Rebirth Of A Serial Killer
96 Chapter 9 - Becoming A Teacher
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Rebirth Of A Serial Killer
Author :Kotrem
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96 Chapter 9 - Becoming A Teacher

After walking for several miles, Zuhn came across a small village in the middle of nowhere. It was quite late, but there were still people outside having some type of celebration.

A small wooden wall surrounded the whole town, on each of the four corners was a small wooden tower. Inside there was one person in leather armor. They had a bow on their backs, with daggers on their leather holsters.

Zuhn smiled slightly, it was the first time in this new world where there were actually other people to interact with. From the tall side of a hill, Zuhn was able to look inside.

Inside people were dancing and singing all surrounding someone who was rather tall. The man had brown hair and a small beard that was starting to grow.

Around him, many people danced and sang, The man on the other hand only slightly smiled. He had a large battle axe on his back, this was something new to Zuhn. He had only seen people actually using an axe as a weapon in books and movies.

Zuhn observed for a couple more minutes before deciding to go down closer to the village. At the time, Zuhn didn't really have any weapons. Though, the men in the wooden towers had daggers at their waists.

This made Zuhn have a little idea, with a bright smile on his face he jumped high into the air. He landed on the first wooden tower in his sight. The man inside was startled for a second, he tried to reach for his dagger put was pushed to the ground.

"Ahaha, Fun fun. Listen, here. I don't want to kill you, I just need your weapon!"

Before the man could utter a single word, Zuhn knocked the man unconscious stealing his dagger from his holster. Knowing that the other guardsmen look at this man's tower from time to time, he decided to prop the man up against the tower. Making him look more conscious.

Zuhn was very happy with receiving this dagger from the guard, considering the dagger was his favorite weapon to use. Even though the dagger was his favorite weapon, it wasn't going to be good against a battle axe.

That was like putting a chicken against an elephant. There was little to no chance to defeat the man inside unless he was utter trash at combat. Though, even then a fool can still use a battle axe if they have a little bit of strength.

With his weapon acquired, Zuhn made his way to the front gate. When he got to the front gate, he looked inside. People were still celebrating something.

Zuhn locked eyes with the man that had the axe on his back. Instantly, the man took out his battle axe and brought it in front of him. Zuhn didn't move an inch, waiting for the man to move to him not the other way around.

'Hm… This guy is something new.'

The man moved slowly through the crowd, trying not to surprise anyone as he made it to the front gate. When he got close enough for Zuhn to hear him, he asked a couple of questions.

Zuhn answered most of the man's questions, laughing to himself at most of them. Though, soon the man was getting tired of Zuhn and wanted him to leave.

'Doesn't like outsiders? Wouldn't that mean anyone that travels is an outsider? You everyday get out of bed just to stand in front of people and push them away?'

When Zuhn didn't move, the man got into a battle stance. Zuhn laughed out loud at the sight. The man put on foot back and one forward, with the axe point looking at Zuhn.

Zuhn couldn't help himself, he launched forward with his dagger out.


Zuhn's dagger flew out of his hand, the man smiled.

'Oh? Do you think that you are strong? Ahahah!'

Zuhn sent a barrage of punches at the man, some of them were being blocked and some of them were landing. Soon the man took a punch square in the face causing him to fall to the ground.

The man held his nose as blood started to pour down his face. He looked up at Zuhn with red eyes. The rage in his body made him tunnel vision Zuhn.

The man got up and sent many punches at Zuhn. Even though Zuhn wasn't a cultivator just yet, he was still able to easily predict the punches. Over many years of killing people in his old world, he got used to fighting and struggling with people a long time ago.

Over time the man started to lose his faith in fighting. When Zuhn saw this he launched a couple more punches towards the man. Soon, the man fell to the ground once again. One of his ribs were broken and he was unable to get up and keep fighting.

Zuhn laughed at the man in his face. Zuhn's face smiled brightly with an idea he just thought of. It was true, that this man was quite weak. Though, he could be trained into someone powerful.

The thought of training someone to help Zuhn, later on, was very good. Zuhn needed someone that would be loyal to him and help him carry out his plans in this world. This man with the axe was the perfect person to train into a demon-like himself.

Zuhn reached out his hand to the man on the ground.

"I just came for a little spar."

From Zuhn's words alone the man's face turned from defeat to anger once again. The man's mind went crazy from what Zuhn said.

After a couple of minutes, the man reached for Zuhn hand. Though, right when the two hands connected Zuhn threw the man into the air. The man fell down with a giant thud as his currently broke rib shattered from the impact. The man coughed up tons of blood as he laid on the ground.

"You never let your enemy take advantage of you." Zuhn scolded towards the man below him.

'What? You threw me in the air to tell that?!?!' The man was furious at what Zuhn just did. His body turned blood red with anger and tried to stand up and fight Zuhn.

Each time the man tried to stand up, a new pain would enter his body. He tried over and over again but the same result each time.

After teaching the man a little lesson he started to verbally abuse the man. Trying to make him get up and throw some punches.

"Oh? You wanna try and fight me? Get up you big oaf, fight me!" Zuhn got close and shouted towards the man on the ground.

With all of the man's strength, he got off the ground and with all the power left in his body he threw one punch at Zuhn. The force of the punch was so powerful that a huge dust cloud formed.

The man kneeled down to the ground and had a smirk on his face. He was sure that he sent Zuhn flying from that punch.

Zuhn on the other hand, brought his hand up before the attack landed. He was able to easily hold the power of the attack. The punch did absolutely nothing to him, nothing at all.

When the dust cloud cleared the man's smirk quickly faded.

"Weak… Truly, Do you think because I called you names you were going to be able to defeat me?"

The man was very confused when he saw Zuhn standing where he just punched perfectly fine.

Zuhn was quite impressed with the performance of the man in front of him. After figuring out that the man had to take revenge on DarkStar he was even more happy to take him in as his student.

Zuhn once again reached out his hand to the man, making sure to tell him that he wasn't going to throw him again. Once the man touched Zuhn's hand, Zuhn brought the man to his feet with ease.

"Now, From now on you must call me teacher okay?"

The man looked up to Zuhn, although he didn't trust Zuhn completely he knew that Zuhn was quite powerful and following him would lead to even better treasure at the end.

The man looked at Zuhn with a funny face before asking, "Um, Teacher?"

Zuhn looked at the man and spoke with a clear voice, "Ah, Yes. You can call me Teacher Sheng."
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    《Rebirth Of A Serial Killer》