6 Messing Up
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Author :ImYoona
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6 Messing Up

As the car pulled up in front of the hotel, you could already see two lines of people waiting outside the doors of the hotel. As if waiting to welcome an important person. The father and son duo alighted once the car pulled over near the entrance of the hotel. Stepping out, they were greeted, " Welcome Master and young master."

Shocked by the overwhelming gesture, Li Fuji could only think that this was way too much of a welcoming gesture. If anything, it felt like he was being welcomed for saving their families' lives. Seeing that his son was a bit overwhelmed, Li Wei said to him, " This hotel belongs to the Li Clan, thus most of the people here are our people. Such greetings like this is very common. You'll get used to it. Come, lets head to our room. Our guests should be hear pretty soon."

As the two continued to the entrance, they were respectfully ushered in by the group of people, led by the manager of the hotel. After a bit, they arrived in their private box. Taken to their seats, they ordered a few dishes and sent the workers away.

"So, how do like this place? It's one of our best. Not to be too arrogant, but we have the best chef in house and have the best possible service offered. You will really like the food, almost like how your mom made them."

"It is a bit colorful, but the atmosphere is welcoming, unlike those rich and pompous places I have seen. Though nothing will ever beat mom's cooking."

"I know, one day we will be reunited. For now, the food here will have to do. Our guests should be joining us momentarily."

As they were speaking, two black SUVs pulled up in front of Fang Ling's house. The family of four were having their dinner when a group of men barged through the door. The little family was shocked, there were 8 grown men in black suits surrounding their dining room. If they didn't know any better, they'd have thought that this was Men In Black.

"Who are you people? How dare you barge into our house, do you all have a death wish?!" The person who yelled at the bunch was Ying Yue, the mother of Fang Ling. Knowing that her husband was quite close to the chief of police, she was not afraid to use her voice to put these people in place.

"Hmph, you people better have a good reason for breaking down our door and disturbing our dinner. If not, I will make you regret this!" This time, the person who spoke up was the man of the house himself, Fang Ping.

"Mr. Fang, a man with such a stature of yourself should know what Stellar is, do you not?"

Hearing that word from the mouth of one of the 8 men startled Fang Ping, but he knew he had done nothing wrong. At least, nothing that should have attracted the attention of those people. But what he knew, was that he must not offend these people. If they truly worked for Stellar, than this was no laughing matter. In a quick moment, he completely changed his attitude, "Sirs, how may this one be of assistance?"

"Mr. Fang, one of our superiors would like to invite your family, your son especially to Phoenix Ash Hotel. We ask for your cooperation."

Knowing that even if he refused, they would still bring them there with brute force. So, he shot his son a glare as he then stood up and respectfully replied, "It would be our family's honor."

As they got ready to leave, Fang Ping pulled his son aside for a bit while they weren't being watched, and asked in a hushed tone, "What did you do today?" He said with a controlled rage.

"I..I didn't do anything. I headed to off to have a bit of fun like usual after school. Nothing out of the ordinary happened." Of course, he knew that wasn't true, but he also knew that this couldn't have been related to Li Fuji. Though that kid had money, he would have never escaped from the professional hitmen he hired. Thus, he felt that this shouldn't have anything to do with that thing at all. Hmph, all that matters now, is Mei Hua. She can only belong to me.

With that thought of his, his father could see that there was trace of hatred, desire, and lust in his eyes. But he just hoped that this son of his did not mess around and provoke someone that he should not have offended.

The family soon quietly packed themselves in the car and the small convoy headed to Phoenix Ash Hotel. On the way there, you could tell that the family was very nervous. They didn't know who these people were, and on top of that, their way of inviting someone was very terrifying. Just as they were slowly calming down, the convoy stopped, and they were told that they had arrived.

As beautiful and granduer as the hotel was, the family were not quite in the right mind to enjoy any of that currently. All but Fang Ling, who felt that this was probably just a friend of his dad's trying to prank them with a little scare. Only Fang Ping truly knew what Stellar was, and the powers it held.

The four were ushered into the hotel and were invited to wait in one of the private boxes. When all were situated, the leader of the eight headed into another private box. As he opened the door, he saw two men enjoying their dinner. He then respectfully bowed and said, " Master, we have brought them here. They are currently waiting in one of our private boxes. Would you like me to bring them over after you have finished your meal?"

Li Wei looked at his son, and seeing that he gave him a look that he was almost done, he said, " No need, we are almost done here. Bring them over here." With that, the man excused himself and headed off to bring the family of four over.

He walked into the room where the four were staying and said, " Our master is ready for you now, please follow me."

Fang Ping asked, " May I ask for the respected master's name? Just so we know how to greet him?"

"There's no need, you will see."

With that, the four obediently followed the man, as the other seven followed behind in suit. As they arrived, the man knocked on the door as he then opened it and ushered the four in. As the four stepped foot inside, Fang Ling was the first to react. He accidentally shouted, "You, how are you still here?!"

Knowing that he blurted out something he shouldn't have, he immediately shut his mouth as cold sweat flowed down the side of his face.

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