21 Tang Xiao Min“s Plan
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Author :melodyr129
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21 Tang Xiao Min“s Plan

Xing got up early to begin her tasks, just like the other maids and servants in this household. Along with being Mingxia's personal maid she also has to help out in the kitchen and do laundry in the morning.

She tossed the heavy bucket into the well and using her strength, she pulled up the bucket of water. She poured the water into another bucket and repeated the process again. She has to do this three times before she can take the bucket into the kitchen.

"Hey-sho." She said as she arrived at the kitchen.

"Xing, you have to be faster. With your pace this kitchen would have long been cooking now." A plump mean looking women hollered. The other servant around them shuddered and quickly did their work, hoping that they would not be the next target.

This is Le Mi, the head maid. Everyone addresses her as Head Maid Mi in front of her but in their quarters people call her the female devil.

Le Mi used to be the Second mistress' personal maid and everyone knows that the years beside the Wei family's second mistress has done her no good. Le Mi has grown to be loud and demanding, always believing that she is right and that she is in charge of the servants. After she was appointed as the Head Maid she became even more so. Everyday you would find her nitpicking and punishing the maids and servants.

"Go get another two buckets and this time I need you to get here in 10 minutes. Go!" She screamed and Xing quickly scrambled over to the well while muttering curses.

"That old hag..." She muttered as she threw down the bucket.

"Are you Xing?" A cold voice suddenly asked.

Xing looked up to a tall women wearing a pale purple dress. This person is the Second Mistress' current personal maid, Le Xi, she is also Le Mi's sister even though they look almost nothing alike.

Le Mi is plump and short while Le Xi is skinny and tall. Le Mi has black hair with streaks if white and grey making her look old while Le Xi has hair as black as coal.

"Yes I'm Xing." Xing replied.

"Follow me. The second mistress would like to meet you." Le Xi said and turne around.

"But I'm-"

"I will tell my sister." Before Xing could finish Le Xi answered her question for her so Xing could only nod and follow.

Le Xi took her into Tang Xiao Min's courtyard where she was already waiting.

"Mistress, the servant you wanted is here." Le Xi curtisied and stood beside her mistress.

Xing also curtsied and stood in place.

"So you're Xing. Come here." Tang Xiao Min stretched her hand and motioned for Xing to come closer.

Xing followed her order and stood close to Tang Xiao Min.

(A/N: beause her name is quite long, whenever I use her full name I will shorten it and call her Tang Xiao in this chapter.)

"Tell me child, how long have you been here?" Tang Xiao asked as she gently touched Xing's cheek with the back of her pointer finger.

Xing shivered at her touch. "Second Mistress, this lowly servant has been here close to half a year."

"Young child, in front of me you do not have to address me as second mistress, call me Madam Wei." Tang Xiao caringly said.

"Oh. No, this servant can not do such thing." Xing replied.

"Child, relax. There is something that I have not told you. I knew your mother and father." She began.

"You knew my father and mother?" XIng asked.

Tang Xiao nodded. "I used to be friends with your mother, she was such a sweetheart. I am so sorry for your loss though, when I heard of the situation I was devstated." Tears began to form in Tang Xiao's eyes as she used her handkerchief to gently pat them away.

"The I was informed that they have a daughter and that she was living at her uncles and aunt I was overjoyed. Every year I would have someone report to me of your well being, you can say that I watched you grow up from a mere child to a beautiful young women." Tang Xiao stretched her finger and lifted Xing's chin as if examining her beauty.

"Then you were recruited here, I did not know until a few days ago because you suddenly left you uncle and aunt's house. If I had known earlier I would have brought you close to me instead of having you serve that little immature child."

"Perhaps, are you talking about Lady Mingxia?" XIng asked.

Tang Xiao nodded as she used her handkerchief to cover the malicious smile of triumph.

"That little brat thinks that she knows everything just because she is the first daughter. I don't think that you know this but she has always been envy of Mingxue's talents and has tried to ruin her sister multiple times." Tang Xiao began to play the act of a caring mother.

"I knew of this but I could not say anything. She has the love of everyone in the house, and since I am soft hearted, I pity for her. I let her actions slide by time after time but each time it gets worse. You can say that I am at my bottom line. I do not care what happens to me but my poor Mingxue, she deserves more." Tears began pouring out again and Le Xi passed over another handkerchief.

Xing looked at Tang Xiao with a face of shock.

"Now I do not want for the same thing to happen to you. I would love to have you come be my personal maid but I'm afraid MIngxia would not allow me to. So I would like to ask you if you would like to be one of my people but you would have to continue serving Mingxia until I can have you come serve me. Would you, Xing?"
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