42 Lan Qi“s story
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42 Lan Qi“s story

Lan Qi stepped out of the carriage and followed Mingxia into the manor. An old woman bowed to Mingxia and brought a plate of tea for them.

"Thank you Lian granny." The woman smiled kindly then left the room.

Lan Qi gently blew the tea before her and took a sip. Xing walked up to her and set a plate of fruit salad in front of her and Mingxia.

"Lan Qi, tell me you're story." Lan Qi hesitated for a second. Her eyes met Mingxia's and she took a deep breath before beginning.

"I am the daughter of General Lan and the fifth daughter of the Lan family. My mother and my father are long distance relatives, father belongs to the main branch of the Lan family while my mother belongs to a side branch.

50 years ago there was an internal conflict in the Lan family. After the conflict, the head of the main branch decided to set up a marriage between the main branch and the side branch. Ten years after this a son was born in the main branch and two daughters were born in the side branch. The head of the family and the elders decided to have the three kids interact with each other and then when the time is right one girl would be chosen to be the consort.

My mother was one of those girls. From what I was told, my mother was born with a weak body and was very quiet since young. However, she was a very studious girl and had received awards from the emperor for her achievements. My mother was chosen to be the consort.

My father and my mother married two months after she was chosen and in a year she bore him a son, my brother. An outsider would believe that since she gave birth to a son she would be treated well but in fact, she was not. Her sister, the other candidate and my aunt, was not satisfied with my mother being chosen instead of her. She fed my mother poison every day but very little at a time so no one would be suspicious. Three years after the birth of my brother I was born. My mother's body had never been healthy and with the poison and the pregnancy, her body couldn't take it anymore. She died when I was four years old.

My aunt was brought over under the name that she was there to take care of my brother and me.

My father never loved my mother or me and my brother. My brother was sent away to train in the army since he was five so I never met him. I was immediately set up with a marriage arrangement to the son of General Song. I may not have met him many times but on the first time, I met him I fell in love with him. So I did not fight the arrangement and he did not fight as well. Everything was set up perfectly, we were to be married on the year I turn 14 until he participated in the Games.

Three years ago he was sent off by the emperor to compete and it was at the Games that he met her, Princess Adela." Lan Qi spoke that name as if it was dirt then continued.

"The Games usually go on for a week so I thought that he would return in at most a month but he did not. He stayed in India for half a year and only returned because of his father's sudden death. He was ordered to return and inherited his father's position. Never once did he come to me or visit me.

I was scared so I persuaded myself with excuses that he still cares about me. I was so preoccupied with my thoughts that I did not notice what was happening in my house until much later.

The first thing he did when he became general was to get rid of my father. He targeted my father's position publically and secretly. He made sure that my brother would not return from the camp and then plotted for my father to injure himself in battle. My father's left leg was so severely injured that the doctor says he will never recover again.

With his position at risk, his temper became unbearable. At this exact time, my fiance broke off the contract between us. When I heard of this I was so depressed, I went off to him and asked him for the reason but he did not tell me. It wasn't until I overheard it from a conversation between the third prince and him that I finally understood why.

During that time at the Games Princess Adela also participated and she seduced him. She invited him to the banquets and purposefully wore revealing clothing around him to provoke his male hormones. At first, he rejected her attempts but in a month he could not control himself anymore. Princess Adela used her power to make him stay for a month but after that month he fell in love with her. However this time she rejected him. In the following months, he would try to please her but she would reject him. Even after he returned he would still be thinking about her. I do not know what made him go after my father but I know for sure that Princess Adela has something to do with it." Lan Qi finished her story and her memories flickered over in her head. All the fear and sadness she felt came rushing back.

Mingxia brought her teacup to her mouth then set it back down. "Lan Qi, what is his name?"


"I mean your ex-fiance."

"His name is Song Xuan Jie."

'Song Xuan Jie' Something about this name bothered Mingxia as if she forgot something important.

"Lan Qi. Have you ever trained in martial arts before?" Lan Qi nodded. "Only for a few months."

"Lan Qi do you remember what I told you before?" Lan Qi nodded again.

The edges of Mingxia's lips curled upward. "Good. Remember those words for they are important. Lan Qi come find me after the Games." She took out a jade pendant then handed it over to Lan QI.

"Present this to the guards and I will meet you." Lan Qi took it and stuffed the jade into her pouch. Mingxia stood up, "Now what should I do with Princess Adela."


Princess Adela sat in her room with a pouting face. She kicked the vases in the room and laid on her bed. Her father had forbidden her from leaving the room for the day despite her whining and complaining. She rolled back and forth around the bed and grabbed the giant doll on her bed. With one swing she threw the doll at her wardrobe and door opened.

An orange dress tumbled out and the bells on the dress jingled as it crashed onto the floor. Princess Adela got up and picked up the dress.

The dress is very sexy with a golden yellow bikini top and a flowing yellow and orange dress that is split on both sides. An idea suddenly popped up and Princess Adela quickly changed into the dress. Princess Adela is 18 years old, the prime age of a woman's beauty. The dress perfectly expressed her curves and the yellow color stood out on her healthy tanned skin. She tied the golden chain belt around her waist and gold bracelets around her ankles and neck. The dress only reached her ankles which only made the dress seem sexier.

She sat in front of her mirror and applied on her makeup. Her black hair is let down and a gauze mask is tied around her face.

Princess Adela stood in front of the mirror and examined herself from every angle. "Perfect." She said, with this outfit she can now take down any man in her way. She was preoccupied with herself that she didn't notice her maid walking in.

Her maid's face paled when she saw what her lady was wearing. "Your Highness! You mustn't go out this time! If the king found out then he would surely punish you more severely." The maid bent down on her knees and begged her lady but Princess Adela only reached for her perfume and sprayed on a hefty amount of it.

"Oh, he'll never know, right?" Princess Adela lifted her maid's chin and smiled creepily. Her maid shuddered in fear. "Now go change into that. Just do what we always do." Princess Adela took out a shawl and covered herself with it.

The maid couldn't resist and changed into Princess Adela's dress. She tied a gauze mask around her face and let her hair down loose. "Well then. Bye~"
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Princess Adela pushed her wardrobe aside to reveal a secret door. She opened the door and walked down the stairs. Her maid pushed the wardrobe over the door again and sat down on Princess Adela's bed.

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