3 Brought Back
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Author :melodyr129
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3 Brought Back

Mingxia expected pain but instead she was given darkness, only darkness.

She also received silence as her thoughts led to other ones, questioning what was happening. But then she heard a female voice talking, although it was distant she could clearly hear what she was saying.

"It's past noon already, the lady won't wake up." The female complained.

Mingxia's five senses slowly came back and she could feel that she was on top of a bed, a very comfortable one. She slowly opened her eyes and she saw the ceiling of the room. She gasped, and looked around... she was back in her own room. The blue porcelain was still standing in the corner of her room, not yet broken and the bronze mirror located on her desk was also intact.

What is happening here?


Mingxia traveled back ten years, into her fifteen year old body. At first she wasn't sure how to process this and if she was dreaming or not. She was cleaned, dressed and was given breakfast as she slowly realized what happened. It wasn't until she met her grandmother that she knew this was real. Her grandmother was killed when she was eighteen by Zong Ching, but back then Mingxia didn't know that. She was given the false information, information that her grandmother was killed by the third prince and she bared a grudge against the prince for the rest of her life, until she knew the truth.

Mingxia is ready to take what was hers even if it mean killing her lover who never loved her, it was only her from the beginning. In this life she planned to change the tragic ending in her last life, she has been given a second chance to change her wrong doings. She was going to use this opportunity to avenge her family and to stop Zong Ching.


The maid and male servants were all whispering about the latest gossips. But wherever you go in the house you could hear them talk about one topic, Lady Mingxia. Mingxia is usually cheerful and always doing dangerous activities that scared the servants. However today the usually childish lady is now sitting quietly in her room, reading a book. When Nanny Huang saw this she burst into tears saying that the lady finally has begun to show her feminine side. She immediately rushed to inform the head of the house, and of course, Mingxue also heard of this and sought out to understand what was happening.

As she walked in through the door the scene before her eyes startled her, her sister was peacefully reading a book and sipping tea like a proper lady. Her dress was simple with its purple and white layers but she had this aura fit for a lady.

"Have you stared enough, dear sister?" Mingxia suddenly asked as she placed down her book and looked at Mingxue.

Mingxue plastered a smile on her face and sat down in the chair nearest to her.

"Who told you, you could sit." Mingxia's tone was harsh and cold which caught Mingxue by surprise. Mingxia also known for her kindness and how optimistic she is but this was also her weakness. Hearing Mingxia's tone this surprised Mingxue and her maids.

"Meimei apologizes for her rude behavior, I have forgotten to show the proper greetings to you, dear sister." Mingxue's tone was sugar coated so much that it made Mingxia want to choke.

"Then go on with it." She simply said and took a sip of her tea. She pretended to not notice the shock on her sister's face as she curtsied. Mingxia studied her sister from the corner of her eyes. Mingxue was wearing a blue and purple dress and her hair was tied in a simple but very elegant style. This was the well-known Lady Mingxue and her feminine charms, but who knew that under this skin of hers, she would be hiding such cruel emotions.

Mingxue was fourteen years old and although she had always been better than Mingxia in their studies she never received the attention she wanted. The two are half sisters with the same father but different mother, her mother is a concubine and Mingxia is born from the first wife and mistress of the family. Mingxue received compliments but none of those compliments were said from the heart. She envied her sister for getting so much attention despite being good at almost nothing.

Mingxue stood as Mingxia picked her book again and continued reading. She looked at her maid and she studied her sister. Her sister usually prefers male clothing and would often cross dress to sneak outside, so seeing her in a dress is quite shocking on its own. Her sister was also emitting a different kind aura, it was now cold and icy while usually it's light and bubbly. Her maid beside her grew very impatient at Mingxia for making her lady stand for so long but looking at her lady's reaction she knew better and decided not to speak.

"Aren't you here for something? Then go on with it unless you plan to stand in my room for the rest of the day." Mingxia asked and pulled Mingxue back to reality. "Ahh no. Meimei only wanted to see you dear sister." She replied and eyed Mingxia for a second before lowering her gaze when she saw her sister was looking at her.

"Okay then, now that you have seen me you can leave now, the door is behind you." She simply answered and raised a hand towards the door.

Bewildered, Mingxue murmured her farewell and turned to leave. Her face was covered with shock as she processed what just happened.
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