19 The Right to Love
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Author :melodyr129
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19 The Right to Love

It was the last day of Mingxia's "confinement" and she was excited. She quickly finished her dinner and went to sleep. When it was midnight Xing blew out the candle and left to go back to the servant's quarters. She closed the door and quietly walked back.

Right after Xing left, a familiar shadow walked up to the room and opened the door.

The moonlight penetrated into the room through the windows and showered on Mingxia's face. Right now the only emotion on her face is peacefulness. Zong Qiu walked over and studied the sleeping beauty in front of her. He stroked her cheek and lowered himself so he could look at her.

"Why are you so special?" He whispered.

Mingxia spurred a little and her breathing deepened but she did not wake up. Zong Qiu smiled and very slowly his head grew closer to hers until he could feel her steady breathing against his face. His eyes lowered away from her eyes and fell onto her lips. Very gently his head grew closer and his lips pressed onto hers then closed his eyes.

With his eyes closed he didn't notice immediately that Mingxia had opened her eyes and was shocked. She didn't move but instead she closed her eyes again, pretending to sleep.

After some time Zong Qiu stood up and left the room.

After making sure he left Mingxia opened her eyes again and sat up. Still shocked she lifted her fingers to her lips with his warmth still lingering on her lips.

She was not stupid and have realized that Zong Qiu was special to her but she was hesitant...She is hesitant. In the past life her so called "love" was nothing more than a show, fake and only acting. She was so ignorant and naïve that now that she looks back was it actually love?

Does she deserve the right to love someone?


The next morning Xing came in and helped her clean and dress. After being dressed Mingxia ate her breakfast in silence.

"Looks like someone's missing a particular person." Xing teased.

"Xing! How dare you!" Mingxia tackled Xing to the ground and the two playfully "fought".

"Xing you have been growing bolder these days huh. You even have the courage to tease your lady." Said Mingxia

"No that's not called teasing, Mingxia. It's called speaking the truth." Mingxia grew red with anger before saying, "You come here Xing!" Xing laughed and ran around with Mingxia behind her.

"Very lively in here isn't it?" Zong Qiu said walked into the room with his two friends Ying and Yanjing.

Mingxia froze and did not turn around to look at him. Xing walked out towards him and curtsied when she looked up, she unexpecting gasped a bit. Her eyes met in contact with Yanjing's and the two immediately recognized each other. Ying was looking at the strange situation with Zong Qiu and Mingxia when his attention was diverted and he saw another strange situation with another pair.

Yanjing did not break his eye contact with Xing, for on his face was pure shock and a bit of gentleness. While Xing's eyes held a sense of sadness, happiness and also guilt.

"Did you pack up already?" Zong Qiu asked and brought the two back to reality.

"Lady Mingxia did not have much to pack so she is ready." Xing answered.

"Yeah." Mingxia said and did her best to avoid Zong Qiu's gaze.

"Young master, your carriage is here." A servant reported.

Zong Qiu nodded at him and the servant left.

"Your carriage is here." He simply said to Mingxia and Mingxia only nodded.

Zong Qiu looked at her and an uncomfortable silence fell upon them.

"Let's go." Zong Qiu let out a sigh and he left with his two friends.

Mingxia nodded.


The ride back was quiet with Mingxia leaning against the carriage. Xing was also quietly sitting in a corner, looking as though she was thinking of something else and was too occupied to notice her lady's quietness.

Before they knew it, the carriage pulled up in front of the Wei household. Mingxia's grandmother was waiting for her outside on the footsteps.

"Xia er, you're back." She greeted Mingxia warmly and helped her down the carriage.

"En." Mingxia smiled and together with her grandmother the two walked into the house.

"Mingxia you're back. Are you ok?" Master Wei asked Mingxia once she walked into the room.

"I'm fine, father." She answered.

"Mingxia-jie jie, it is a pleasure to see you well." Mingxue said as she curtsied.

"En." Mingxia nodded and smiled at her sister.

Tang Xiao Min sat in her chair and could only sit in her chair in silence. Daggers were coming out of her eyes as she studied Mingxia.

'She looks way too much like her mother.' She thought.

The porcelain cup sat delicately in her hand but her grip was tightening.

'As expected of the daughter of a b****, excelling at seducing powerful men. If it wasn't for your grandmother and father's love you are nothing. You are nothing when compared to my daughter, when comparing skill, the only thing you are better at is seducing others. You may have everything now but don't go thinking you will have all this later on, because everything that belongs to you belongs to my daughter, Wei Mingxue.'

Tang Xiao Min drank her tea down in one gulp but her gaze never left Mingxia.

She knows that if she wants her plans to succeed she would need to get rid of this nuisance first but the problem was how. Her gaze left Mingxia and settled on the maid behind Mingxia, Xing.

'That orphan..could be of some use.' A creepy smile formed on her smile as an intricate plan began to unfold in her head.
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