32 Their Story Part 3
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Author :melodyr129
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32 Their Story Part 3

A servant took out an umbrella and brought it over to the couple, Yanjing and Xing. However Yanjing shook his head and the servant walked back. Yanjing held onto the crying Xing. His heart pounding at an abnormal speed. Very hesistantly he wrapped his hands around her and pulled her in closer. Xing's sniffling slowly grew quiet and when she finished crying she looked up at Yanjing, who looked down at her.

Although Yanjing was older than her by a few years, the height difference between the two had always been only a couple of inches. She would never be below the height from his feet to his nose but after two years of being sent for training, she was now shorter than him by a head.

When Yanjing looked down the two eyes met and stared at one another for a moment. Perhaps it was the place that they were at, or the affects on their emotions from the previous event. Yanjing lowered his head and placed his lips over hers. Xing did not resist but instead she closed her eyes and accepted it. His hands traveled up and in through her soaked hair, untying the ribbon which fell on the ground.

Had Yanjing's identity been an ordinary person, others would congratulate the two. However Yanjing's real identity is far from ordinary. He is meant to be the future general, someone who would be able to fight for his country and guard its doors. The only reason for him to interact with a girl with the means to marry would be only for political relations. So when his servants saw their master kissing a peasant girl, a girl from one of the country villages they were shocked and all of them pitied the two because they know that this couple will never become true.

The two stayed like that for some time before the two pulled away. Xing looked down and when everything settled in on her, her face became red.

"What j-we di-wha-did we just do?" Xing stammered and Yanjing laughed at her reaction.

"Why are you laughing?" Xing demanded.

"Sorry. Sorry. It's just that I've never seen you like this." Yanjing responded.

Xing turned around and crossed her hands over her chest. "I do have emotions you know. I just..never show them."

Yanjing's eyes softened as he looked at the girl in front of him. She always kept a poker face in front of everyone. She never showed her emotions, even when it's in front of him she showed very little, and yet she was the only one that can make his heart move. He turned her around before pressing his lips on hers again. This time Xing was surprised and resisted but Yanjing only pulled her in tighter, deepening the kiss.

This time he pulled away first and in the rain he confessed.

"I seem to have fallen for you Xing."


Xing doesn't remember much of what happened after they went back to the village. The only thing she did remember was that they were now not only friends but lovers.

The rest of the summer went by smoothly with them going out everyday and spending time with each other like a couple. Before they knew it, the summer had come to an end and it was time for Yanjing to leave again.

"Yanjing." Xing called.

"Xing!" Yanjing quickly walked over and hugged her.

"Yanjing." She said again and this time she knew she had to say it.

"There som-" "Xing, when's your birthday?" Yanjing interrupted.

"Eh? It's in the winter." She answered.

"Why do you ask?" She asked but Yanjing only smiled and placed a finger on her lips.

"You'll see." He answered.

"Well. You see, Yanjing. The truth is-" "Sir Yanjing. It is the time for you to leave." This time it was his servants who interrupted.

Yanjing nodded to his servant then kissed Xing's forehead.

"Wait for me. I'll be back in the winter." He whispered. He then climbed onto the horse prepared for him by his servants and sprinted off.

"Yanjing." Xing looked at his disappearing shadow and bit her lips. "I didn't tell you yet."


The rest of their story progresses much faster after his leave.

Yanjing came back during the winter to meet Xing and to celebrate her birthday, however what she did not know was that he actually snuck out of his house to meet her this time. All the previous times, his father has given his permission but after he was sent off to train for the army he was forbidden to go again. After a very long time pleading his father Yanjing was allowed to go one more time, that was the summer visit. Unfortunately after that visit Yanjing only wanted to go back to that village, to go to Xing.

Of course Xing was very happy to meet Yanjing and especially since he came to celebrate her birthday. For her 14th birthday, Yanjing gave her a white jade pin which went perfectly with her black hair. There relationship became closer and much more sweeter until he had to leave again. This time his father was furious and sent a small army of 12 soldiers to personally "escort" him home. This was the first time Xing became aware that Yanjing was no ordinary person.

This time before he left Xing gathered the courage and told him to return soon to come get her because she wants to leave. Whether or not he really understood what she said, she did not know but she wanted him to at least know her desire to leave.

Right after Yanjing left another customer came to see Xing. This time it was Yanjing's future fiance, Xing does not remember the name of this person however she did remember the torture she suffered under this women. Yanjing's future fiance began with threats and some verbal bullying, her comments would be about how a lowly country girl can never fit with Yanjing. That only someone with her status can be beside him. This women exposed Yanjing's real identity to Xing but Xing ignored all her comments because she does not believe that any of those are true, she would only believe what Yanjing tells her. However it was because Xing only ignored her, that the tactics escalated.

She would lay down multiple traps for her to fall under, one time she would return to her room to see all her clothes torn. This bullying became unbearable when this women had someone kidnap her and pricked multiple needles on her body. The pain from one needle may be very little but with a couple hundred at a time, these small pains would add up becoming unbearable. Xing's yell could be heard from outside the houses but no one came to help her because this women gave the entire village a hefty sum to seal their lips.

Only Xiao Xiao stood up for Xing and immediately went to tell Yanjing. She knew where he was from so it was not hard for her to arrive at the city to find this men. Everyone knew who Yanjing was so after asking three people she was led to where Yanjing lived and told Yanjing. After hearing the news he could not hold in his anger and quickly arrived at the village to stop this. He arrived in time and saved Xing. His future fiance was sent back and not given the time to make up any excuses for her actions.

He stayed for three days to help Xing recover but when Xing awoke the first question she asked was "What is your real identity?" Yanjing confessed everything and swore that he wanted to tell her everyday. He told her about his identity as the son of a general, the one that would later inherit his father's throne. He also confessed that the reason he came to this village in the first place was because his father wanted him to understand how peasants are living since from a young boy he was extremely spoiled.

After hearing this, Xing did not react. She did not know how to react to such news. The words that his future fiance began to sink in because now she knows that they are true. To make matters worse she agreed with everything that women had told her. She did not know what she should do, now that she knows about Yanjing's real identity she could not ask for him to take her away. In truth, she had dreamed of him coming to get her and the two of them settle somewhere in the woods where they would live together with their kids in a comfy little cottage. However this would only stay as a dream because there was no way the son of the general would be allowed to live as a peasant instead of a high and mighty general. It was illogical, who would choose to be poor when they have the option to be rich and respected?

That night she ran away. She exchanged the pin he gave her for his dagger then took the bag she had prepared for years. In the night she ran in the snow and walked for a few days before she arrived at Crystal City. Where she became a servant, then the personal maid of Mingxia.

-----------Back to now~

Yanjing balled up his fist and looked at the girl he once liked again. She looked away from him and very uncomfortably avoided his eyes.

Yanjing's face darkened. "I see. Let's go, Xing, Lady Mingxia is in danger."

Xing's face immediately became worried. "What? Why?"

"She's suffering from a wound and when I left she was unconscious." He responded.

'Why do you sorry about her so much? What about me, did you worry about me when you left without saying a word?'

"Then take me to her. Now." She demanded.

Yanjing nodded and motioned for her to follow.

"Oh wait." She said and went back to the cave to grab the bag.

After retrieving the bag she met up with Yanjing and the two walked away in the forest with Yanjing leading the way.

The walk back was silent and tense however in Xing's mind she was only worried about Mingxia. They arrived at a clearing where a camp was set, there were multiple horses, men, and three carriages. Yanjing walked directly up the biggest carriage and reported.

"Qiu, I found out." Then Zong Qiu walked out of the carriage wearing thin robes.

"Where's she?" Xing questioned going directly to her point.

Zong Qiu turned his head towards the carriage. "She's in there. Don't worry her wounds have been treated by me and right now she's sleeping."

Xing directly went in and saw the sleeping Mingxia. She saw that her lady was covered in an unfamiliar robe and immediately knew why Zong Qiu was wearing like that. She removed the robe and saw the treated wound and the blood. Suddenly a pale of clean water and a towel was pushed into the carriage and Xing immediately went to work. She carefully wiped away the blood and removed the blood stained clothes then took out fresh ones from her bag. She helped Mingxia get dressed and laid her into a comfortable position.

After finishing she took out the pale of blood water and gave it to one the servants.

"Is she fine now." Zong Qiu walked up and asked.

Xing curtsied before answering. "Yes."

Zong Qiu nodded then went into another carriage and told the others that they are to leave in the morning. Xing walked back into the carriage and laid down next to Mingxia.

The night had been long and sleepiness had finally began to creep up. She slowly closed her eyes and everything went black.
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