Overlord of Sin
25 Darkness Finale
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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25 Darkness Finale

Drakos [Destruction Void] Beam attack that was charging inside of his Demon Fenrir's Soul Form Jaws was finally created. A thunderbolt Black Hole beam was shot out from the Demon Fenrir's mouth.

\"ROOOOOARRRR!!!\" Thunders out Drakos's Soul Form as the Destruction Void blast out from its mouth and straight towards Seron who fires back with his Steel Raven [Steel Blizzard] attack. A fury of steel shards shot out from the Steel Raven's beak. It was like a blizzard storm of steel was expelled out of its giant beak.

Both attacks collide against one another. Drakos Destruction Void beam is push back the Steel Blizzard attack. It was a stand-off for about 3mins until Drakos Destruction Void vaporized Seron's Steel Blizzard blast. However, of the steel blizzard struck Drakos on the face and arms, his blood splattered onto the ground below.

'Oh no! Brother! What is this power!?I have to protect him!' Kara gritted her teeth. She wanted to help out Drakos but she knew this was his battle. She didn't want to interfere unless he told her to.

\"DIE ALREADY!\" Seron roars out with crazy flickering silver eyes as pushes his one hand forward. His other ripped off hand was bleeding like crazy. Everyone in the Trial Room was surprised and mindblown that no had stopped the fight yet.

\"STOP!\" Silva withdraws her rapier Phantasm as she turns her attention to Seron and Drakos.

\"STOP THE FIGHT!\" Commands out Reza she was worried about her brother, but it was already too late. Fate was already decided.

\"You will be the one dying,\" Drakos said with blood leaking down his eyes as he mightly clenched his fist and unleashed all of his Qi into his Destruction Void attack for one final push. All of his hartred and rage channeled into this one attack. The hate of how the Rich and Royalty abuse their powers, even in his past world of Earth all humans ever cared about was abusing their power and disposing of those who weaker than them. Power was everything to a human. Drakos was going to break this cycle by showing everyone true chaos. He would break the system of injustice.

\"AAAAH!\" Roars out in Drakos in an epic warrior tone. A battle-cry of a Hell Wolf.

Drakos's Demon Fenrir black hole blast destroys Seron's Steel Raven and shatters its head into thousands of steel fragment. The Demon Fenrir then actually devours Seron's Soul Form as the Destruction Void obliterates Seron's own attack and strikes him directly in the chest. His body slowly vanishes. The Demon Fenrir tears apart the Steel Raven with its powerful sharp fangs and then eats it alive!

\"GAAAAAH!\" Seron yells out his final words as his body is being torn apart by the Destruction Void beam and soon he disintegrates into the unknown!

\"DEMON!\" Everyone starts screaming for the lives and run out of the Trial Room as the Destruction Void sucks in nearby objects and vanishes the wall behind Seron. Silva, Blackcat, Verlin, Zion, Reza, and Kara are all beyond shocked. They were speechless.

An enormous crater is seen behind Seron's vanished body and nearby buildings and mountains are also crushed by the insane power of Drakos Destruction Void attack of his Demon Phantasm and Demon Form. He was unstoppable in front of everyone. He was the incarnation of hell itself. A Devil with the power of a God. Both Light and Darkness infused into pure chaos!

Seron was killed and Celestia loses her mind. Her best friend was instantly killed by Drakos.

\"SERON! You disgusting beast!!! You will pay for that!\" Celestia jumps down in front of Drakos with phoenix flames bursting out her glowing ruby eyes and hands she was indeed flying with flames coming out of her palms! Celestia went to fiercely slap Drakos in the face. Drakos quickly grabs Celestia's wrist and with his other hand he grabbed her slim waist and pushed her busty goddess body closer against his buff chest. He then swiftly kisses her on her tender plump glossy lips and smacks her juicy curvy ass right in front of her brother Prince Harry and everyone else in the Trial Room. The Royals and Scholars all frantically gasped and screamed out Drakos for doing such an unspeakable and unholy act!

'THAT PERVERT!' Kara and Reza gritted their teeth in anger as they saw their body do such a sexual lustful act on the Princess of the Phoenix Kingdom.

\"HOW DARE YOU! Capture him! Do not let him leave!!!\" Celestia commands out to her Knight Guards with a fiery face as she points her fingers at Drakos.

About five older Knight Guards unsheathe their Longs-Sword and charge over to Drakos to handcuff him.

Drakos had indeed made a statement on this very day. You mess with him and you will lose everything. He didn't want to hide his powers any longer. It was time he showed everyone the truth of the Phoneix Kingdom. He was going to rise above and take the Phoniex Kingdom for himself!

Blackcat has a wide smile on her face, \"Show the prophecy is true. The Summoned Dark Hero, the one who changes Zareth forever. This is going to be fun!\" She lifts up her palm and forms teleportation magic. What was this little witch scheming? And would Drakos escape the Trial Room?

Drakos coughs out blood, he was still injured from Seron's Steel Blizzard attack and he had wasted all his Qi energy in summoning his Demon Form. He was quickly planning on how to get himself out of this tough situation.

>[Heroic System]

[For Defeating Seron]

You have absorbed his Steel Raven Phantasm and Soul Form. You can now form steel claws and other steel-based attacks!

1,000 Heroic Points Earned!

300 Harem Points Earned for kissing the Phoniex Princess!

Heroic Shop Unlocked!

'Well now this interesting,' Drakos smirks as he still gripes Celestia's firm creamy bubble-butt, it jiggles ever so perfectly. It was the ass of a firey goddess.

\"Mongrel! I am going to kill you!\" Celestia blushes and has a cute flustered face as she blasts out phoenix flames from her palms.

Drakos slashes away and absorbs her phoenix flames with the reaming power of his Demon Phantasm and Demon Form. His gold and black Demon Armor had shattered and started to disappear. It seemed that Drakos had used up all of his powers, now he would have to rely on his sharp mind to get out of this situation.


This chapter needs to be edited.

Important: Can you guys help chose out a name for Drakos Phantasm and I was thinking of changing his soul form to just his Avatar since it is easier to write and makes sense. Let more what else I should change. I have read your comments and will be fixing this story up. I will do some sort info dumps and of course, we will finally get to the R-18 action. I did the tournament to show all of Drakos's powers. So yes basically there will be more powers but I want to show each power works together. I will tone it down a bit so you guys won't get confused.

[Main Powers]

Phantasm- Based on Qi

Soul Form/Avatar- Based on inner Soul/bloodline like the Hell Wolf or Phoniex bloodline.

Magic- spells, elemental magic, and summonings- this all requires mana for example a Necromancer has to use mana to rise up the dead.

So only three basic forms of attacks. I hope this helps and I will copy and paste this in an Aux section along with Ranks. Every non-chapter will be deleted and I will stop posting non-chapters

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