23 Double Agen
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Author :melodyr129
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23 Double Agen

Mingxia's eyes narrowed as she stepped out into the garden checking to see if there were any other unwanted people in her yard. After a thorough checking Mingxia closed the door and walked back in.

She sat down back in her seat and picked up a mantou. She bit into it the fluffy bun and smiled before diving into her congee.

Xing watched and dug her nails into her dress. She has to say it now.

"Mingxia. There is something I have to tell you." She looked up and into Mingxia's eyes.

Mingxia nodded and signaled for her to speak as she bit into the steamed bun again.

"The truth is...this morning....


Xing spilled out everything that happened this morning. From when she woke up this morning to the moment she stepped into this room. She did not miss a single detail and even mentioned the changes in Tang Xiao Min's tone and facial expressions. She carefully explained Tang Xiao Min's offer and the accusations she used to describe Mingxia.

Mingxia took in the news calmer than what she anticipated. Instead of acting at least troubled by this Mingxia remained calm and did not seem to be bothered by this. After Xing finished Mingxia set down her spoon and wiped her mouth before looking at Xing.

"If that women gave you the offer and option to accept then why are you telling me this." Mingxia's response was cold and distant. Her grey eyes clouded up and Xing could see the storm brewing inside her lady.

"She wants to recruit you to become her person, her spy, so that you can report my every move to her. Since that is the case then why are you telling me this? Under her command you could get better treatment and money than what you can get if you serve me. So tell me Xing, the reason for telling me this."

She looked down at her hands as Mingxia's question echoed through her mind.

Why did she tell Mingxia about what happened? She could of stayed quiet and agreed to the Second Mistress' terms to be her spy. She could of received so much and achieved more but no. Somewhere or someone inside her told her that she is to be truthful and that always loyal to one person. She never dreamt of becoming royalty and anyone related, instead she had always hoped to become a support, someone who can walk side by side someone and to help others.

Yes her dream was to become someone, "who will always support my friends no matter what they do. I want and will become someone that will help my friend shine brighter and achieve his goal because my goal will always be him. To catch up to him and to stand side by side to him." A fuzzy piece of memory flashed past Xing's eyes and the memory of a blurry young man standing in front of the setting sun speaking these words gave Xing her answer.

She doesn't view herself as a servant to Mingxia, but as a friend. A person that can help share Mingxia's responsibilities and hardships, a person Mingxia can trust. She will always be loyal to Mingxia no matter what happens.

She relaxed her fingers and folded her hands together before beginning to say, "Because."

Xing sat up straighter and looked at Mingxia, a warm smile formed on her face.

"You are my goal, my ending line, someone that I want to support forever."

A simple sentence was enough to represent what Xing is currently feeling and this brought a smile onto Mingxia's face.

'As expected, I did not choose the wrong person.'

"Xing, you may be younger than me but you have shown me that you are more mature than any other girls your age. In the past few months you have been here and served me I could see that you possess something more than the other girls. You possess the determination and unwavering loyalty. I was not wrong to have you by my side, Xing." Mingxia's words are filled with kindness and such gentleness that Xing began to cry.

She quickly got on her knees and kneeled in front of Mingxia.

"Xing is happy to serve Lady Mingxia and shall stay loyal to you forever." Xing pledged and Mingxia let out a soft laugh.

"Oh come on get up. I told you before right, drop the lady stuff just call me Mingxia." Mingxia got up and helped Xing to get up on her feet.

"You chose to follow me so I will make sure you will not go through any mistreatment. If anyone is to bully you, you tell me and I will personally make sure that undergo a punishment worse than hell." Mingxia truly meant what she said as she patted Xing's head.

Her lady's protectiveness warmed Xing heart and she laughed. Mingxia also joined and she playfully flicked Xing's forehead.

"Hey!" Xing used her left hand to cover her forehead.

The two finished the rest of their breakfast in happiness and not long after Mingxia can be seen sitting down with Xing standing next to her.

"Mingxia, how should I respond to the second mistress though?" Xing asked.

Mingxia scrunched her nose as if deep in thought. "Xing, accept her offer."

"Hah? What?" Xing did not understand why Mingxia would want her to be a spy for someone else.

"I said that you should accept her offer." Mingxia repeated.

"But. Why?"

"Why? Isn't the reason quite simple." Mingxia spoke as though her plan was clear and easy to understand when in fact it was not.

"I need you to accept her request to make her believe that she has control over me when she doesn't. In fact, with you on her side I can also know what she plans to do and she wouldn't do anything to you if you accept so it's a win-win situation." Mingxia explained.

Xing took in what Mingxia just said and she quickly unraveled what Mingxia's plan was.

"You want me to be a double agent?" She blurted out.

A confident smile appeared on Mingxia's face. "Yep."
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