2 Restar
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Author :ImYoona
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2 Restar

Phoenix City, Year 2035, 3:00 PM

" is this possible...was I not just killed? No matter, I have promised to take a hold on my future! There is no more time to laze around and act like the world hates me. I have no time to do anymore behind the scenes kind of gestures. I need to go big or go home! But first, I need to call Uncle Wang. Those people should be here soon, I must first call for help and then head to the safety room."

While Li Fuji was getting ready to change the course of fate, the one who wanted to get rid of him, was making sure that the deed would be sealed. "Chou Lian, how is the thing I asked you to do going? This issue must be done swiftly and quietly. No one is to know of this matter, else the consequences will be dire!"

"Worry not young master, we have been scouting the little twerp's place for days. The fogey who has been keeping a watch on him has just stepped out. We will wait for him to feel like it's a normal day, and we will strike. I assure you that nothing will go wrong!"

"It better be as you said. When the deed is done, the 50 million yen will be deposited into your account. There may even be a bonus if the deed is done a swiftly as you said it will be."

With that, the call ended. Such a devious and dirty thing, planned so simply. "Let's go, we will survey the area one more time and then we must strike. Poor idiot, you offended someone you shouldn't have, learn to be wiser in your next life." Chou Lian sarcastically shook his head.

Though what the group of hired killers didn't know, was that he truly has become wiser, and the idiot this time...well, lets just say that one shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch.


"Uncle Wang, it's me, Fuji. There seem to be a bunch of people in black surveying the house, I think the have some bad intentions. Could you please hurry back with help?"

"What! Young master, I am on my way. Please do not make any sudden movements, just go to the restroom and use the emergency exit to head to the safe room. I will make haste."

Saying that, he dropped the groceries in his hands and dashed towards the exit. Without a bother for the car, he quickly scanned the lot and jumped onto the top of the supermarket. Then proceeded to dash from rooftop to rooftop. As he was doing so, he texted one word to a contact named: Li Wei. He simply texted, Azure. With that, he continued on his way to the house.

Following his Uncle Wang's instructions, he slowly got up and calmly headed to the restroom door. For safety's sake, Li Fuji was given the master bedroom, which came with a private restroom. For added safety measures, a hidden door was put in the room in case of an emergency. With a series of taps, a thin door slid apart from the wall, and Li Fuji put his hands on the scanner for a hand print confirmation.

With the confirmation, another door opened. This time, it opened up to the entrance of an elevator. As he entered, the door shut and advanced down towards the safety room. Everything in the restroom returned to normal, nothing looked out of the ordinary.

"Hmm, the little brat has headed to the restroom. No matter, we will proceed with the plan. There will be no changes, we will enter and wait outside the door. Once he exits, we will use the element of surprise and take him out."

"Understood!" The other four replied.

As the five began their infiltration, Butler Wang did not stop as he got closer and closer to home. 'Please, please, make it in time. Nothing can happen to the young master.' At that moment, the five had already infiltrated the house and were positioned to strike the second Li Fuji exited the restroom.

"Hmm, it seems to be a bit too quite. The brat also has been in there for quite some time. One of you go and check the window around the back. See what's taking the twerp so long."

*Whoosh* One of the other four quickly left the room and went around to check out the situation. At the same time, Butler Wang had arrived back home. And seeing that a black figure rush out of the house, he immediately engaged.

"Hmph! How dare you target the young master! You must die!" Butler Wang angrily hollered. With a strike of his palms, the black figure was sent hurling towards a tree in the yard. He slowly skid down the tree as blood flowed out of his mouth, and with that, he no longer was with the world.

Taking care of the culprit that rushed out, Butler Wang immediately rushed up stairs to check on the young master.

"Sigh, old could have avoided death. Why did you have to come back so early? You can't blame me for this, just consider this your bad luck. One of you go take care of the old guy, he rest of you, prepare to kill the brat."

"Haha! You kids are too young to understand the true image of this world. I will teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents! Remember to make wise decisions in your next life."

With that, he rushed forward and sent out four palms. Each landing directly on the each the four's chests. As they were sent hurling, the leader of the five was sent crashing into the restroom, while the other floor hit the walls and passed out. This time, Butler Wang made sure to only severely injure so that he could still interrogate them afterwards.

To his surprise, the one he sent flying into the restroom was still conscious. Though he wasn't able to move and inch, "I am surprised you are still conscious after taking that hit. It seems you have some skills, sadly that will not save you."

"You...who are you. This was not in any of our researched information. *Cough* I should have figured something out when you were able to come up here unharmed, it is impossible for one of my people to have not noticed you out there."

"Hmph, if little boys and girls like you could dig up information about the Li Clan, rainbow cats would be flying in the sky. Now, quietly sleep for awhile." With that, he knocked out remaining one and headed to the safety room to check on the young master.

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