Overlord of Sin
41 Phoenix Queen Finale : R-18
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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41 Phoenix Queen Finale : R-18

Note: This is the RAW version. It needs to be edited and more things will be added tomorrow.


I know that the Phoenix Queen loved no man in this world. The only person she truly loved was her own daughter which was born in some other way I don't know of. I have my theories on that, but right now the only thing that mattered to me was breaking this firey queen bitch and gaining control over her so that I can rule the Phoenix Kingdom from the 'inside'. I knew how to exactly do that. I was going to let the Phoenix Queen's daughter join in the fun and make her daughter watch her own mother being fucked like a good slave.

\"No this cannot be true! Leave at once Celestia! GET HER OUT OF HERE!\" Cerri begs and demands Drakos and her daughter who was now sexily unstrapping off her bra. The once-powerful and cruel Phoenix Queen now looked so exposed and desperate. It was like she had completely changed just by losing her virginity to a young Hell Wolf boy. She had lost her power and dignity to me. I now had the upper hand and I was the one in charge of the Phoenix Queen. However, her taming was not fully complete. I was going to do the final deed. Defile her to the end.

As the Phoenix Queen lays ever so gracefully on her elbows in a doggy-style position her adorable tight pink pussy and puckering asshole is seen fully from behind. Her mascara runs down her supple cheeks, she knows whats 'coming'.

I slowly grab her smooth pillowy pale ass cheeks, her thick ass jiggles so easily in my palms as I squeeze it roughly so I can make her body jump up and bend over perfectly for me to insert my cock into her wet twitching pussy which I did slowly. As I slowly go to dive my dick in her rosebud pussy I start kissing Celestia who now had glowing lustful golden eyes and play with her soft petite tits which were slightly smaller than her mothers, yet they still felt amazing and creamy smooth, they fit so well in my palms like juicy melons.

\"No stop! Get away from her you vile monster!\" Cerri cries out. She had never seen such a fearsome demonic wolf beast like me defile her and her daughter. I was worse than the devil to her as I jam in my massive cock deeper inside her holy flesh hole.

Cerri's whole voluptuous mature body shakes and her ruby eyes twitch as my cock digs deeper into her wet vaginal walls which contracted and squeezed my throbbing hard cock tightly. I kiss Celestia and grip Cerri's waist.

\"STOP! Leave my angel out of this! Stop kissing and touching my daughter! You HALF-BLOOD MUT!\" Cerri screams loudly and gritted her teeth as I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. I quickly slam down her head in the bedsheets and aggressively jackhammer my cock inside her pussy as I whip her ass with my Dark Electric whips made from the darkness from my Demon-Qi.

\"The only mut here is you!\" I whip her ass as hard as I could with my electric whip. I also spanked her pale buttcheeks with all of the might I had in my young body. I let out all of my anger onto her lustful naked maiden body.

*WHACK! PA! PA!* Cerri's thick ass cheeks jiggles and bounces on my raging hard throbbing demon dick as I whip her ass harder and harder. The sound of the whip colliding with her smooth snowy flesh echoes across her bedroom. I continue kissing Celestia and I even start fondling her breasts as I continue to pound at her mother's juicy cunt at insanely fast speed like a Demon Ninja.

\"UHHHH! AAAAAH! STOP IT HURTS! EYYYAAAAH! AHHHHN!\" Cerri cries out as I thrust my dick harder and harder in her wet tight pussy from behind and pull her long gorgeous flowing crimson hair. She smelt so amazing like rose petals and burning candle incense*.

All of her pussy juice accumulates all around the tip of my meat rod and veiny shaft, it is super warm and sleek kind of like lube but way better as my cock aggressively glides and grinds inside her smooth fleshy cervix, hitting her G-Spot as I start to rub her tiny pearl-clit and spank her ass hard to a beet-red blushing color. My demon wings start to flap with lust and my demon wolf tail wagged as I fucked her from behind with my demonic canine-like cock which filled up her pussy to the brim. My Primordial Demon carnal instincts were at its peak.

I flip over Cerri to her side and fuck her in every position possible as I hold her ankles. I made her beg for more of my demon dick. Her vaginal contractions made my cock hard as a rock as I pounded her heavenly pleasure tunnel faster. I really was destroying her pussy. She was completely naked and only wearing her red- diamond glass high heels and she still was wearing her gold crown!

The Phoenix Queen couldn't hold it in any longer. Lust and ecstasy covered her entire reddened aheago maiden face. She was now enjoying getting fucked by a Real Man, unlike her weak cuck husband. How dare that bastard calls himself a king, he is letting his wife get fucked by a young stud like me. Cerri's ruby eyes rolled back and she gritted her teeth as Phoenix Flames exploded out of her pale naked body.

\"YES KEEP GOING! DON'T STOP! I AM ALL YOURS! AAAAAAAAH! UUUUUH! MORE! MORE! SPANK ME HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!\" Cerri moans out hard as I thrust faster than ever and enlarge my demon dick to its peak form. It now not only filled her whole pussy it was now deep inside her womb! I could feel my cock literally fucking the insides of the Phoenix Queen's petite slim stomach, her hot mature motherly body and face trembles as I fuck her insides sideways for 10mins straight.

\"This for all the people you tortured and killed! This is for abusing my friends and family! Destroying my whole clan!And killing my past friend! Taking your fucking punishment you fucking bitch!\" I darkly roar out in a demonic voice I see my eyes glow a dark golden-red color in the room mirror as I fuck the Phoenix Queen's virgin pussy with all of my hatred for her and I kiss and grope her daughters supple perky breasts.

\"Yes fuck my insides! Fucking destroy me! Oh yeah baby! I have never felt this good in life! My useless husband can never compare to you! YES GIVE ME MY PUNISHMENT!\" The Phoenix Queen thunders out with a firey lustful moan as she sticks out her long and kisses me.

I start to finger Cerri's daughter tight pussy which was way tighter than her mother's, two of my fingers barely fit in her pussy! As I finger Celestia's extremely compressed and untainted virgin pussy I begin to thrust my cock as hard as I could into Cerri's pussy and give her everything I got in my demonic body. My demon stamina and lust were off the walls. I feel no trace of slowing down! I was fucking the Phoenix Queen's pussy with rage and hate. I was also mind-fucking her by fingering her daughter and kissing her. This was all the doing of my Demon Eyes and Harem Seal powers. The Phoenix Queen was feeling every pleasurable sensation possible as her pussy contracts tighter and squeezes my cock, her whole body was being shocked by my Harem Seals and her mind was being filled with every lust sensation and fear she had. The Demon Eye geass was so powerful that its illusion powers made things seem realer than real. Cerri was feeling every pleasure possible and seeing all of her fears at the same time! Pain and Pleasure mix into an instense-high as I give Cerri one last powerful cock-thrust as I suck her pink cherry nipples and smack her tits and ass. I also kiss and suck Celestai's nipples. She looked like a younger and more firey angelic version of her mother.

I take out my cock from Cerri's pussy for a brief second and then jam in in her tiny mouth and start fucking her wet saliva throat. My cock barely fits in her mouth and her sexy red lips suck up and press against my hard cock.

*Slurp! Slurp! Mmmmmmh!\" Cerri gags and deepthroats my cock as her alluring bright ruby eyes cutely look up at me as she sucks my cock. I smack her face and then shove my cock back into her pussy from behind and continue to fuck her again

Cerri was on the edge seeing her daughter being defiled and being fucked so hard and perfectly made her give in to temptation and lust. She was losing her mind and body to me. Her virgin pussy couldn't handle my massive cock anymore. Her G-Spot, clit, and cervix all felt the wrath of my demon dick. She finally submits to me. Her eyes were now glowing with lust. She was controlled by me.

\"IT'S CUMMING OUT! OH MY GOD! I AM FUCKING CUMMING! I LOVE YOU! \" Cerri thick thighs shake and she squirts all over my cock for the third time!, her pussy juice was so warm and hot she creates a gust of steamy mist! Talk about a hot pussy! Phoenix Flame Angel Wings formed on the back of her shoulders as she orgasms super fucking hard all over my cock. So the Phoenix Queen was actually a goddess after all! I was fucking a Fire Goddess? Her Fire-Qi felt extremely powerful, even I was sweating, even though I was a half-blood Demon the heatwave of her orgasm burnt up her entire room. This was the first time she had ever experienced an orgasm.

The feeling of her smooth fleshy pussy gushing all over my throbbing hard cock sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout my entire body and the same went for Cerri as her pussy gushed love nectar all over my cock. I couldn't hold in my man seed any longer! The feeling of her pussy juices and pussy tightening against my cock was just too much to handle. I had reached my limit after fucking and abusing Cerri for so long.

I shoot out a massive cumload all inside Cerri's squirting pussy. Spurts of warm cum blasted into her juicy warm cunt. I gave her the biggest creampie ever, her whole pussy was sucking in my demon cum it got tighter as I kept on cumming deep in her pussy. Some of my cum even blasted on to her sexy mature face and big as fuck watermelon tits.

Celestia's eyes widen with shock as she saw me cum deep inside her mother's juicy pussy. 'I want that to happen to me next.' She lustfully bites her cute pink glossy lips. I could read her mind with my Demon Eye geass. Don't worry you will soon be next.

My body twitched so hard as I keep cumming, Cerri's tight wet squirting pussy felt so fucking amazing! I kiss her sweet rosy lips one more time and fall flat right on her huge tits. I somehow feel like me and her are connected in more than one way. Like I was related to her...Her aura seemed so close to my mothers!? What the fuck it can't be...

My cum actually doesn't' dissolve inside Cerri's pussy. Oh shit.


>[Harem System]<>

[3 Zareth days have passed]

[Your current age: 14 years old]

MISSON COMPLETED! You have tamed the Phoenix Queen!

You have gained 5,000 Harem points to use in the Harem System Shop!

10+ Increase in STM, MGK, STR, AGI, INTEL, and DEF.

*You have tamed and taken the Phoenix Queen's virginity by making her orgasm! You dirty demon beast! You are a true young Harem God! But not fully yet! You must tame every beauty in this world and resurrect your True Clan! Rise!* Roars out a demonic voice inside my mind.


My head starts to burn with pain, a surge of memories enter my mind and have the hugest headache ever. The flash of past memories was so extreme that I fell to the floor and almost passed out. What is happening to me?

Was my system just talking to me? Things were about to get more interesting and crazy.

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