16 Protective
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Author :melodyr129
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16 Protective

Am I dead?

Did I die again?

Oh well, at least I did something...I guess.

What is this light?


Light penetrated through Mingxia's eyelids as she slowly opened them. She lifted her hand to shield her eyes from the light when she realized she was still alive.

'I didn't travel back in time again right?'

She moved her head to see a surprising sight. To her right Zong Qiu sat with his head leaned against the bedpost fast asleep.

"What-" Mingxia's voice came out surprisingly hoarse and deep.

She coughed a bit to recover her voice when Zong Qiu woke up from his sleep. His eyes immediately settled on Mingxia's and softened.

"Where am I?" She asked as she slowly got up.

Zong Qiu helped Mingxia up by holding onto her waist and on her shoulder. He passed her a cup of warm water, which Mingxia took with both hands holding it.

"You're in my quarters." He delivered his statement simply even though it can be easily misunderstood.

Mingxia spit out the water she just drunk and coughed out loudly.

"Hey!" Zong Qiu patted her back as she calmed down and wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

Zong Qiu was holding a handkerchief for her and pushed it to her.

"Be more ladylike." Mingxia burst out laughing again and coughed even more.

"Ladylike? Very funny." She took the handkerchief and gently wiped her mouth.

She wanted to get down when she realized that she was not in the green dress but in a thin white outfit. She immediately pulled the blanket over her shoulders and blushed from embarrassment.

"Wh-who helped me change?" She asked quietly.

Zong Qiu smiled a bit and answered in a playful tone. "Hmmm. What if I said it was me?"

Mingxia's blush grew from pink to deep red.

"Y-You-Yo-" She grabbed the nearest thing she can throw, the pillow, and threw it at him.

He laughed and caught it before placing it back down. Mingxia turned away pouting with a humph.

"Ok, ok, it was your sister Mingxue." He stood up and nodded to a servant.

The servant then nodded and opened the door. Mingxue walked in wearing a yellow gown and slowly walked over before sitting on Mingxia's bedside.

"Are you feeling better?" Mingxue's voice was soft and filled with care as she took the handkerchief out of Mingxia's hand. She dipped the handkerchief into the basin of water and wringed it.

Mingxia nodded as Mingxue gently wiped her forehead. Mingxia could smell the jasmine scent coming off Mingxue's clothing, Mingxue always liked to use jasmine to perfume her clothes. Even in the past life it was her habit to do so. However, because of her countless schemes, Mingxia grew to hate this smell because whenever she smelled it, it only reminded her of many unpleasant memories. But this time, something changed, the smell was not as sickening as before but quite pleasant.

"I'm sorry..." Mingxia's eyes widened as she could not believe had she heard. Her sister actually apologized to her.

Mingxia smiled and her eyes softened.

"Don't worry. It wasn't your fault." Tears brimmed at Mingxue's eyelids and she smiled back.



The physician then came back and was happy to report that Mingxia recovered. He advised her to take some herbal tea and left a mixture of herbs on a sheet of paper. Mingxia was very happy and would have immediately asked to be let out if Zong Qiu hadn't ordered for her to stay in the room for another three days. He had guards standing at the door and windows to prevent her from escaping. Each hour a maid would come in and MAKE sure she drinks the herbal tea. Every meal would be personally decided by Zong Qiu and every night she had to eat dinner with him.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" Mingxia's happy spirit immediately dropped rock bottom.

Mingxue also awkwardly laughed when she heard his rules. Why is he so protective?

Zong Qiu's decision was final and he ignored Mingxia's angry complaints.

He ordered for each servant to follow his orders and that if they disobeyed then they would have to face the consequences.


"At least that means he cares?" Xing was not being helpful as Mingxia lied on her bed, pouting.

"Who does he think he is? Who said he had the right to conceal me in this room?" Mingxia pouted.

"Uhhh, the second prince?" Xing stated the obvious but that was exactly what Mingxia did not want to hear.

She flicked Xing's forehead and Xing yelped in pain before covering the red spot with her hands.

"Mingxia!" Xing cried.

"That's what you get." Mingxia turned the other way to show her annoyance.

Xing could only sigh in defeat and began cleaning the room.

Xing was allowed to accompany Mingxia during the three days she is to be confined in this room. Xing arrived in the morning and informed her of the situation at home.

"Your grandmother was furious when she heard you fell into the water. But she calmed down when she heard about you and the second prince. Master Wei was the same but the second mistress was not. She was furious that Lady Mingxue also fell in but her face darkened when she heard about you and the second prince."

Mingxia remained quiet and deep in thought. Han Xiao Min hated Mingxia's mother since she was only a concubine while her mother was the mistress of the house. When Mingxia's mother fell ill and she took over as mistress, she must of felt like she can do anything. Mingxia knew of Han Xiao Min's goals to destroy her mother and have Mingxue take Mingxia's title of the first daughter. She faced many unfair hardships and she did not want Mingxue to go through the same hardships. Her husband and mother-in-law's favor for Mingxia was her biggest obstacle. Eventually she chose to team up with Zong Qing so that she can take over the family and to get back at those who messed with her before.
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