8 Off to Grandfather“s House
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Author :ImYoona
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8 Off to Grandfather“s House

With that wrapped up, the father and son pair slowly finished up their dinner. As they were getting ready to leave, Li Wei spoke up, " Since the matter has been decided on, let's talk about something else. You should know that with your choice and your mom's dad, your grandfather, wanting you to participate in the trial. You will need to be trained. So, the first place you need to go now, is to visit our clan.

Your paternal grandfather, my dad, is the current clan head of the Li Clan. Hmm...I'll save the explanations for later. For now, we will get ready to head off to the clan. Looking at the time, the rest should already be there to welcome you as well."

The trip to the ancestral clan house wasn't too far away, but it wasn't that close either. On the way there, Li Fuji was figuring out what game he should focus on. Currently, the new hype was a game called Chaos Legacy.

The game takes place in a fictional plane called the Jade Sanctum. Besides from becoming the strongest, the richest, or even the most adored in the games, all players are called to ascend to Celestial Nexus and claim one of the four thrones. It is only then, that the Jade Sanctum can be freed from its constraints, and finally join the ranks of an Immortal Dominion.

It is said, when the four true kings have been crowned, the chains shall be no more. Allowing all to ascend to greater heights. Of course, this was just a game and this was just another way to keep players on playing and spenders on spending. Though gamers were at the top of society, money was still what made the world go round. As of current there were three strong guilds in existence, Broken Ancients, Twilight Chaos, and the Hellfire Sentinels.

Of the three, the Broken Ancients commanded the most power. Though as strong as they were, they were also the one who showed the most respect and humility. Of course, that didn't mean that they would simply bat an eye at every single person who wanted to climb up their legs.

One must earn his/her respect, such a thing can never truly be bought. That goes the same for power and even love. The game offered the normal five classes, fighter, magician, rogue, cleric, and ranger classes. Each with further specific class advancements, as well their hidden classes.

It can be said that Chaos Legacy is like your typically action game. Except for its new introduction of its virtual reality feature. Now, one could truly experience the fullness of gaming. With either a part set, like a head gear, bracelet, or even their simplest glasses VR gear, one could dive into the world of fantasy and magic!

For those who were more inclined to spend more, one could get a VR pod for a full body immersion, that came with nutritional fluids. Which allows for longer gaming periods at a time. It also helped with body regulations and bodily excrement needs. Though, such a thing was not cheap.

As Li Fuji was researching games on his phone, the car came to a halt. Their door was opened by the driver as the two arrived at their destination.

"Fuji'er, just treat them as family. I know you've never gotten much of an opportunity to mingle with your extended family, they love you all the same as I do."

Though he wasn't nervous or anxious before, as they arrived, Li Fuji became a bit antsy. He didn't really have any recollection of either side of his family's members. So, this was a bit awkward for him. But to become the best, meet his mother's expectation and save her, along with wooing the love of his heart, he was ready for any and all adversities.

Li Fuji replied with a simple nod and the two headed for the doors leading into the ancestral clan house. As the two got closer to the gate, Li Fuji saw two men standing at either side. Seeing Li Wei, they bowed as they opened the gates for the two, " Welcome back Master Wei, Young Master Fuji."

Hearing the guards outside, a middle aged man came rushing out with a young teenage girl following right behind. As the father and son advanced in, you could hear the middle aged man's laughter ring out, "Haha, you finally brought your son to visit us! We thought that you would hide him until he gets married. Ha, and you, you have grown so much since you were a little baby. Eldest brother, if you didn't bring him with you, we would have thought he was some intruder."

"Of course he is different now, did you expect him to remain that small and baby faced at the age of 22? I don't even know how your daughter is so beautiful and talented while you..."

Not being able to finish, the teenage girl who was trailing behind found that this was the most appropriate time to introduce herself, lest her Eldest Uncle causes a fight.

"Yin'er greets eldest uncle. I hope you have been well since we last met." As she spoke, she stole a few glances at this older cousin of hers. Silently declaring that he was quite the looker.

"Haha, Yin'er, I have been good. You once again caught me from my rambling again. Haha."

Li Fuji was shocked. Though he knew his father was different when family was around, wasn't this a bit too much of a change? He'd never seen his father laugh like this. seems like this girl was this uncle's daughter. In that, his dad really...

As the two men were cheerfully talking outside, a loud voice that carried with it a hint of longing and care rang out, " Are you two bozos going to keep my grandson outside? Get your asses in here, you have been keeping him standing out there for long enough." As his voice receded, you could still hear faint loud murmurs. ' Hmph, I've raised ungrateful sons. This old man hasn't even seen his precious grandson in a long time and they dare to keep him from me even when he's at my door.'

Hearing the loud murmur, the four outside almost lost their balance. They didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the old man. He was like a four year old throwing a tantrum for not getting his cookie.

'Hmm, I might like this family after all.' Seeing already how the family got along with one another, it brought him a sense of familial warmth that he hadn't really had for some time now.

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