7 Why? Pt.1
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Author :ImYoona
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7 Why? Pt.1

Hearing Fang Ling's outburst, Li Wei coldly hmphed. With that, the man did not wait any longer and introduced the four, "Master, these are the people that you have been looking for. If you need anything we will be outside."

Knowing that their master probably wanted to talk about so important issues, the man in black excused himself and positioned himself along with his men outside the door. After he left, Fang Ping nervously took a glance around the room before speaking up, " Sire, this lowly one is Fang Ping. May I ask for your humble name?"

"Haha, you don't seem to be afraid? Very well, my name is Li Wei. To satisfy your curiosity, I am one of the Field Marshalls under one of the four titans, Yggdrasil. You should now be able to connect the dots with that." He spat coldly.

Hearing what Li Wei said, Fang Ping trembled in terror. If he couldn't connect the dots with that much info, then he was born under a rock. To bear the Li surname and hail the title of a Field Marshall under the titan Yggdrasil, meant that this man belonged to the Li Clan. He was part of the gatekeepers of the Gate of Taurus.

Knowing who he was up against, he coldly glared at his son, wondering what this good for nothing did to have offended such a being. But as he turned his head to do so, he saw that his son seemed to have had his soul taken away from him. As such, he didn't know what it was that made that person so mad.

"Your excellency, might I ask for the purpose of our summons?"

"Oh? It seems you truly don't know what happened? Instead of letting a third party tell you, why not ask the person who can tell you in more detail? You may then learn why you have been called here."

"Your excellency must be jesting, I don't know who would know your excellency's purpose in summoning this lowly one."

"Haha, did my people not tell you that though I called upon your family, I specifically asked for you son? You may ask him why it is that you have been summoned here today." Saying so, he coldly narrowed his eyes.

Hearing that, Fang Ping turned to his son and gave him a nice slap. Of course, the first instinct of Fang Ling's mother was to protect her son, but knowing that the person before them was not someone who she could afford to provoke, she had to silently watched her precious child get hit.

"You ungrateful brat, what did you do!" Fang Ping angrily asked.

"I...I..." Not being able to comprehend how matters got blown up to such proportions, he wasn't even able to speak at the moment. How was it possible that Li Fuji survived? He should not have been able to escape from those hitmen. And wasn't his father just some lousy businessman, how did he become like some overlord?

All this was just too much for the already overloading Fang Ling who still hadn't even comprehended the first shock of the day....How was Li Fuji still alive?

*Ahem* Seeing that Fang Ling wasn't able to speak at the moment and seemed to be quite out of it, Li Fuji interjected, " Allow me. It seems that Fang Ling isn't quite in the right state of mind currently. Not too long ago, there was an attempt at my life. Now I must say that I was quite lucky to have been able to notice that something was a bit off outside today.

So, the moment I noticed that something was out of the ordinary, I called for help immediately. The people who are, I assuming, are hired hitmen, have been neutralized and interrogated. The name of the person who hired them, was your son, Fang Ling.

Now, what I am unable to comprehend, is why? Besides from having classes together, we have never crossed paths and have not stepped on either one's toes. So why the attempt on my life?"

As Li Fuji finished retelling what had occur, even in the midst of it all. One could easily see the family of four's faces go from red to green and then finally to pale white. But, not allowing for any weird remarks, Li Wei coldly said, " Now that you know why you were brought here, I assume that you know the purpose of it?"

As if a divine judgement had been decreed, knees of Fang Ling's mom buckled. While Fang Ling's sister could not even comprehend her brother's stupidity. Fang Ping on the other hand, was angry, but there was no outlet for him to release all that anger. But, more than feeling angry, he felt scared. For this was not something they could just call his friend, the chief of police for. Even if they did, he too would have to gravel at this man's feet.

Seeing that there was no other way, Fang Ping bowed deeply and trembled as he said, " Your excellency, my son is, more than just stupid. He simply is a degenerate bastard. I ask for your forgiveness. Had I known that he had such things planned, I would have broken his legs so that he would not be able to take a step out of the house."

Knowing that anymore flattery wouldn't do him any good, he stopped there. Hoping that the man before him would be lenient.

"Fuji'er, what do you think should be done? It would be simple to rid these people if you so wish."

Hearing that the rest of them all fell to the floor, the despair of death was too much for them to handle. Of course, with the exception of Fang Ling, who was still soulless as before.

"There is really no need for that, all I want is a reason why Fang Ling asked for such a thing. As I have said before, it doesn't make any sense to me? Was he coerced? Then again, that is not likely, who would coerce the son of an influential family? So, all I ask for is a reason. But it seems like now is not the adequate time, to ask anything of Fang Ling. It seems he needs some rest and medical attention."

As if a ray of light had been sent during the coldest winter, the family saw a ray of hope. Seeing that his son had decided, Li Wei called on his men outside, "Men, take them to their rooms. Bring them some food and treat them well. Afterwards, call a doctor for the boy. I want him to be able to lucidly think and speak by the time I get back the day after tomorrow."

With that, the men took the four to their room and respectfully left the father and son to their own.

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