Overlord of Sin
98 News/ Release Rate/ Pa treon
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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98 News/ Release Rate/ Pa treon

IMPORTANT: Everyone for my other novel Netori System.

Overlord of sin will get daily chapters.



If you guys join my pa treon for $5 you will be able to read ahead to 30 chapters. This novel will end at 150 chapters on my pa treon. Every donation counts as I have lost my Grandfather and the money will be used to help out my family during this tough time.

https://ww w.pa treon.com/ghostybones

There are already 10 advanced chapters up.

I want to thank all of the supporters I have and all the readers. I will try my best to post daily chapters. I have been going through a hard time, but that won't stop me from writing.
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Again thank you all for the support.

[Here is my new novels that will come out this month]

Original: Lewd System- this novel will be posted on another account called GhostyXXX I will post a direct link for everyone to fellow. Lewd System is a more of a lighter Netori System with lots of epic R-18 moments. But the harem will grow at a steady pace and the relationships won't be forced or rushed. I have learned a lot from my past novels including this one. This novel will be posted after one week of Netori System postings.

IMPORTANT: None of my novels of NTR in it. ONLY NETORI. However, there will be some moments that will put you in the edge. Also Incest is banned from webnovel? So Lewd System may have slight incest but I need a way to work around it.

Summoner GxH: This original novel will be posted on Royal Road and will be one of my top 3 harem novel projects. This novel will be posted on webnovel next month. I will send a link when posted.


Fanfics: Solo Leveling Fate.


[ You will see a list of novels that will be posted on my pa treon and fanart/character art. You will also get access to all my incest novels that were banned like Hentai God System]

Please go to https://www.wuxiaworld.co/Overlord-of-Sin/ to read the latest chapters for free


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