1 Backup...and Restore...
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Author :ImYoona
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1 Backup...and Restore...

Phoenix City, Year 2035, 3:00 PM

"Young master, would you like anything to eat?" Butler Wang inquired.

"No, I'm fine, I have some snacks if I do get hungry. Please go ahead and rest Uncle Wang!"

"Very well then, there is still some leftovers from dinner yesterday in case you change your mind. I will go tend to other matters."

"Sigh, I am getting nowhere with this. How does this thing even work...why would you need to prick me with a needle to confirm identity? Its just a game helmet...this makes it seem like I'm trying to bind some ancient ring like in those wuxia tales."

As Li Fuji was still pondering as to whether or not he should claim ownership of the newly created game helmet or not, a group of people had already appeared in the lower level of the house. Unbeknownst to him, five people dressed in black were preparing to head upstairs. Just as they were proceeding upstairs, Li Fuji had already claimed ownership of his gaming helmet. As he did so, the five had reached his room and in the next second, he felt his body go cold.

"This mission truly was like finding a gold mine. Not only was the target easy to take down, we are going to be able to get a big bonus out of this for completing the task so quietly."

"Indeed, this Task will allow us to live the rest of our lives comfortably. Let's report back to the young master and tell him the good news. "

As the five left and cleaned up their traces, uncle Wang had come back from his errands. Seeing that the door seemed to have been tampered with, he dropped everything in his hands and rushed upstairs. As he rushed into the young master's room, his face turned ashen.

"No, how could this have happened? The young master couldn't possibly have any enemies… Unless, those people have caught up and learned about his identity. I must go and inform the master quickly, and check on the young Miss as well. "

Though Butler Wang could not have known that the death of the young master wasn't at all like he had guessed, this was nothing more than the rich buying what money can buy. In this case, it was to ensure that any competitor wishing to pursue Mei Hua, would accept some benefits and back off or be wiped off the face of the earth.

In this case, it can be seen that Li Fuji was too big of a competitor to simply leave be, and thus, the only solution was to get rid of him. He has the resources, looks, and brains. The only thing that was missing, was to become the nation's top gamer. With that, he would be able to proudly date Mei Hua.

"What happened? Is my luck really this bad, am I really dead now? Truly, I've lived such a crappy life. Many people would probably ask if I were mentally Ill. How with all that money, and I spent such a frugal life. Now that I look at it, I look kind of stupid. If I had a chance, I would be more bold, and snatch success with my own hands.

Sigh... Unfortunately, everything I did was for naught. If only I had chosen to pursue the life of a game earlier, things would have been different..."

While Li Fuji Was reminiscing about his past, as well as decisions, a voice echoed in his head, "System successfully binded. As the owner has successfully become the first to bind Omega, Host will be given a reward. Scanning… unable to detect Host's pulse, adjusting reward… Granting phoenix rebirth token. System will now reboot… Please wait… Counting down 3, 2, 1!"

As the timer hit one, Li Fuji saw a flash of white light and was blinded for quite a bit of time. As he opened his eyes, he found himself in his room. The time was 3:45 PM, just 45 minutes before the incident.

As he was adjusting to what was happening, the metallic voice echoed in his head once more, "System restore complete. System has been restored to 45 minutes prior to binding… we wish you happy gaming. "

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