Overlord of Sin
56 The White Dragon Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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56 The White Dragon Finale

A trail of blood was seen on a trek of snow. The glimmering moonlight shimmered and shone over the bloody trail of black blood.

A lone Dragon Girl walks a path alone with her long dragon tail and long white hair dragging across the snow. Blood and scar marks cover her entire body. Her steel armor shattered and cracked.

\"Zarah my sister...My blood... I have failed...\" The White Dragon falls down the snow and holds back her tears, as blood drips down from her lips. She gritted her teeth with fiery rage and hate.

[Pov White Dragon]

All my life I have been fighting just to stay alive from all the evil and corrupt in this world. How all humans selfishly took our clans land and slaughter my people. And just for what? For the 'Cores' to lie within us? To use us as slaves and pleasure dolls, to **** us of our existence and meaning. Tho my body and virginity are not tainted, I seen with my own eyes my brothers and sisters tortured and raped. Used and abused. And yet there is a faint glimmer of hope I once had when I escaped from the clutches of the Phoenix Kingdom.

There was a human boy I once know, one who showed me compassion, one who treated me like I was normal, not like some kind of monster. We would always play together and he would secretly bring me food in the forest. He risked his life to protect a monster like me... I thought I finally found one human that was different than the others. Someone who I finally loved...But I was wrong. He left me all alone when I needed him the most. He forgot me... and lived his life with his family and forgotten the times we had together... And then he betrayed me in the worse way possible... I will never forgive him...Or any human!

I can still remember those firey eyes of the woman who took everything from me! The Fire Goddess from Hell! The false Phoenix Queen! The one who betrayed her very own blood and family. The one who destroyed the Dragon Clan! I SHALL AVENGE MY CLAN!


I close my eyes and darkness overtakes me. I looked down at my chest and see the crystal in my necklace glowing.

But even after such betray... I wish to see you again... I wish to be with you forever... Such a foolish dream...

I see the boy's face once more in my mind, he reaches out his hand for me to take and he smiles. I reach out to him. Yes forever you and me...

[Pov Change]

The White Dragon lays motionless on the snow-covered in blood. For such a fearsome creature so looked like an angel...

Will her dream ever come true?

[Drakos Pov]

Drakos looks down at his necklace and sees the crystal glowing brighter than ever like someone was in danger, 'What the hell?' he gripes the crystal and hears the sound of an angelic girls voice echo in his mind. *I wish to see you again...*

He keeps riding his Dark Horse, 'Whose voice is that?' He thought to himself with a perplexed look on his young face.

Two unknown people are right behind Drakos. They grip at their waist and belts. A mystery was about to unfold.

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