43 Sunshine Bar
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Author :melodyr129
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43 Sunshine Bar

Two men in black were kneeling in front of Mingxia.

"Did Zong Qiu send you here?" Mingxia asked but they didn't respond. Letting out a sigh Mingxia got up and used the edge of her fan to lift one the men's head. His breathing deepened and Mingxia knew that he was going to be in trouble if she continued. She stood up and he stood up as well while the other one remained kneeling. Balling her hand together she punched him in his stomach, although she didn't use much force it still hurt. A sliver of orange fabric appeared on his belt and Mingxia grabbed it.

The pendant had the letter '秋' on it which proved who's the boss of these two. She sat back down on her chair and the men continued to kneel on the floor. 'Zong Qiu you don't have to be so precautious, I can still take care of myself.' She fumbled with the pendant in her hands then set it on the table.

"You can now tell me that Zong Qiu sent you right." Mingxia said.

The two men looked at each other and after seeming to have reached a conclusion the other man looked up at Mingxia. "Master wishes to protect you after that incident. He ordered us to follow you wherever you go and to protect you. However, if you do find out we are to follow your every order."

A smile crept up on Mingxia's face. 'Follow my orders? I might as well then..'

"You will follow my orders right." The two man looked at each other again and said in unison. "We are here to serve Lady Wei Mingxia."

"What are your names?" Mingxia asked.

The man Mingxia had punched earlier stood up. "My name is Xun Shan." The other man stood up and bowed. "My name is Xun Yi."

Mingxia's smile grew sharper. "Okay, then Xun Shan." She pointed at the man she punched before. "You can continue to guard me but Xun Yi I want you to follow someone and report back to me their every move."

"Who may it be?" Xun Yi asked.

"Princess Adela." Mingxia replied.


Although the day was dark the streets of India was still lively. Shoppers and venders were still out on the street and bustling. Yellow lantern light lit up the streets making the city look beautiful under the night sky.
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A young woman made her way through the crowd then turned into an alleyway. She arrived in front of a wooden door and nodded five times in a particular order. A sliver of the door opened and a gruff voice spoke. "Code?" "Lantern." The young woman said and the door opened. The young woman went in and the door closed after her. Inside a fat man led her downstairs to another room, she pushed the door opened and bustling music blasted from the room.

She stepped in and the door closed.

"Adela, you came!" A woman wearing a purple dress moved towards her and held her hand. "Of course, I can't miss out on the fun." Adela responded and joined in on the party.

Special lights were placed throughout the room and together with the catchy music people danced the night away. In here, Princess Adela does not need to act like a princess at all. Under her gauze mask, no one would be able to recognize her so she is able to act however she wants. The night is long and after a few hours of dancing and drinking Adela sat down on a comfy velvet cushion fanning herself.

A waiter walked by her with a tray of more glasses of wine and Adela called out to him.

The Sunshine Bar is one of the city's most secretive bar place. It only opened during the night and only certain individuals are able to come in. No one knows who runs this place but it is extremely popular because there is a rule in this bar which is that everyone is to wear a mask. No one is to express their identity.

Adela raised her glass of liquor and drank it down. Her eyes wandered around until it met the gaze of another individual. He wore a purple and gold outfit with a similar mask to cover the top half of his face. He has black hair and a charming smile that could captivate any woman. He motioned for her to come over to him and she smiled. She set down her glass and very slowly she made her way to him.

She sat down in his laps and teased the man by tracing her finger on his lips. The man closed his eyes as if enjoying the moment but after a while, he couldn't resist anymore. He grabbed her hand and pushed her down to the rug. Her giggles were covered by the sound of the music but he could hear and that was all that mattered. Their bodies touched and they dove in for a deep passionate kiss.

Everyone in the bar was preoccupied with their affairs that no one noticed the man in black looking down at them.


Adela left the bar an hour before dawn, at this time the streets were empty and desolate. Very quickly, she made her way to the castle and went back to her room through the secret passageway.

"Your Highness." The maid kneeled down when she saw Adela.

"I need a bath, prepare clothes." Adela ordered and the maid nodded.

After a rose petal bath, Princess Adela changed into a pink nightdress that covered most of her skin. She bid good night and immediately went to sleep.

The black shadow that had been following her for the entire night stood outside the window then disappeared.

Back at the Wei mansion, Mingxia was eating her breakfast with Xing when Xun Yi appeared in front of her. "Ah." Xing let out a small yelp and Mingxia placed a finger on her lips. Xing then closed the door and the windows.

"What did you find out." Mingxia asked.

"Lady Wei, last night Princess Adela went to a bar last night."

"A bar?"

"Yes. After a few dances, she had some...intercourse with a man."

Clearly amused Mingxia raised an eyebrow. "Continue."

"She returned home at dawn and she has a maid in her bedroom that seems to know about her expeditions at night."

"I see. You can go now." As quick as he had appeared, with a black blur Xun Yi disappeared.

"Mingxia, what was that about?" Xing asked.

Mingxia smiled. "You'll very soon."

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