Overlord of Sin
107 Game Of Thrones: Dragon Overlord out! Pa Treon Deal
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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107 Game Of Thrones: Dragon Overlord out! Pa Treon Deal


List of new fanfics I will be writing:

Top 3

[This will be on my new account: DarknessZ. It will contain fanfic novels that have never been done]

The Dark Avatar

God Marvel

God of Sports


Side fanifcs this will be posted on [DragonZ]

RWBY: Silver Twins- MC is the brother of Ruby Rose and Yang[

Acnologia Reborn in Fairy Tail

Naruto: Epic System- Neji gets a system and becomes a badass, might even get a Rinnegan you never know.

Multiverse Assasin- An assassin who travels and kills everyone.

God Of Highschool fanfic.

Castlevania/ Hellsing fanfic


Biggest final top 3[On new GhostyZ account since this account is already full lol]

Gamer Multiverse Chat Group

DxD Solo Leveling Dragon

Fate Infinite Chaos: Final fanfic


As you can see I will never stop posting novels on webnovel. Also I have a new original R-18 extreme smut novel coming out tomorrow called Deviant System I will send you a link


NEWs about Overlord of Sin.

This original novel will have 1 chapter daily updates but it will finish on my pa treon first with about [30 or more advanced chapters posted this month on my pa treon first. There is already 15 advanced chapters up and I plan to post more chapters tomorrow on my pa treon. So if you want to finish this fanfic consider joining my pa treon, my other fanfics will be posted on my pa treon and you will get a lot of R-18 chapters for all my fanfics and all my original novels!

Just $5 to join and read on ahead.

PA TREON: https://www.pa treon.com/ghostybones

I will be posting huge pa treon deal tomorrow!

have a good day. Oh and chapters tomorrow.

Please go to https://www.wuxiaworld.co/Overlord-of-Sin/ to read the latest chapters for free


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