Overlord of Sin
99 Winter is coming Pt.5
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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99 Winter is coming Pt.5

Drakos sits down cooly and sharply with one leg crossed and he lays back in a dominant way as he inspects his Phantasm Gun. He adds modifications with his Overlord System to his Phantasm Gun, there were no bullets in Phanastm Gun which was in the form of a 50.cal magnum. Drakos could create infinite bullets made of Phantasmal Mana! Meaning his ammo supply was infinite! His Phantasm Gun was a literal one gun army! Drakos could take down B-Rank[Gold] mages and cultivators if he wanted to! Drakos right now was a D-Rank Silver Rank cultivator[Level 10]. But do not let his rank fool you, he really was powerful! Drakos knew that he would have to cultivate more to become even more powerful!

"So what exactly what to know about me? I don't even know much about you?" Drakos spins around his Phantasm Gun in style and puts it inside his belt buckle then leans closer to the White Dragon.

The White Dragon still feared Drakos's Phanatams Gun she had never such a small powerful futuristic weapon ever before in her life.

"Uh-uh umm I want to know about our past and who you really you are!" The White Dragon shouts as she cutely blushes with a maiden face. She really was extremely beautiful and fierce up close! She was like a Dragon Maiden! Both firey and angelic at the same time! She truly was a heavenly sight to behold!

"Who I really am?" Drakos said with eyes furrowed, his long white hair dangles over his golden eyes.

"Yes, I want to know if you are that human boy from that faithful day, the one who gave me this," The White Dragon points over at the crystal shard on the end of her silver necklace and blushes even more.

'Huh? That stone looks exactly like the one I am wearing over my wool necklace!?' Drakos looks down at his necklace and sees the exact crystal shard.

"That shard around your neck is the rarest and powerful stone in this world, it is called Dragon Stone, no one has ever found this stone let alone obtained it! Nor has any human survived wearing one as the stone itself will devour its user! You are the only human I have seen with a Dragon Stone! That must mean you are the young boy who protected me back then when I was fighting against the Phoenix Kingdom in the rebellion! You are the one who saved my life!" The White Dragon says with big wide shaking crimson eyes, she really looked adorable and angelic right now. Almost harmless, but Drakos knew how powerful her true side was, at any second she could transform into a True Dragon and destroy everything in her path.

"Wait a second, you do remind of that Dragon Girl, the one who stood up against the Phoenix Army and Hunters, I remember also that you saved my life from being attacked by a Colossal Dire Wolf in the forest. They slaughtered it with your bare hands, I think I need to be the one to say thank you for saving my life," Drakos said as he rubs his chin with a smirk.

"But you also saved my life! Those hunters and warriors would have slaughtered me if you didn't step in to protect me! You even slashed down your own race! But w-why you protect a monster like me!? I devour humans and burn down kingdoms! No human would ever be my friend! You were the only human that didn't see me as a monster!" The White Dragon sniffled with sorrowful eyes as she holds the Dragon Shard against her chest tightly.

"You are not a monster," Drakos places his hands on top of the White Dragon's slim shoulders.

"You gave me this Dragon Stone before you disappeared... I always cherished it and was waiting for you to come back. Why did you leave me!?" The White Dragon starts crying.

"I don't know.." Drakos doesn't remember what happened, he only knew he was reincarnated into this world, but at what age? So many things remained a mystery! He had so many unanswered questions to solve!

"Do you know... That only a true Dragonborn from the Dragon Clan can withstand the powerful draconic mana within this Dragon Stone..." The White Dragon said as she wipes away her tears from her gorgeous crimson eyes.

Drakos's eyes widened, 'Wait it can't be... Agggh my head!' He gripes his forehead.

"What's wrong!?" The White Dragon said with worry in her shaking eyes as she held up Drakos.

"It is nothing. I just need some rest," Drakos stands up his chair and heads straight towards his wool bed. It was finally time for him to rest, it had been a long as fuck day.

"D-do you mind if I sleep with you?" The White Dragon cutely pokes her fingers together and blushes as she sexily bites her glossy pink lips.

"Sure why not," Drakos said.

"YAY!" The White Dragon jumps on top of Drakos and smoother's his face with her massive boobs! Her boobs must have been way bigger than G-cups! Really the biggest and bounciest boobs that Drakos has ever seen next to his mother's boobs! The White Dragon's buxom boobs bounce and jiggle against Drakos's young face, it was strange to see that the White Dragon was about 10x times older than Drakos but still look as young as him!

"BROTHER! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING WITH HER! GET AWAY FROM MY BROTHER YOU FIEND!" Reza slams open the door and gritted her teeth, her firey scarlet hair and eyes was now glowing from how pissed off she was!

"How about you get out of here and leave us alone!" The White Dragon's draconic crimson eyes and white hair also start to glow as she was angry as fuck that Drakos's sister had ruined their time alone! She growled and gritted her teeth in rage.

Drakos sighs, "Why are you girls always fighting!" he snarled as he tries to sleep.

"My son! I have some news!" Katarina barges into his room as well.

"What is it?" Drakos said in an annoyed tone, he just wanted to rest already.

"The Phoenix Queen wants to meet you tomorrow, she wants to talk about the Clan Battle," Katarina said, "But you know I won't allow that! I will protect you no matter what my son!And why is she sleeping with you!?"

'Fucking great now I have to meet to psycho firey bitch tomorrow,' Drakos angrily gritted his teeth.

"Hmmph this won't do! We are all sleeping together as a family!" Katarina huffed as she jumps in the bed Drakos.

"This is so wrong! But I won't let this fiend sleep with my brother alone!" Reza also jumps in Drakos's bed.

"I am also joining!" Kara jumps on top of Drakos as well.

'Well at least this one good thing,' Drakos smirked as he holds all these beautiful maidens close to him. He knew that winter was coming soon and he would do whatever it takes to protect everyone! He also knew that the Clan Battle against the Phoenix Kingdom was coming soon. A new day appoarches. Drakos planned to cultivate right away once he was awake! Finally, he would get some much-needed rest with all the beauties in his harem!

Before Drakos went to sleep, 'Am I really the same as the White Dragon,' Drakos looks over at her white hair that looked like his, there so many things he wanted to know about his new life and this world! His journey was just beginning!

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