35 Horseback Riding Archery Competition
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Author :melodyr129
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35 Horseback Riding Archery Competition

"Now the first game is..THE FEMALE HORSEBACK-RIDING ARCHERY COMPETITION!!! Please welcome the Competitors!" A men shouted on the stage and the audiences applauded.

From the tent ten females walked out and walked onto the field where their horses were given to them. Princess Adela strutted out of the tent confidently and sashayed her way over to her horse. She was wearing the same outfit as Mingxia however her long hair is braided and is the length of her waist. Her healthy tanned skin looked beautiful with her sharp black eyes and pink colored lips.

She climbed onto her black stallion and patted it gently.

"I will be the winner." She declared confidently and looked around at the other girls.

She categorized the girls into two categories. The prepared and unprepared. The prepared girls are the ones that sat on their horses without any nervousness and worry on their faces. While the unprepared girls were those that were nervous and those that were practically crying and whining.

From the nine girls only three fit the prepared category. The rest of the girls were either crying, whining, those who doesn't want to go up the horse and such. Adela sighed.

'As expected this year I'm going to be the winner. Again.' A victorious smile crept up her face and she patted her horse again. However a sudden movement from the corner of her eyes caught her attention. Mingxia walked over to her horse and jumped up without anyone's help. Her black hair looked beautiful on her pale skin and Adela gripped her reins tighter.

'This girl..'

"Hmph." She looked away and moved closer to the start line.

'The winner can only be ME.'

"Get ready. Set. GO."

Ten horses took off at the start line with a blur and all ten female took off from the starting line. As expected, Princess Adela took off with great speed and was the one in front of all the other contestants.

The race track is split into four parts, part A,B,C, and D. Part A is clear with no obstacles and all the contestants are to able to hit the target while riding on their horse. Part B has railings in which the horses would have to jump over, part C also has railings but the targets are moving. In Part D the targets are also moving but this time each contestant is given a specific target to hit and while aiming there would be numerous pits, railings, bars that each player has to go through.

Princess Adela took out a bow from her quiver and pulled back her bow.


Her arrow struck on the innermost red circle straight on the bull's eyes. The audiences' applause echoed through the stadium and Adela sat up straighter with more confidence. Her horse continued sprinting and she pulled back again and again, hitting all three target boards either on the bull's eye or the innermost white ring.

In this game each player's arrows are different colors so the judges are able to differentiate who shot. Each player will be able to get points depending on how many arrows they shot and where on the target board it landed. There are four circles, alternating between red and white with the outermost circle white.

The outermost circle is worth 1 points, 3 points for the next circle, 5 points for the next and 10 points for the bull's eyes.

Adela almost reached the end of the first part when she heard the applauses stop and all the audiences held faces of shock. She looked around to see what caused them to be so shocked.

From the start of the game Mingxia was the slowest so the nobilities sitting on the balconies didn't pay much attention to her some even made fun of her. However the moment she took out her arrows and pulled back her bow, her horse suddenly gained speed. Despite the speed of her horse Mingxia released each of her arrow with precision and each arrow hit straight on the bull's eyes.

For the first three boards Mingxia continued her streak which helped her gain attention from the audience and nobilities. However her sudden popularity caused for the other contestants to feel threatened by her.

In the next part of the field Mingxia was able to score another bull's eye but this time another contestant couldn't bear it anymore. She purposely turned left with her bow pulled back and aimed at Mingxia then released it.

Mingxia saw the arrow coming towards her and laid back on her saddle, expertly avoided the flying arrow. She sat up and threatening glare at the girl that shot the arrow. The girl shuddered since Mingxia looked as though she was going to kill her.

The culprit had wanted to scare Mingxia to make her shrink back but it turned out to have the opposite effect. It only provoked Mingxia to do better and in the second part she became the only person to get a perfect score.

A loud applause was given to her and the other contestants couldn't help but to look back at Mingxia. Princess Adela also looked back and her eyes burned with jealousy at the amount of praise Mingxia was getting.

Out of haste she pulled back her bow and released her arrow without properly aiming. The arrow hit the outermost ring just an inch from missing the target board completely. She couldn't believe what she had just done and shakily took out another arrow to shoot again. Very clumsily, she lost her grip of the arrow and it fell onto the floor. She bent down to pick it up when a horse sprinted past hair causing for her hair to flutter. She looked up to see Mingxia hitting either on the bull's eyes or the ring circling the bull's eyes.

She let out an indecent complaint and quickly got her horse to catch up to MIngxia. However no matter how much she tried she could not surpass MIngxia's score. As expected Mingxia took place with 95 points. The maximum points someone can get get is 110 and that is only if they hit all 11 target boards on the bull's eyes.

Princess Adela came in second with 91 points. On stage, Princess Adela could be seen staring daggers at Mingxia as Mingxia went up onto the podium to receive her reward.

'Wei Mingxia. Just you wait.' She cursed in her head.
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