-2 Prologue
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Author :ImYoona
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-2 Prologue

We all probably in one point or another have had to restart our computers, be it a desktop or a laptop. At times, there is the need to even restore our computers to an earlier state. Then there is the situation of just giving it up and just buying a new computer all together.

Li Fuji too understand the idea of backing up one's files, in the case that a need to restore one's computer arises. Yet, he never would have imagined that it was even possible for such a thing to happen to a living being...much less, be that very being himself.

Unlike most upper class teenagers, Li Fuji wasn't really the type to really get out to display his wealth. He believed that he was not some sort of display case and that the world did not need another arrogant prick. One was already too many.

With the passing of his mom, Li Fuji only had his dad and younger sister left. Though with his dad being away to take care of business work and his sister having been sent to study aboard, he lived by himself most of the time.

Though it wasn't like he wasn't well-off. He lived in a nice comfy house, with a designated driver/ butler. With a monthly allowance of 100,000 yen, he didn't really have to worry about anything. That is, except for how to get into the graces of the one he liked.

Li Fuji was 22 this year, attending Blazing Phoenix Academy, he can be said to be the quite smart. Of course, if he didn't keep letting his little crush stay in 1st place, he would have naturally not have ranked 2nd.

Even though Blazing Phoenix Academy is known for its outstanding staff and graduation rates, this wasn't a world where lawyers and doctors were everything. Here, idols are considered nothing more than entertainment, top gamers were the true celebrities of this age. One could even say that this was the era of gaming.

If one wanted to be the best, grades and academics were not enough. Looks may get you an average babe, but if you wanted the belle of your class, then you better have game.

Follow our MC as he embarks on more than the adventure of his life. See as he slays and levels up, and win the love of the one he cherishes. Watch as he overcomes more than just beating a Lv.200 he embarks to protect those most dear to his heart.

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