Overlord of Sin
100 New Day
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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100 New Day

Drakos finally sleeps and soon the morning comes, the sun rises and shines brighter than ever.

"Damn was the sun always this fucking bright!" Drakos yawns and stretches as he awakens from his long slumber. Next to him were four beautiful maidens all sleeping peacefully on top of his buff chest. Reza his busty blossoming scarlet sister, Kara his younger petite cute ginger-haired sister, the closest ones next to him was his insanely voluptuous scarlet haired and ruby-eyed mother, and of course the even bustier white-haired and blue-eyed dragon Girl[Her eyes change! Drakos was really living the dream!

The nearby male butlers of his Drakos's house were quite jealous and so were the knights who were brought into the house as extra back-up since Drakos's father had been abducted. Not like Drakos needed any of the knight's protection, he could more than enough protect himself with his current power and his Overlord System. He didn't see anyone as a challenge as of yet, however, he did see one person as his equal, which was the guardian of the Phoneix Kingdom and of the King and Queen, known as The Wall.

'Damn, I can still feel that big bastards punch,' Drakos cracked his neck and knuckles, 'Its time to get stronger,' He stands up from his bed.

"Goodmorning my son," Katarina softly says with a motherly maiden face as she hugs him, her long scarlet hair dangles over her sexy face. Right now she was only wearing a skin-tight white fur robe! Her thick milky thighs could be seen.

Drakos's dragon was slowly rising! 'Dammit get a hold of yourself! I have to cultivate today. Remember don't dick with your dick! But its kind of hard when my mom is so fucking hot!' He gritted his teeth and resisted his sexual lust for his mother.

"Morning master!" The White Dragon quickly pushes away Drakos's mother and hugs him, her massive melons press up against face, her boobs really soft and squishy, they were magnificent and perfect!

'How is her skin so soft? And it feels like my face is sinking deep inside heavenly flesh pillows, her breasts really feel so good!' Drakos embraces The White Dragon's compassionate hug, this was heaven for him compared to boring life he had on Earth just being a soldier.

"Hmmph! Get away from him!" Reza gets right in the White Dragon's face and snarls, she gritted her teeth in anger. Both Reza and the White Dragon stare down each other. They butt-heads, both of them were growling, they looked like they wanted to kill each other. Out of all the girls in Drakos's house Reza his older sister was the most protective, she didn't want any other girl touching Drakos.

"Hey! No fighting!" Drakos gets off from the bed before things got wild. "All of you just get along. We need to work together to beat the Phoenix Kingdom in a Clan Battle. They will be choosing their best warriors, hunters, knights, mages, and cultivators to against us, we all have to train now to the fullest!"

"But why is she here!? I don't like her aura! It's dark and evil! Who are you!?" Reza pokes The White Dragon's chest.


"Don't fucking touch me!" The White Dragon smacks away Reza's delicate hands and growls. Reza may have looked slim and girly, but she was very powerful and had some muscles around her arm and slender legs if she didn't the smack alone from the White Dragon would have broken her bones!

"What did I just say!" Drakos slams his fist down the kitchen table.

"But!" Reza snarled.

"But nothing. I trust this woman, she will not harm us," Drakos said as he points over the White Dragon.

'Shit I forgot to give her name,' Drakos snaps his finger, 'Yeah Daenery sounds good,'

[Ding!] Title given to the White Dragon naming someone will show you their stats!

[Daenery: The White Dragon]-

Level: -

Rank: -

Drakos's golden eyes widened at the insane stats The White Dragon had, 'This can't be!?'_________________

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