3 Who You Are Pt.1
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Author :ImYoona
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3 Who You Are Pt.1

After going through the confirmation, Butler Wang headed down to the safety room. Entering the security code, he entered and saw that the young master seemed to be thinking about something.

"Young master, are you okay? Please pardon me for my lack of security. I should have known better than to not have had my eyes on you."

Usually, Butler Wang had no need to go to the supermarket or run errands, as store to home deliveries at this time an age was not uncommon. Most other miscellaneous tasks were also usually taken cared of while Li Fuji was at school. So, today could be said to have been out of the ordinary for the two.

Being aroused from his stupor, Li Fuji replied, "It's fine Uncle Wang, no harm was done. Though why would there be people trying to hurt me? It's not like I provoked anyone." Hmm, it is strange how I am being targeted. I don't remember having had cross anyone. I normally live the life of an otaku, minus the actual otaku part. I just really keep to myself and keep the association with others to a bare minimum. Well, there's no point in thinking about this now, the matter is over. I finally got the second chance I hoped for!

"That is a relief. Thank goodness you called me as soon as you saw something wrong, else...the consequences would be dire. I will personally interrogate these bunch of monkeys. The master should also be on his way, I informed him of your situation before I arrived. Let's head back up now, everything should be fine now."

"My father is coming? Very well then, no matter, he would have found out sooner or later. Let us head back up then."

The two then headed to the elevator leading up to the living room. As the doors open, Butler Wang quickly scanned the room just in case there were some unexpected factors that were unaccounted for. Seeing that the room was clear he signaled his young master to enter the living room.

Not too long after, a black limousine pulled up in front of the house. As the car pulled up, the driver got out of the car and opened the door for the man sitting in the back. Stepping out the man brushed his suit and instructed the driver to keep watch. With that, he then headed into the house.

"Master, *Bows* everything was luckily under control. The young master was able to quickly access what was going on and called me as soon as he noticed. There were a total of 5 perpetrators. I took out one as I arrived back at the house, and the other 4 are knocked out cold. The leader though seems to be more skillful than his little henchmen."

"Hmm, very well. Bring them in for interrogation. I need to speak with my son for a bit."

"As you wish, I will be off then."

With that, Butler Wang headed upstairs and began his work.

"Hi dad, I was surprised that you were able to come so fast. I thought you were overseas on a business trip? "

Having heard his son's voice, his face became a lot more calm and amiable as he said, "I finished a bit early and was able to come back a little ahead of schedule. I was going to drop by for a surprise, but it seems like my plans were ruined. But that doesn't matter, how are you? Are you hurt?"

"No dad, I'm fine. I headed into the safety room after I called Uncle Wang. He then arrived pretty quickly and took care of the five. I've been thinking though, how did he even get here so quick? I don't see the car anywhere, and how was he even able to take out those people without any backup. I clearly remember asking him to bring help."

*Sighs* " It seems like it's time you know who you are."

"Dad, are you on meds? I can get you some food if you're hungry, there's still leftover food from dinner yesterday. Or if...I mean, you need to you know...."

"What are you even thinking! No, I don't need any of that. Lets have a seat, I have something important I need to tell you."


"You know that your mom and I love you dearly, and that holds true for your younger sister. The both of you are irreplaceable to us. Thus, when the incident occurred and the three of us had to split ways for awhile, I made sure to take the necessary steps to assure your safety to the best of my abilities. For you, I made sure that the main rooms had a secret way to bring you to the underground safety room. Thus, I had those secret ways installed in your restroom, kitchen, and living room. Of course, just that wasn't enough to ease my worries. Thus, I had your Uncle Wang follow you to assure your safety."

"But Uncle Wang is just my driver and does house work."

"Haha, do you still truly believe that? After today's incident, you out of all people should now know that your Uncle Wang is more than meets the eye. You are probably the smartest kid of your age, so something like this shouldn't be hard for you to piece together, no?"

"Then...I...I had my doubts when I didn't see any backup after heading back up from the safety room. Plus, how was it even possible that Uncle Wang even arrived back home so fast. Even if he somehow evaded traffic, he wouldn't have been as fast as he was. But, I was a bit preoccupied so I didn't put much thought to it then."

"Well, I can assure you that your Uncle Wang is not some mere butler and driver..." Saying this, Li Fuji's father hesitated for a moment.

'Is this truly the right time to tell him "that"? He is still such a kid on the inside. Sigh...This can't really be blamed on him, ever since that accident, he has withdrawn himself even more from those around him. Maybe...

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