Overlord of Sin
20 Trail Pt.3
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Overlord of Sin
Author :HaremGodZ
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20 Trail Pt.3

The Trial has begun.

Drakos holds back Harry whose golden Phoenix Spear burst out raging flames on the spearhead. The phoenix flames burnt Drakos leather jacket and some of his white hair, the sheer shockwave Heat of Harry's Phoniex Spear Phantasm set the entire Trial Room ablaze.

But Drakos powerful dark demonic Qi from his Battle-Axe-Sychte Phantasm quickly devoured his phoenix flames and transformed into chaos flames! The flames now turned a shadow-black color.

Drakos fires back Harry's phoenix flames which had converted into chaos flames with the Demonic Qi of his Phantasm.

\"What how is that possible!\" Harry's eyes twitched with anger as he saw his own Phantasm flames being used against him.

The chaos flames enveloped around Harry who screamed out in pain. Harry falls to his knees and coughs out blood as Drakos's dark flames devour his very soul and Phoneix Spear Phantasm.

\"Truly impressive he was able to transform Harry's own phantasm energy. How could he achieve that at such a young age and with such a foul untrained bloodline,\" Verlin tipped up her sleek glasses and was interested in Drakos's powerful powers. She gripped at the railings of the podium in which she was overseeing the battles. Her buxom breasts pressed up against the railings, she was wearing a very tight seductive black silk peplos dress and black boots, with a brown belt wrapped around her waist. Not only was she a genius Magus, but she was also a brilliant Caster who knew many magical spells. She was the very definition of a sexy perfectionist who thinks she knows everything.

\"That was barely a fight. All that talk for nothing,\" Drakos scans Harry's Phantasm and Abilities.

He could see Harry's rank, Phantasm Type: Fire Force, and his Qi which was a low cultivation tier.

Drakos outmatched his stats in every way possible. Even his Phantasm wasn't fully unleashed to its highest cultivation form. Drakos skillfully spins around his Phantasm and then places the scythe blade end at Harry's. He wanted so badly to slash off the little cocksuckers head after what he said about his sisters. He had every power possible to slaughter the weakling Prince before him. The Prince's hazel eyes shook with fright as Drakos Demonic Phantasm cuts his neck.

\"Your mom belongs to me now. I promise I will have her on all fours like the mongrel she is and fuck her to death in front of everyone in your shit Kingdom,\" Drakos gripes the handle of his Phantasm Battle-Axe-Syche he could sense the fear flowing out Harry's mortal body. A Phoneix Prince who had everything handed to him on a silver platter was now at the mercy of a village warrior. Drakos hated those who tortured others just because they were royals, they think they were unstoppable because of the endless money and power they had, but once you take away a Royals money they are nothing more than cockroaches scurrying about. Drakos had heard and read the stories about the ruthless Phoneix Queen Cerri. How she killed anyone who dared oppose her. She even killed half-blood poor children and hanged their bodies all outside of her castle just because they were begging for food. Cerri was a tyrant with no sense of morals. Her husband was even afraid of her. Drakos had a feeling that the King probably hadn't even fucked her from how much of a royal bitch she was. It would be an honor for him to put that bitch in her place for trying to kill him and trying to take his sisters away from him.

Drakos stares down Harry with a demonic hellish glare that made Harry shiver and shakes like a baby lamb. It was clear who was the Apex Predator was and who was the weak prey. It was a disappointing and pathetic sight for Drakos. He wanted to cultivate more his powers in his Heroic System, he also wanted to learn some Necromancy and use it on Harry. Necromancy had more abilities than just rising the dead, in fact, there were numerous types of necromancy. He was even more pissed off that he wasn't able to awaken his Soul Form and use it against Harry's dumbass smug face.

\"You look so pathetic like a mutt who has its tail between its legs,\" Drakos burns more of Harry's neck with his scythe Phantasm blade, the black and blue Qi energy emitting out from his Phantasm made the whole ground shake and quake below him. The ground was actually splitting in half. Harry was clearly defeated, Drakos was just waiting for Verlin and Zion to say who was the obvious victor.

Everyone was silent and on edge in the Trial Room, Seron lost his composure and was ready to kill Drakos at any second.

\"You fucking bastard!\" Seron clenched his fist, his inner Witcher bloodline was burning up. What Drakos didn't know was that Seron was related to one of the most powerful Witcher in Zareth. Seron was maybe the only one who could found out the source Drakos's true powers and his Primordial Demon bloodline. Right now everyone could only see Drakos's Phantasm and Qi energy which was in a shadow color. Mere mortals must have just seen Drakos powers as a curse rather than that of a True Demon. Demons in Zareth were extinct, their entire clan was destroyed by One of the most powerful Goddesses of Zareth. The one they called Battle Maiden.

Drakos in a way was probably the only Demon in Zareth. He just hasn't fully embraced and awakened his true powers. He was still young and understanding this new world.

Seron was about to interfere, but Silva and Kara gripped his arms and made him stay in place.

\"Don't budge in my brother's fight!\" Growled Kara as flicks Seron's nose.

Verlin the sexy curvy Magus with raven hair was about to announce Drakos the victor.

Suddenly Harry has a wide smirk on his pale face.

\"GOLDEN PHONIEX INFERNO! - GRAND INFERNO!\" Harry thunders out as a blast of divine flames expelled out from all around his body. He looked like a human torch surrounded by phoenix flames, his once brown hair now turned a dark flame red and angel wings made up entirely of flames appeared behind his shoulders. This was his Divine Phantasm form which was almost the same as Queen Cerri's Holy Flame Phantasm form. A Divine Phantasm was the second transformation of one's Phantasm. For a Phantasm can evolve and power up the wielder's entire body during combat. In this case, Harry in which his Fire Mana got an extra boost of mana and qi.

Drakos jumps back away from the flames and his legs slid back on the marble ground.

Harry lifts up his Divine Phantasm Phoneix Spear and tosses it straight ahead at Drakos.

Drakos's Heroic Seal arrow markings were glowing all across his arms. His Harem Seals were also sensing his sister's worry and fear that he was going to be struck down by Harry's Divine Phantasm.

In a split second everything froze, Drakos unleashes all of his Dark Demonic Qi into his Phantasm. His Primordial Demon powers exploded out from his body, wolf-fangs began to slightly protrude from Drakos's mouth and his golden eyes turned a hellish firey dark red color. Black sparks of thunder encircled in his forearms and biceps.

Drakos gripes his Battle-Axe-Sycthe Phantasm which was now surrounded in blackish demonic thunderbolts and fiercely tosses it Harry with one hand! \"AAAAAH!!!\" Roars out Drakos as he skillfully tosses his Battle-Axe forward like Thor. A clamor of black thunder sparks out from the front of the battle-ax as it flys towards Harry.

His Battle-Axe Phantasm actually cuts right through Harry's Phantasm Flame Spear splitting it in half and then materializes in mid-air. The front steel blade edge of the ax-head slices through Harry's shield of fire chains and pierced his skull! The steel ax-head is actually implanted into Harry's skull! Blood splatters everywhere as Drakos Phantasm slices Harry's body in half, brain matter, skull fragments, and bloody organs burst out onto the marble ground of the battle arena of the Trial Room.

It was a gruesome sight as Harry's entire body was split in two right in the middle you can see the entire bloody insides of Harry's body from a side view.

Drakos had done the unthinkable.


A/N: This chapter needs to be edited by my editor. Sorry for the delay I was just writing all the H-scenes for this novel. Let's just say the H-scenes are going to be godly. I am going all out on this novel. I plan to reach 50 chapters by this epic week. So keep on voting power stones. I know for sure I want to see some MIlf action.


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Three more chapters coming out. More R-18 and a bunch of Harem Building coming up.

All chapters should be edited by tonight by my editor.

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