "Okay brother Fuji, we just didn't know how to address you, and that was the most proper way to do so." Li Yin responded. It seems her cousin was quite easy going.

"Hm, my life is not that interesting. Just your very average teenage life. Besides going to school, I don't really affiliate myself with others much. I tend to stay home to keep myself busy."

"It seems like brother Fuji likes to keep to himself. Though are you seeing anyone? You have really great looks, I'm sure the girls at your school must be dying to get a piece of you." Li Rong said.

"Not like you would imagine. Because I don't really interact with others too much, I'm not that well noticed. I try to keep myself inconspicuous."

"Hehe, brother Fuji, you sound like a NEET. Except, unlike the poor and ugly ones, you are super handsome and rich." Li Lian giggled.

"Brother Fuji, don't mind Lian, she just means well. Do you have any hobbies or play any games?" Li Yin asked.

"I don't mind. I do cook, and have been looking into what game to play as of current. I have been looking into Chaos Legacy, but haven't really started yet."

"Ah! I didn't expect brother Fuji to be interested in gaming. The three of us have just started not too long ago, probably about 3-4 months now. We could help you get started if you want. Have you decided what class you'd want to play with?" Li Yin spoke. The three were really excited, thinking that their cousin also shared their interests as well.

"I'm leaning towards the fighter class, but I also really want to see what rogues can do as well. But if anything, I'll go for fighter."

"That's great! Sis Yin is a cleric, Sis Rong is ranger, and I'm a magician. If brother Fuji plays fighter, we would only need one more to make a party and go do some beginner dungeons." Li Lian excitedly piqued.

As the bunch were chatting and making plans about their meet up, and explaining some basics to Li Fuji, the adults were having a much more serious talk in the main hall. As Li Wei was the eldest and the field commander of the Li Clan, he naturally sat opposite his mother on the left side.

"Wei'er, have you told Fuji'er about our matters yet?" Unlike his joyful and playful attitude from before, the old man had on the once again serious and powerful aura from before.

"*Sigh*, father, you know that I really didn't want to bring Fuji'er into this world so soon. In fact, if it were not for the "accident" that almost befell him today, I would not have arranged for him to come here. Nor tell him about our matters. Though I have spoken to him, he knows most of what we are, and about his mother. But nothing more than that. He also has told me that he wants to get into gaming, to become a gamer."

Before the old man could even get mad and shout, his wife spoke up, "It's good that Fuji'er wants to be a gamer. In fact, if I know those girls well, they will probably pull that boy into playing with them. It also seems Fuji'er is quite awkward around girls, so this might allow him to open up a bit more and interact with others."

As she finished, the old man finally spoke with a contained rage, "You said "accident" what do you mean "accident"? Did you not arrange for him to come here because he was old enough now? Explain."

Everyone in the hall was also curious, if the old man had not pointed that out, they would have also just thought their older brother was just messing around. But the old man saw a hint of rage in his son's eyes when he mentioned the word accident. So, he knew something had happened.

"A kid who thought that because he had money, he could do anything he willed. So, when the protector I assigned Fuji'er had to step out for an errand, a group of hired hitmen tried to take his life. Luckily, Fuji'er reacted fast when he noticed that something was amiss and called for his Uncle Wang.

If not....I would have made sure blood flowed today. No one touches my son. But fortunately, his Uncle Wang was able to neutralize the threat and we found out who put a hit on Fuji'er. But the kid was sharp and figured out that his Uncle Wang couldn't have possibly traveled home and taken out those people without any sort of power.

So, I had to tell the kid who he truly was and arranged for him to come here. If not for today's incident, I would have preferred to keep him in the dark."

Hearing him speak, one could feel that the more he said, the more oppressive the room became. If one were to walk into the hall, they would have been suffocated to death. The coldness spilling out from each of the people in their was frightening, it came to show that these people all had actual power and weren't just some people with full pockets.

"Hmph! Outrageous! Who dares to have such gall in front of the heir of the Li Clan. Why did you not mobilize our men to turn those people into ashes! Such actions cannot be forgiven. Thank goodness Fuji'er is safe, otherwise...hmph!" What was surprising was that this came from the old lady of the house instead of the old man.

It was surprising how the person who seemed to be the calmest actually exploded with the most anger. It seems this is why the old man is so afraid of her and was kissing butt. But it wasn't just her, but everyone present had the same thought.

"I would have but, since Fuji'er was involved, I gave him the last call. It appeared that the person who called for the attack was a classmate of to Fuji'er. What was even more ridicukous was that the two never spoke or even crossed paths outside of their classroom. Yet, he ordered a hit on him.

Even the parents of the kid did not know he did such a thing. So, when the family was brought to me, the kid was so scared he couldn't even explain. Thus, Fuji'er had to explain what happened. In the end, all Fuji'er wanted was to know why. He felt that it didn't make any sense for someone he never spoke to, lest offend, to put a hit on him.

But the boy was so scared and shaken that he couldn't even think properly. So I had my men situate them in one of our private boxes at the Phoenix Ash Hotel and got a doctor to make sure that the boy could properly speak by tomorrow."

"Hmph! They are lucky that Fuji'er is kind hearted. If it were me, I wouldn't have even brought them in. I would just have killed them in their home." This time, Li Fuji's second uncle spoke up.

"Well, there's no longer any need to dwell over this matter. We need to increase Fuji'er's protection plan. I will also make a call to send some more renowned doctors over to make sure that boy can talk tomorrow. He was already let off the hook, if he can't explain, then there is no need for him to live any longer." The old man had finally spoken at this point.

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