Overlord of Sin
23 Darkness Within Pt.2
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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23 Darkness Within Pt.2

[A/N:]I tried my best to edit this chapter.


\"Greeeeeh!\" Screeched The Steel Raven Seron had summoned into a Soul Form. The Steel Raven flew towards Drakos at a blistering windy speed and shoots out an assault of steel feathers at him.

Drakos slashes down each steel feather with his Dark Qi- Wolf Claws, each slash he did with complete precision. The steel feathers all shattered by Drakos powerful harden Qi-Wolf claws.

\"Is that really all the power of your Soul Form what a utter disappointment,\" Drakos snarled as cracked his knuckles and raises his shadow claws up his face in a sparring stance. Suddenly he notices something was off, that Seron's Soul Form had vanished and wasn't seen anywhere in the battle arena.

Drakos's eyes widen and he sees steel feathers aim straight towards his younger sister Kara. Kara was at the moment fighting off against Silva. Kara didn't see the steel feathers zooming towards her. Seron didn't even care if he strikes his own sister with his deadly steel feather attack! He was so hellbent on defeating Drakos nothing else mattered.

'Shit!' Drakos lunges forward and blocks all of the steel feathers with his Phantasm Battle-Axe. His back was now facing Kara. Some of Seron's Steel Raven's steel feathers had struck Drakos face and hands as he lifted up his battle-ax. Blood drips down from his eyes and fingers as tightly gripes his Phantasm and raises it high over his head to protect his sister. Seron had actually distracted Drakos and struck him with his attack by going after Kara, he knew Drakos would protect his beloved sister and risk himself for an opened attack. Seron had a cocky smile on his vile face.

\"Brother!\" Kara screams out as reaches out for him. She gritted her teeth with anger overflowing her tiny body. She wanted to slit Seron's throat so badly!

'How dishonorable. What has become of my brother? He even tried to kill me...' Silva's silver eyes were now filled with sorrow as she gripped at her rapier Phantasm. She once looked up to her brother's heroic attitude, but that all changed today as she saw her own brother attack her and Drakos's sister thus breaking the match's rules. It was odd that the Headmistress Verlin and Zion didn't do anything to stop Seron. In fact they never inferred with any of the Trial Battles. Maybe they wanted to see ever you cultivators and magus full potential.

\"You cheating bastard! This is a fight between you and me! Leave my sister out of this!\" Drakos becomes furious, rage fill his golden eyes they now become sharper and more demonic looking. Out of rage Drakos awakens and unleashes his Soul Form, a storm of black thunder sparks surround Drakos entire body, even his eyes were glowing with black thunder sparks coming out of them. His wounds on his face and fingers started to regenerate as his golden eyes glowed so bright that everyone in the trial could feel Drakos fearsome dark aura enveloping their bodies. His dark aura was suffocating everyone in the room.

A hellish shadow black Demonic Fenrir Wolf with demon wings and horns is summoned as Drakos slams his fist down on the ground to summon this hellish Spirit Beast. Drakos's Qi aura was so dark that the entire room became blackened with his demonic Qi. Black Amaterasu Flames surrounded the Demon Fenrir's entire body.

Reza, Celestia, and Harry gripped their necks and loudly cough. Some people were even coughing out blood from how powerful Drakos demonic Qi was. Yet no one knew Drakos's true power. No one knew that he was Primordial Demon and perhaps the only living demon in the world of Zareth!

\"This power is simply amazing!\" Gleefully shouts the prodigy Magus who was wearing a wizard. Which didn't make sense for a Magus to wear? For now, her name will be Blackcat since she was short and wore all black clothing and a black wizard hat. That and she was sly and vexing like a black cat.

'What is this feeling!?' Reza's legs start to shake and tremble with lust as she saw how her brother had finally awaken his Soul Form. Drakos Harem Seal had now turned more forceful and darker. His Harem bond seals with Reza and Kara were making their bodies wildly twitch and shake with lust. They wanted to pleasure Drakos at this very moment! But they were holding back their flaming lust. Their pleasure-drive was all fired up by Drakos's powerful dark Qi and Harem Seals. Silva and Celestia had also felt attracted to Drakos's powerful Qi. As they bit their tender glossy lips and started slightly touching themselves.

\"ROOOOARRRGH!!!\" The Demon Fenrir Soul Form that Drakos summoned thunderously roared and howl as it bites down on Drakos Phantasm Battle-Axe-Scythe to use it as a weapon! Its mighty jaws clenched the battle-ax phantasm and swung it down the ground to show its dominance. The whole battle arena explodes and a gust of strong wind pushes everyone off their seats. They all start screaming, even Reza and Kara were beyond shocked looking at how powerful and demonic Drakos Soul Form was.

'So that is a Demon Phantasm and Demon Soul Form,' Verlin thinks to herself as she gulped in fear of sight a terrifying sight, her glasses fall from her eyes from how afraid she was, her giant G-cup breasts were also jiggling everywhere by the force gust of Drakos Soul Form. Blackcat has a wide smile on her young face, 'I need to mate with this boy! He carries a powerful gene from within! I need to learn more about his dark power!' She licks her lips and touches her petite breasts in a lustful way. Zoin shakes his head, 'What is wrong with this woman?'

Black and Gold spiky knight armor is formed around Drakos young body, his Phantasm and Soul Form had actually created armor for Drakos! So right now Drakos had three forms released. Demon Phantasm (Battle-Axe-Scythe), Demon Form( Soul Form), and Demon Armor. Many of the onlookers just thought these powers were all based on his Soul Form and Phantasm, but none of them realized that Drakos's powerful Primordial Demon bloodline was the main source of forming all the powers he had just unleashed.

'Is that Sacred Demon Armor!?' Blackcat became even more surprised and her eyes were full of ecstasy. She wanted to experiment on Drakos so badly and see all his powers. As a genius Magus who always wanted to create new spells she was smitten by Drakos dark powers. She wanted to know more about him.

Drakos's overflowing rage and hatred had made him summon his Demon Form. He was beyond angry seeing Seron attacking his sister and almost badly injuring her. Right now he was pissed off as hell and his Primordial Demon killer instincts were now at its highest point, a fiery rage had overtaken him. He was going to destroy Seron with everything he had. Everyone in the room had all of their eyes focused on Drakos and Seron. This was going to be a bloodbath.

At least Drakos can now cultivate all of his powers to the extreme.

\"Its time I put you in your place!\" Drakos said in a dark demonic tone. It was like he had completely changed. Both of his eyes were now glowing a demonic red with black sparks bursting out of them. Drakos bloodlust was at an Apex Predator state. Seron was about to feel the wrath of a true Demon.


Today/tomorrow on pa treon three advanced chapters ahead. Mass release planned on Sunday, I will stock pile chapters. I will be posting a lot of chapters on pa treon. But I will now post daily WN. Sorry for the delay I am just editing everything myself so it takes time. So if you spot any grammar errors let me know. Btw all authors like this one will be deleted by today. I have seen some comments about that and I will work on it today. Thank you all for reading and feel free to give me some suggestions. Also I do plan on rewriting some chapters.


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