5 Resolve
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Author :ImYoona
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5 Resolve

So all this time, when I thought my mom was dead, she was still alive...

"Now that you know about the truth of our world and about the disappearance of your mom, you need to remember that I told you all this because I believe that you are old enough now and can make sound decisions. Of course, with this safe house having been broken into, I will have you relocate to another safe house belonging to our clan."

"How much time does mom have until..."

"The Dark Void haven't been making any big movements lately, so we are assuming that we have about 10 years minimum. 15 if we are lucky."

"I see. Dad, I want to become a gamer. I want to help."

"*Sigh* I knew you would make this choice sooner or later. But I must tell you something before hand. Because your mom was the oldest daughter of the Zhu Clan and because she is still alive, she technically is still the contractor of the gate of Aries. Though without her presence, the blessings that the Zhu Clan needs is not sufficient anymore. In 3 years, the trials of Aries will once again open. They will be open to all members of the Zhu Clan, including you.

In actuality, I am the current chairman of the Li Clan. Your grandfather is still the clan head, and that remains true for your mother's side as well. We hope that you would be continue to succeed after your mother. When you were first born, she said that the one who could lead us into the new era of light would be you. At that time, you were but 6 months old, yet you already had such a foretold future.

You need to remember that if it were any other who said such words, they would be laughed and would be mocked as an ignorant punk. But this was your mother, she held esteem in the eyes of not just the four titans as a whole, but even among almost all other contractors.

Since you have decided to become a gamer, I will supply with you the best of the best. But at the same time, you will have to under go your discipleship training in preparation for the trials. Before that, you must undergo a test. After this incident is taken cared of and we relocate you, I will take you to meet your grandfather. Then we will head to the Zhu Clan. We will then talk about your test and training afterwards."

"What?! My grandparents are still alive? How come I never met them before? I always thought they were dead since you never spoke of them before. This is way too much, is there anything else I need to know?"

"Well, there are still many things, but now is not the time. Your Uncle Wang should almost be done as well."


Things have gotten interesting for Li Fuji, it seems that he is going to be in for a lot more than just becoming a mere gamer to woo the girl of his heart. Looks like he'll really have to up his game to save his mom and maybe...the world...

At that moment, Butler Wang headed down. Seeing that Butler Wang was done with the interrogation, Li Fuji's father asked, " Brother Wang, how is it? Were they sent by the Dark Void?"

"In reply to master, these people were not sent by the Dark Void. They were hired by someone named Fang Ling. He hired them to get rid of the young master."

"Hmm, seems like this Fang Ling has some power and resources to have been able to hire hitmen. Fuji'er do you know this Fang Ling?"

"Yes, but he is just one of my classmates. We don't even talk, he should be ranked 6th in our grade. I don't remember having cross paths with him outside of school, and I definitely have not interacted with him either. I don't know what I did to have him do such a thing."

"It seems like we need to have a little chat with this Fang Ling and his family. Brother Wang, could I ask you to dispose of the people upstairs and meet us at Phoenix Ash Hotel?"

"Of course, I will be there as soon as I finish up here."

"Let's leave your Uncle Wang to it Fuji'er, we will head to the Phoenix Ash Hotel first."

"Okay, I will be leaving first then Uncle Wang."

After saying good-bye, the father and son duo headed to the limousine. The driver who was standing guard was still standing outside waiting. As he saw the two approach, he slightly bowed and asked, " Where are we headed, Master?"

"Take us to Phoenix Ash Hotel. Also, run a check on a kid named Fang Ling. Have people bring him and his family in for questioning. Tell our men to take them up to the guest box at Phoenix Ash Hotel. Be discreet about it."

"Yes, Master."

With that, they started their departure for Phoenix Ash Hotel. And as they began to move, the driver began to have some people kindly invite Fang Ling and family to have a nice meal and to chat with his master. Unbeknownst to them, Fang Ling had pulled his family into quite the deep ditch. It seems that they were going to be in quite the pickle.

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