44 Ashamed
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Author :melodyr129
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44 Ashamed

The Games were coming to an end and the day Mingxia is to return home is approaching. However before she returns she has to send the Princess a giant present. Princess Adela arrived at the bar again tonight and played around for the entire night. Like usual, she had failed to notice the strange shadow following her however this time it was not one shadow it was two. Xun Yi and the other man easily slipped into the bar and Xun Yi passed a golden mask to the other man. The other man tied the mask around his face and confidently walked into the bustling room while Xun Yi melted into the shadows again.

The man with the golden mask easily spotted the Princess amongst the crown. He strutted over confidently and offered to dance. The Princess giggled uncontrollably and agreed. Their bodies pressed together and the night carried away.

The Princess returned back to the palace satisfied. She entered the secret passageway and opened the doors and changed clothes with her maid once again. That night she had a good night's sleep but would not expect the surprise waiting for her in the morning.

"Xun Yi, you've returned." Mingxia sat on her chair and crossed her legs.

Xun Yi bowed down and the man with the golden mask bowed as well. "Lady Wei, the operation was a success." The man took off the mask to reveal a foreigner with blond hair and blue eyes.

"Lady Wei, I will carry out the next step." Xun Yi said and Mingxia nodded her head.

The foreigner followed after Xun Yi out of the courtyard. This foreigner was once Princess Adela's lover but was carelessly tossed aside. This lovestruck man loved her so much that he went against his family to stay in India however he did not receive the love he wanted from her. Mingxia found him working to cater the Games and convinced him to work for her by promising him that she will gain revenge against the Princess. He agreed immediately and helped with the plan.

Xun Yi and the foreigner pasted multiple posters on the streets exposing the Princess' night trips. The next morning the foreigner stood outside in the main plaza and kneeled down on his knees.
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"Oh Princess how could you have lied to me?"

"Oh Adela, who would have known that you were this kind of person."

He exposed her secrets and took out the pin he took from her during last night's dance. The public were ashamed and began ridiculing the Princess. Princess Adela already had a long line of haters because of her arrogant temper and attitude but with the exposure of this secret the public ridiculed her even more. It did not help to save her reputation when the owners and employees of Sunshine bar were arrested by the police. The owner confessed that the Princess has been an old customer of theirs and that she came everyday for the past week.

In the palace, the news had spread to the King's ears and he was furious.

"SPEAK! WHY DID YOU GO THERE! YOU ARE A PRINCESS AND YET YOU STILL DARE TO GO OUT TO DIRTY YOURSELF LIKE THAT!!!!!" The king's anger could be heard throughout the palace, covering the sound of the princess' cries. Out of rage the king slapped his daughter away. Princess Adela sprawled on the floor with one hand holding on to a reddening cheek and tears were coming out of her eyes.

"Father! How can you hit me?" She asked but the king only glared down at her, never before had she been hit. She was born spoiled and given everything she ever wanted. She looked at her brother pleading for help but he showed no emotion, his eyes were empty and cold. She crawled towards him and begged. "Brother! Please.."

He knelt down and her face lit up, 'Brother still loves me!' She thought and stretched out her hand but the king pushed her away.

"Don't try to ruin your brother! You insolent woman!" The king helped his son stand up. "You've already made the royal family lose face! Don't ruin it even more. Guards! Take the princess back to her room." The king sat down on his throne while two guards escorted the princess out of the room.

"Father. Don't stress yourself out, I have sent for the posters to be taken down and the foreigner is now a wanted criminal." The princes knelt down next to his father and handed him a glass of water.

"Have you caught him yet." The king asked tiredly.

The prince shook his head. "It seems that the foreigner had left the country and escaped."


"Yes, I believe after telling the public he rode the first ship at the docks." The prince continued. Hearing this, the king could only let out a tired sigh.

"You may go now." The king slumped back in his seat and the prince exited the room.

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