-1 Just a lil something...not related...
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Author :ImYoona
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-1 Just a lil something...not related...

@@The novel itself is still very new. In honesty, I am currently writing day by day. And currently I am still going to release a chapter every day. But that might change once school kicks up for me and I start my new job. I actually started writing this kind of novel since my sister say a draft lying around and said that she hoped for me to write more about it. So, I did. Many of you might have also read my previous work, The Astral Immortal. In regards to that, I am still planning to work on it, but that novel is way more time consuming and with a minimum of 2000 words per chapter, it does strain. I will do my best with this novel. I cannot guarantee long chapters like for The Astral Immortal. But I can promise to do my best and will make sure its around 750-1000 words per chapter. As always, to any reader, I appreciate that you have taken your time to read my work. As a noobie writer, there will be flaws and holes here and there, but I hope that you will stick with me through it all. Releases may soon be up and down and sometimes it may be silent. But as long as I am not dead, I will work on writing when I have any free time. Thank you all!

Also, if there are any questions related to the novel or maybe some kpop questions. I will try to answer them here \u003c3 Thank you all again!


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